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Friday, March 25, 2005

the most wonderful towns... in the worrrrrrrld...!

Hmm... what are the world's safest but also coolest and all-around jazziest cities in the world... eh? Those metropolises that combine all that anyone could ever want - high quality of life, cultural richness, fine restauration spots featuring a cosmopolitan gastronomy... all that and breathable air! What cities could possibly combine all that?!? And brainy denizens too...?!? The list would be short now, if all requirements were to be met fully head-on, methinks... *LOL*

For the record, Luxembourg is tops, as Switzerland remains the model country to spawn safe as well as top notch cities (and citizens too? I wouldn't know... swiss watches and models are top notch, for sure... but I digress...). More cities - in the comments section... If your favorite town is not mentioned, there's a link to follow too... Quite frankly though, seeing as many of these towns could be nuclear or terrorist targets, one might as well scrap the whole blamed ranking and head for the hills right now... *LOL*
Blessings! ;)

Switzerland remains world model for safe cities with a high quality of life
14/03/2005 2:57:00 PM

LONDON (AP) - Luxembourg is the world's safest city, but Swiss cities lead the way for combining safety with high quality of life, according to a survey released (last) Monday.

All five Canadian cities in the survey scored well, with Vancouver coming in third for overall quality of life. Geneva and Zurich were tied atop that list, with Vancouver and Vienna, Austria, tied for third. The German cities of Frankfurt, Munich and Duesseldorf tied for fifth.

Toronto was ranked 14th for quality of life, Ottawa was ranked 20th, Montreal was 22nd and Calgary was 25th.

The Swiss cities of Bern, Geneva and Zurich ranked just behind Luxembourg for safety, along with the Finnish capital, Helsinki, said the survey conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

The safety survey evaluated 215 locations for crime levels and internal stability.

All the Canadian cities covered by the survey appear in the top 20 rankings for personal safety and security. Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver rank jointly in position 18 with scores of 112.

In the United States, the five safest cities tied in 45th place: Honolulu; Houston; Lexington, Kentucky; San Francisco; and Winston Salem, N.C. New York was 58th, while Atlanta had the lowest U.S. ranking at 90.

In Britain, the top-ranked city as far as safety is concerned is Glasgow, Scotland (39), followed by Birmingham (51) and London (69).

"The top-ranking cities for personal safety and security are in politically stable countries with good international relations and sustainable economic growth," said Slagin Parakatil, senior researcher at Mercer. "Most of the low-scoring cities are in countries with civil unrest, little law enforcement and high levels of crime."

The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was ranked the world's least safe city, followed by Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Bangui, Central African Republic; the Nigerian cities of Port Harcourt and Lagos; and Bogota, Colombia.

In its overall quality-of-life survey, Mercer evaluated 39 criteria such as crime, health, education and transport.

Other cities at the top in that category are Auckland, New Zealand; Bern; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Sydney, Australia.

Honolulu and San Francisco ranked highest in the United States at joint 25th, while New York and London tied at 39th.

In Asia, the top three cities were Singapore and Tokyo, both 34th, and Yokohama, Japan (36).

In South America, the top quality-of-life cities are Montevideo, Uruguay (76) and Buenos Aires, Argentina (78).


On the Net:
Carl from "parts unknown" e-mailed the author of this blog in the following manner...

"Thought you were a Boston fan, man! Why don'tcha complain about da damn article that don't make no mention of Boston now, huh? Wat's up with that???"

Well, Carl, nothing is "up" with that - I'm just down... and I can't get up! :(

And it only DOESN'T hurt when I laugh - (for THAT's the way that it makes any sense; Yogi Bear - not Berra - had it all wrong! Not surprising; how could one expect an anthropomorphic ursine critter to display any actual wisdom... eh? *LOL*). Thus, I crack jokes... therefore I endure (and I am, sure... wow - it rhymes!).

Excelsior! :)
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