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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

québécois pure laine... ouais...

If you have not a single bone in you that hails from north of the border (you know which border it is, I gather...) - you will not decipher the title of today's entry of the luminous blog...
Well... too bad! And - you're better off as well!
Don't get me wrong now... Most times, I relish the fact that the fates (the Lord, really) or mere kismet has found it fitting to place me in a spot on this earth where I would be exposed to many cultures - without being hard-pressed to embrace any one of them completely! This has in fact contributed in large part in making me a citizen of the world - with an unbiased point of view and thus, the right to speak out...
Likely, a divine right too - for I believe it is all (as everything else) The Good Lord's Plan... but I digress!
So, here, where I sit, I have been witness to cultural bombardment from Anglo-Saxons, French-Canadians, Well-Read Americans, Redneck Americans, the French, the English, English Canada, Italians, Latinos, Portuguese, Greeks... even Bollywood!
It just can't get more melting pot-like or cultural mosaic-like than that (so what if the mosaic is unraveling at the seams... or if the pot is about to burst!).
Really - if it sounds like I am complaining - I am not... yet!
People like Rosie O'Donnell have gone public lamenting that they have so much "useless (so-called) cultural (TV crap really) knowledge stuck in (their) head".
Whoopee-do. At least you duds have had only one set of it...
Me, I find with chagrin that I STILL remember that old French-Canadian SITCOM or annoying jingle from a commercial no American ever saw... I also still remember old Brazilian, British and CBC shows none of you ever heard of... but hey, THAT I don't resent half as much... today anyway! *lol*
It can't get much worse than having parts of your own personal memory banks still replaying silly routines from Symphorien (no - don't ask) or repeating the so-so stand-up comedy lines of the likes of RBO, Pierre Verville and Yvon Deschamps... Worse yet, the lyrics of Robert Charlebois or Dan Bigras... Oh my God - and you crazy Americans thought you had it bad with Meat Loaf, Denis O'Leary and Chris Rock...

Still... for all the bad, there is always one good element to be found - in there, somewhere... One has to look hard for it sometimes, go back in time -as far back as 1987 at least- to unearth a little gem underestimated by the world at large... and even a good chunk of his very own local industry... check it out... in the comments section (and feel free to add to it - if you know of other such little gems from "la Belle Province"... Those who speak not French, feel free to ask for a translation... or use that seldom used "translate" toolbar device...!).

Pierre Bertrand

Paroles: Pierre Bertrand, Robert Léger. Musique: Gérard O'Brien 1987 "Espérance"


La nuit descend lentement
Dans le port désert de Buenos Aires
Un homme attend
Au même instant dans les eaux du Grange
Une femme se baigne dans le jour naissant
Comme au tout premier matin du monde

Un jour se meurt
Un autre jour se lève
Du fond du cœur
Le même rêve nous soulève

Des quatre coins du monde
Un cri: Espérance
Une lumière dans la nuit
Pour tout l'amour du monde
Qui crie: Délivrance
Une prière qui se chante et se danse

Le temps d'un songe, on refait le monde
C'est un rêve qui fleurit la nuit
Un cri du cœur
C'est un vent, c'est une promesse
Un chant profond dans la nuit des temps
Une marée qui va tout emporter

Un monde se meurt
Un nouveau monde se lève
Du fond du cœur
Le même rêve nous soulève

{au Refrain}

La nuit s'achève maintenant
Il suffit d'y croire au même instant
Ensemble on va tous s'en sortir

Un monde se meurt
Un nouveau monde se lève
Du fond du cœur
Le même rêve nous soulève

{au Refrain}
Gee... not one defender of la Sainte Flanelle...?!?


And I did not even bash Guy A. Lepage or any others of the truly deserving ones...


I would've thought though that somebody would have posted the lyrics to at least ONE other truly good song from Québec...

Not necessarily anything by Céline Dion either...

"Au Coeur du Désert" by Martine St-Clair comes to mind...

Oh well...

All I got was this in my inbox -
in re: this post of course...

"mon ta... de ca... mon sa... toé!"

What was he trying to say I wonder...?

*LOL* ;)
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