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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

justice often sucks... but...

We simply cannot take justice into our hands - and try to mete it out all by ourselves! That would be anarky... that would be... uncivilized!

Still... some judges should have NEVER reached that level of authority - that seat of power! I have some grievances with men of science too - but THEY. at least, never fail to recognize (well - almost never!) that "it is all about the CONNECTIONS one makes" - and, no, I am not talking about networking here! Everything is relative, as the greatest of all scientific minds said - yet, men of Law will object and altogether rule out parts of an argument because, in their not-so-humble opinions, they are "not relevant to the case"... what follows, usually, are miscarriages of justice. Simply aberrant.

Recently, two individuals who simply were not pleased with the so-called justice meted out by their respective court's judge, decided to take out the judge... Earthly justice is flawed, indeed, but committing murder is not the way to make it better at all... Exacting revenge on a holier-than-thou judge who thinks himself (or herself) beyond the reach of the accused accomplishes absolutely nothing. The two recent examples of that surely prove that quite eloquently.

Those two were American justice courts - one a criminal case, another in a malpractice case that simply cut the plaintiff no slack at all. Both criminal and plaintiff snapped - and targeted the chief source of disarray - the judge. In other types of courts it is just as bad though... but since the victims of a miscarriage of justice THERE are usually not rugged murderers or unstable per say -just desperate folks- the judges escape biting the bullet... Case in point: Mary Jesus.
With a name like that, one wonders, at first glance, if it is not an urban legend and nothing more... Fact is, there are plenty of similar cases, both in the USA as in Canada, of judges giving the advantage to the WRONG side in either landlord versus tenant cases or "good tenant" versus "bad tenant" cases... And some of those terrible decisions result in tragedies. The case of "Mary Jesus" reportedly did... read it for yourself (please cut & paste the URL into your browser)

And it needn't be that way... These judges have crammed their stuffy skulls with so much legal mumbo-jumbo that they forget the essential - the core ingredient of JUSTICE. Not so much what is legal according to an earthly law - but what is RIGHT and, the word says it, JUST... These judges fail to make all the connections that they should make as well - a case about, say noisy tenants, is just that... the noise. No other elements are to be factored in - what if those tenants pay too low a rent... the landlord might be fabricating evidence against them - the other tenants might be in cahoots with the landlord... Anything (especially of THIS order) is possible... But no - it's about noise and nothing else and nothing else should be seen as "relevant to the case"... hmph! Wrongful evictions ensue... and countless Mary Jesuses are left desperate - and some commit the irrepairable.
Totally and utterly sad - as unnecessary.

Man (was) sought after three killed in Atlanta court News Staff

A judge, a court stenographer and a sheriff's deputy were killed and one other person critically wounded when a man opened fire Friday morning in a downtown Atlanta courtroom.

A massive police search is underway in Atlanta for the gunman, who fled the building using one or more stolen cars.

The shooting took place around 9 a.m. local time on the eighth floor of the Fulton County Courthouse.

Authorities say while he was being escorted within the courthouse, the gunman overpowered a sheriff's deputy, grabbed her gun and began shooting.

Fulton County Sheriff's Lieut. Clarence Huber identified the suspect as Brian Nichols, 33, who was on trial for rape, kidnapping and other charges.

Georgia's Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor confirmed that Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes and his court stenographer, who has not yet been identified, were killed.

A third victim, a sheriff's deputy who reportedly tried to chase after the gunman, was also shot and later died in hospital.

A second deputy -- the one believed to have lost her gun -- was being treated for a head wound. She is in critical condition but expected to survive, hospital officials said.

Vickie Warner, who works near the courthouse, told CNN she heard "three or four shots and we looked out the window and we saw this guy running across the street."

A local reporter with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper was then reportedly beaten and carjacked by the suspect outside the courthouse.

Local highway signs are flashing details about the car the gunman is believed to be in and asking the public to call 911 if they spot him. About 30 schools in Atlanta were locked down while authorities searched for the suspect.

James Bailey, a juror in the Nichols' trial, said the jury was not in the courtroom at the time of the shooting. Nichols had not taken the stand yet in the trial, which started Tuesday.

Bailey said Nichols made him and other jurors nervous.

"Every time he looked up, he was staring at you," Bailey said.

Barnes was well-known as a local legislator, lawyer, and businessman in Georgia.

"He is not only known for being a fair jurist and running a very organized courtroom, but he is well loved by the lawyers who practice in front of him," local lawyer Linley Jones told CNN.

Barnes made news as a judge in both Canada and the United States just over a month ago.

On Feb. 5, Barnes sentenced Atlanta Thrashers' star Dany Heatley to three years probation in the death of his friend and teammate Dan Snyder in a car crash in Sept., 2003. Snyder's hometown was Kitchener, Ont.

The Atlanta attack comes close after another shooting in a U.S. court case.

Eleven days ago, the husband and elderly mother of a federal judge in Chicago were shot to death in her home.

A man whose medical malpractice lawsuit was dismissed by the judge committed suicide and left a note saying he was the killer.

With a report from Associated Press
The Atlanta court killer was later caught of course, very shortly after actually...

Small world, eh?
NHL lock-out pops up frquently as a topic of interest on me ol' blog... and here we have the judge who sentenced Dany Heatley in Atlanta... basically, buying the farm. :(

Couldn't have been the ghost of Dan Snyder's doing... could it?

Maybe the ghost of Leo Labine should haunt the NHLPA now...

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