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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

blame somebody else day now... hmm... where to begin really... *lol*

Not that I'm complaining, mind you... it is a basic part of human nature itself to blame the next guy... and, personally, I know that, indeed, it is never my fault but really that other guy's fault too (those other guys, over the years... a few girls too... but I don't fight girls... only guys... THEY started it! I finished it! BWAH-HA-HA! But I am digressing again... sort of).

So... feel free to blame thy neighbor today - he had it coming anyway! *lol*
(I think road rage will be indulged in today as well...)

In other "news"...

CNN cracks me up - when someone as serious as Paula Zahn actually wonders out loud if the third choice for "Person of the Day" should get the nod - and that third choice is none other than Cookie Monster...! And why would that azure creature get such a great honor? Because, in Zahn's own words, "although he is not swearing off cookies, he is telling kids to cut back!" *LOL* Good cookie monster!

And, on a far more serious note now...

FINALLY that no-good b!tch with the sneer, BC's own KELLY ELLARD is getting what she deserves - a sentence to get indefinite numbers of beatings in her stay of incarceration for having led to the beating to death of Reena Virk years ago. A true Canadian (not indicative of all Canadians, mind you - but a definite "good" example of what an "in-crowd" ho with not enough grey matter can be... and do... at her worst) Killer Kelly thought she would not get punished - not get caught - may even have been thinking that she was the victim in the whole legal process and, in her own sick twisted mind where everything is topsy-turvy, she may have even thought that she was actually doing everyone a favor by coercing others into helping her "get rid of" Reena Virk... And to think, TO THINK that it took years to get this GUILTY VERDICT...?!? And that Kelly had a (slim) CHANCE of acquittal...?!? Even could get some time "out"...?!? Had it been Reena who had killed Kelly ("they killed Kelly" - "GOOD") such absurdities would have never occurred! Lady Justice is blind all right - but not as it professes to be! Kreepy Kelly's trial ended one day short of Blame Somebody Else Day - otherwise, we can tell what her next defense strategy would have been! She was desperate - but, you gotta give it to the cold heartless slut - she showed no emotion and no remorse in court. She REALLY thinks she is being unfairly treated here... The mistreatments are only starting, "hon" - wait 'til they get their hands on you "inside"... Oh yeah - you'll likely get by doing what KARLA HOMOLKA (the OTHER Kreepy one) did - "gal palling" around with the toughest butch... Why are so many young women in Canada such horrendous hoes, by the way...?!? Must be something in the water (shades of Walkerton) - or the American influence of course!

Let's hope they won't take as long now to convict the three stoogey brats who killed some kid in neighboring province (well, almost) Alberta - in the not-so fair city of Edmonton! (Mind you, I care not for sprawling urban crapolises wherever they are!)

Well blame somebody else day is almost over so I better type quick.

I blame my friend (------)for me leaving the comment on the April 9th post.

She had posted something about someone else in a forum that just made me not be able to resist a reply.

I started playfuly flrting with the other person (a guy). So when I saw the April 9th post, my mind was already in that mood sort of when I posted the

I blame my friend for if she hadn't posted that in the forum I go to, I would probably never have said what I did in the April 9th post here. I also thank her as well as blame It is all her falut, but I am sooo glad she did it!

For only good has come of it! :)

((HUGS Luciano))

Well - that's what friends are for... hmm? ;)
Mike commented the following:

"This is PC gone array - they are neutering a puppet character - stripping him of what makes him... him!!! Who's next... Oscar The Grouch? On Prozac, so he's not so grouchy anymore...?!?"

Hmm... yes... he shall be henceforth Oscar The Gentle One! *LOL*

And Cookie Monster's new campaign is indeed producing results already - I haven't had my cookie today yet... *lol*
Speaking of neutering...

If they neuter Sesame Street characters, I hope they will tame that b!tchy hellcat named Kelly - Killer Kelly as I dubbed her - in her new environment there...

Even if she is tamed after several tenderizing beatings - I think Kelly Ellard is still a prime candidate to burn in hell though.

Repentance is key - she has shown none whatsoever.
Oh yeah - I guess "blame somebody else day" is not all that enthralling a holiday to comment on... eh? Not many comments on THAT here anyway... *LOL*
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