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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

two for tuesdays; assorted criminals this week...

Dutch cafeteria owner fends off gun-wielding robber with fries... hmm... was it the hamburglar?!?

The criminal is handling a gun - the cafeteria owner has only hot French fries at his disposal... yet the latter one wins in a contest of pure resolve... wow. We don't have the hardened criminals that we used to. It is good to know... still, crime rates are not going down... are they? And the new generation of inept criminals has started out - with a whimper. This cowardly criminal was reportedly only sixteen years of age... Talk about not-so-sweet sixteen, hmm?

NEXT... If even the "king of coupons" is no good... who can we trust anyone anymore?!?

The alleged royalty is NOT the guy who kindly offers you a fifty cent rebate (oops - I said "fifty cent" - now all the fanboys and groupies will want to mob this blog... yikes!) - a rebate, thus, on some crappy new product... no! Rather, the crook in question here was nicknamed the king of the coupons because he loved two-for-one specials. (He'll love my new blog tradition then... oops... prisoners have no internet access... do they?). A nickname that really is an inside joke from one of the investigators... Ha. Ha. Ha. Who says donut-eating coppers have no sense of humor? (yes - I am rolling my eyes) Basically, the "king" was a swindler who FINALLY got caught red-handed... (not the most appropriate expression, mind you, as it was likely born the day that they caught a far worse criminal element, some Jack the Ripper-type, after he had just committed another murder... His hands bloodied with the life-fluid of his victim he had just spilt, he was effectively "red-handed"... Origins of expressions, colloquialisms and words in general are a fascinating thing for me - won't you agree? :)

And what will this crook get for punishment? As the cops themselves put it - "he's going to have 3,650 free lunches". That's just great. Sounds like he won a sweepstakes - NOT like he got caught... red-or-whatever-color-handed... at all!!!
The judicial system SUCKS... More on that tomorrow...

Dutch cafeteria owner fends off gun-wielding robber with fries 11/03/2005 3:48:00 PM

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A Dutch cafeteria owner used piping hot French fries to fend off a gun-wielding would-be robber, police in the southern city of Helmond said Friday.

Fries, or "frites," are a national snack in Holland and Belgium, where they are deep-fried in oil and then salted and eaten with mayonnaise and chopped onions.

It was not known if the culprit, whose age was estimated at 16, was burned. He had threatened the owner and his wife with a handgun Thursday night, police said.

"He wanted money," a police report said. "But once he had hot frites coming his way, he decided he had had enough."

The fries were cooling in a pot when the owner threw them at the intruder.

Police described the youth, who is still at large, as "thin, white, and with a plump nose.
(That sounds like the hamburglar all right... *lol*)

Okay now - for the next trick, someone please take out a fire using nothing more (and nothing less) than wet noodles...

U.S. fraud suspect arrested in sting operation News Staff

An incredible story of scamming and stinging played out in the U.S. border community of Point Roberts, Washington.

Fred Gilliland, wanted in Florida for bilking investors of up to $29 million US, was lured across the U.S. border on Saturday by "Brian," a private investigator -- and someone Gilliland had conned.

Once there, he was arrested by U.S. Homeland Security agents.

"I befriended him, I wanted to set him up and take him down," Brian told CTV News.

Gilliland had taken his money and moved to Canada four years ago, where he lived the good life while fighting extradition.

The 53-year-old had an upscale, waterfront condominium in one of Vancouver's trendiest neighborhoods, fancy clothes and plenty of cash. He also told his new pal Brian about his ongoing investment scams.

"He was milking clients or victims he called them," Brian said.

After nine months, Brian suggested the two go for a ride, have some lunch and look at some real estate.

"Basically I nicknamed him the king of the coupons because he loved two-for-one specials. That was my inside."

The place Brian was suggested was just over the U.S. border in Point Roberts, Wash. -- which had a two-for-one special. Point Roberts is on a point of land that is cut off from the rest of the United States. The only land access is through Canada.

Gilliland was on bail in Canada. He was facing possible deportation back to the United States, but he had a plan to flee this country. Brian taped that conversation.

Brian: Where will we go where they wouldn't get us?

Gilliland: We'll go to Belize or Chile or Venezuela or Brazil.

Brian: They can't touch us there?

Gilliland: No.

Brian: You sure?

Gilliland: Positive.

But Gilliland never got a chance to flee. Brian crossed into the U.S., where he had tipped off officials in advance. Once across the border, Gilliland was still relaxed, chatting about lower gas prices in America and looking forward to lunch.

And then authorities swooped in.

"They told him to get out of the car, they had a nine millimetre (handgun) pointed at his head and he was trying to get out of his seatbelt."

Gilliland was taken into custody without a struggle and taken by boat to Blaine, Wash. He appeared Monday in a Seattle court and is expected to be transferred to Pensacola, Fla. within a week.

He's facing a possible 10-year prison sentence in Florida. Other Americans involved in the scheme have been convicted and sentenced to between five and 11 years.

In addition, a judge approved a default lawsuit judgment against him for $17 million US last year.

"Justice is now served," said Vancouverite Barry Sharpe, who lost $25,000 to the scammer.

"My wife was not totally 100 per cent behind this, but the paper work did look good and she trusted my judgment," he said.

Sharpe wanted to thank Brian for his efforts.

Brian's satisfaction came from his final words to Gilliland: "I said goodbye to him and I told him he's going to have 3,650 free lunches."

With reports from CTV's Todd Battis and CTV Vancouver's Rob Brown and files from The Canadian Press
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