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Thursday, March 10, 2005

one more time - nostradamus nomenclature misinterpreted... but on purpose! *lol*

Or is it...? (Misinterpreted that is...!) YOU the readers DECIDE... okay?
We may be in Century # 21 - but we are still in Century I of these quatrains...
I 31
Tant d'ans les guerres, en Gaule dureront
Outre la course du Castulon Monarque,
Victoire incerte trois grands courouneront
Aigle, Coq, Lune, Lyon, Soleil en marque.

The wars in France will last for so many years
beyond the reign of the Castulon kings.
An uncertain victory will crown three great ones,
the Eagle, the Cock, the Moon, the Lion, the Sun in its house.

(Any wars in France NOW would have to be fought amongst the effeminate fashion designers - with their soldiers being their legions of androgynous catwalk models?!? Sheesh - the Horseman of the Apocalypse known as War must be barfing in apathetic disdain... if not outright disgust! Seriously folks - this quatrain should be about PAST EVENTS - unless it predicts the end of the utterly insignificant Spanish monarchy... ;) No kidding that only "uncertain victories" can crown those useless regal blowhards now... sort of mirrors the inconsequential as accidental careers of Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas... eh? Oh... and a good thing that I AM the censorship board on this blog... ;) Nuff said...)

I 32
Le grand empire sera tost translaté
En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croistre
Lieu bien infime, d'exigué comté.
Ou au milieu viemdra poser son Sceptre.

The great Empire will soon be exchanged
for a small place, which soon will begin to grow.
A small place of tiny area
in the middle of which he will come to lay down his scepter.

(Hmm... He who? The Great Monarch? A great Empire that falls by the wayside and lets itself go is actually something that has been seen A LOT throughout history... And will surely be seen again! (Next one seems inevitably and inexorably set to be... the USofA! Thanks to Dubya's efforts... Great job, Dubya!). But the American spirit would begin to grow again -grow full of itself- even in a small place... Some people never learn... ;)

I 33
Pres d'vn grand pont de plaine spacieuse,
Le grand lyon par forces Cesarees
Fera abbatre hors cité rigoureuse
par effroy porte luy seront resserrees.

Near a great bridge near a spacious plain
the great lion with the Imperial forces
will cause a falling outside the austere city.
Through fear the gates will be unlocked for him.

(Great drama unfolding in this one - must have inspired George Lucas too! Could the austere city be... Vatican City? Things are getting pretty grim - what, with all the defrocked priests, dwindling numbers of faithful, deconsecrated churches turned into real estate developments (condos!), papal illnesses, papal rejection (by some), papal unwillingness to consecrate Russia or simply beatify saints that have got all the credentials for it... First sign of trouble, I think, the "guards" there will INDEED open up the gates in fear - and capitulate sur le champ...!!! Hopefully it will NOT be to a mob of protesting gay men who claim that the Pope is no sex expert to be able to pronounce gay marriages "no good"... THAT would be too humiliating, for ANY guardsmen and ANY army - even one just for show like the Vatican's "Army" forces... ;)

I 34
L'oyseau de proye volant à la fenestre,
Auant conflit fait aux François parure.
L'vn bon prendra, l'autre ambigue sinistre,
La partie foible tiendra par bonne augure.

The bird of prey flying to the left,
before battle is joined with the French, he makes preparations.
Some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain.
The weaker party will regard him as a good omen.

(Hmm... The USA flying to the rescue and being perceived as good by some - bad by others? This stuff is too easy... ;) The weaker party... that has got to be the French right there - non? ;) A good omen...? They were wrong before... les maudits français... *LOL*)

I 35
Le Lyon ieune, le vieux surmontera,
En champ bellique par singuliere duelle,
Dans cage d'or les yeux luy creuera,
Deux classes vne, pour mourir mort cruelle.

The young lion will overcome the older one,
in a field of combat in single fight:
He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage;
two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

(Ah - this one is one of THE MOST FAMOUS QUATRAINS OF ALL - and a prophecy that came true in Nostradamus' own time too! Saved his hide too, as the Queen was far more favorable to him than any "lion" here involved in the duel... SO MUCH has been said about this quatrain - I need not add to all that! NEXT...)

I 36
Tard le Monarque se viendra repentir,
De n'auoir mis à mort son aduersaire,
Mais viendra bien à plus haut consentir,
Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.

Too late the king will repent
that he did not put his adversary to death.
But he will soon come to agree to far greater things
which will cause all his line to die.

(Yep - I agree whole-heartedly here - thou shalt show no mercy! Lest you want to regret it later on in life... Were it the only lesson to be learned from THIS quatrain, it would be nice already... Look at the USA's example, in re: Bin Laden! When you can CAPTURE your adversary -at least- and stop him from growing into something TOO DANGEROUS for even you to handle - YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT! Listen to the paganistic publicity now, USofA - "just do it"!!! *LOL*)

I 37
Vn peu deuant que le Soleil s'abƒconƒe
Conflit donné, grand peuple dubieux.
Profligez port marin ne fait reƒponƒe.
Pont & ƒepulchre en deux eƒtranges lieux.

Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.
A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.

(Sunset is ALWAYS the best time to engage battle... sure... Shouldn't it be sunrise though? At least you can SEE who it is you're fighting and all... But of course I am thinking in terms of "archaic warfare" - old-style! Reeks of "twilight of the goofs"... I mean, "so-called gods" of course... ;) I believe sincerely that there has never been (nor should there ever have been) a more uncertain "great nation" than the USA TODAY! (No pun intended - don't sue me now, USA TODAY! *LOL*) Saddens me though that it will translate into sea trouble and makeshift graves faraway from home for so many pawns of war, toy soldiers...)

I 38
Le Sol & l'Aigle au vi¢teur paroiƒtront.
Reƒponƒe vaine au vaincu lon aƒƒeure.
Par cor ne cris harnois n'arreƒteront.
Vindi¢te. paix par mort s'acheue à l'heure.

The Sun and the Eagle will appear to the victor.
An empty answer assured to the defeated.
Neither bugle nor shouts will stop the soldiers.
Liberty and peace, if achieved in time through death.

(Going in a blaze of glory or what...?!? Sounds like all that the Americans can realistically hope to accomplish in the Middle-East indeed...!)

I 39
De nuict dan le lict le supresme estrangle
Pour trop auoir subiourné blond esleu
Par trois l'Empire subroge exancle,
A mort mettra carte, pacquet ne leu.

At night the last one will be strangled in his bed
because he became too involved with the blond heir elect.
The Empire is enslaved and three men substituted.
He is put to death with neither letter nor packet read.

(Hmm... any mention of any "last one" will have me wonder about... the last pope! I am obsessed with that! ;) People will start to think that I am anti-Church now... I am not! I am just anxious to see... what happens next!!! That's all really! ;) In which case... who might be the blond heir elect?!? How can you be an heir and be elected still...?!? Hmm... Michel - c'est vraiment pas clair ton affaire...!!! *LOL*)

I 41
Siege en Cité & de nuict assaillie
Peu eschappez non loing de mer conflit,
Femme de ioye, retours fils defaillie,
Poison & lettte cachée dans le olic.

The city is besieged and assaulted by night;
few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea.
A woman faints with joy at the return of her son,
poison in the folds of the hidden letters.

(Hmm... medieval warfare at best... too bad... anybody who knows me knows I love the sea! Battles near it should be more fun... Now I am trivializing the horrors of war for some... sorry! The Battle of Troy must have been GRAND... hey, there was no Brad Pitt there; already it is an improvement... non? ;) Alfred The Great led Britain to great victories as well, on the shores of Britannia practically... yep... I know both "incidents" pre-date Nostradamus himself!!! Thus he could not be predicting either here... Just making a point "pro-battles near the sea" - that's all! Carry on...)

I 42
Les dix Kalendes d'Auril de fait Gotique
Ressuscité encor par gens malins,
Le feu estaint, assemleee diabolique,
Cerchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin,

The tenth day of the April Calends, calculated in Gothic fashion
is revived again by wicked people.
The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering
seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.

(Gothic wickedness now... wow... these week's batch runs the gamut of emotions AND styles... and profiles? ;) At least the fire will be put out - that is a good sign! But what kind of fête foraine(...) would this be now...?!? One that gets... diabolical?!? Yikes! Sounds like the perfect terrain and setting for an upcoming SURVIVOR though... I'll give it that much... *LOL*)

I 43
Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'Empire,
Il adviendra vn cas bien merveilleux :
Le champ mué, le piller de porphire,
Mis, tranƒlaté ƒur le rocher noiƒeux.

Before the Empire changes
a very wonderful event will take place.
The field moved, the pillar of porphyry
put in place, changed on the gnarled rock.

(Changing times again... we surely are seeing everything go at an accelerated pace nowadays - are we not? The pillar of porphyry though...?!? A porphyry is a reddish stone with embedded crystals - nice. Any indication here -positive I.D. that is- of the potential location of this "major shift", out of that detail...? Not quite sure... considering also that the french word "porphyrie" designates a mysterious disease that makes those afflicted by it look like VAMPIRES... REALLY not quite sure here!!! "Gnarled rock" also makes all of this sound more like a Monster Mash (lol) rather than anything else, almost...! ;)

I 44
Chaƒƒer ƒeront moines, abbez, nouices :
Le miel ƒera beaucoup plus cher que cire.
En brief ƒeront de retour ƒacrifices,
Contreuenans ƒeront mis à martire.

En bref seront de retour sacrifices,
Contreuenans seront mis à martyre,
Plus ne seront Moines, Abbez, Nouices,
Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire.

In a short time sacrifices will be resumed,
those opposed will be put (to death) like martyrs.
The will no longer be monks, abbots or novices.
Honey shall be far more expensive than wax.

(Don't say that you don't have more bang for your blog with the luminous blog... lol. TWO french alternate versions for the price of one... Yeah, yeah - you're welcome. (Spoiled brats) *LOL* Anyway... sacrifices making a comeback... newstyle martyrs... (practically) no more monks or abbots (maybe we need to nominate abbesses instead... hmm?)... and honey sure is a whole lot more costly than wax candles folks... yep... this is NOW!)

I 45
Secteur de sectes grand peine au delateur,
Beste en Theatre, dressé le ieu scenique,
Du faict inique ennobly l'inuenteur,
Par sectes, monde confus & scismatique,

Se¢teur de ƒe¢tes grand preme au delateur.
Beƒte en theatre, dreƒƒé le ieu ƒcenique.
Du fait antique ennobli l'inuenteur.
Par ƒe¢tes monde confus & ƒchiƒmatique.

A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser:
A beast in the theater prepares the scene and plot.
The author ennobled by acts of older times;
the world is confused by schismatic sects.

(WOW - now HERE is one for our extremely and intricately confused times... eh? Note the French "Befte" and "Beste" - it is not "a" beast but "THE" beast...!!! Could it be the one... 666? What is he doing at the Strasford Festival...? The founder of sects though... the accuser... that sounds like one and the same... that sounds like triple six's old man himself - the adversary... the devil! Now who could be the author spoken of here... hmm... not Stephen King... not Ira Levin... not Peter Straub... not Nostradamus himself... I will resist the lure of claiming that it really is... the author of this blog! *LOL* Blessings!)

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