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Friday, April 15, 2005

freaky fridays - another new tradition on... the luminous blog!

And what better way to inaugurate it than to start off on a... mundane vs. morbid note... eh? *lol*
From one Larry to another - Larry Lucchino was talking to baseball officials today (which included chief legal officer Lucinda Treat - worthy of mention, I think!) about the latest incident in the storied Red Sox-Yankees rivalry... while, last night on CNN, Larry King was talking about what happens after we die - with a panel of guests running the gamut from a Protestant evangelist to a Catholic priest to a Rabbi to a Muslim to Marianne Williamson (worthy of mention by name - I think!) to... an atheist! (Nothing less than the president of some organisation called Atheists for America or some darn thing like that... *lol* And the president in question is a stunning blonde... figures.)

I am sure that the dastardly blonde would see nothing trivial about letting loose of one's passions (even in violent ways - as long as it is not excessive of course ; a little brawling at a sports event never killed anyone... right? *lol*) - after all, everything that will ever matter to her and her kind is to happen in the here and now - concrete, material! "We experience life - not death" she said... Not death - not yet, nitwit! Soon enough though... worry not your pretty little head about that now...! Again, need I remind you that Dubya is working hard to have you nuked - real soon too!? *lol* Enjoy that while you live it - it won't be long though, of course. Nuclear fires have that fastness about them ; they sear the flesh from the bone rather quickly... :(
Yeowtch - that sure was morbid...
But the interesting part is, of course, what can, at least potentially (admit so, atheists!) happen after death...!
Come on now - I don't know about you, atheists, but I would like to think that I have a little something extra in me that the plethora of inanimate objects that surround me simply do not ; all of those objects do not have a
And, logically, the soul should survive past the peremption date of the body.
After all, the contents of any plastic food container you can think of are more precious than the container itself - are they not? And those contents go together with the environment too (bio-degradability - an eco-friendly subject thrown in here just for right measure - ain't that grand? *lol*) - as the soul will join the cosmos once it is free from its mortal coil. And the latter, well... it will go into the soil, dust to dust - as it was always meant to be, hmm? To deny the possibility of there being more than physical existence is a blatant display of unimagination, materialism, vanity even... It is like the conundrum - if there is no life after death ; then why should there be before death? And as Christ said - what is it worth to win the world - if one loses his soul in the process? Not believing in the existence of the soul is akin to labeling Jesus and millions more as being liars - who art thou to dare do so, atheists? You cannot prove it is a lie - more evidence exists that there is an unseen world than there is a lack of... ;) Think about it carefully now...

All in all though, I was stunned. I found myself liking more what the Rabbi had to say than the Christians, Larry, Marianne, the Captain, the Professor and the atheist all combined! *LOL*
Mayhaps my name really does have an ancient tie to the Hebrews... Hmm... more things to think about carefully...

And now... for the other Larry...!
(Hmm - this is vaguely reminiscent of that Newhart running gag ; "hello, my name is Larry... this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl!" *lol* I remember it so darn well and I WASN'T even a faithful of that show...!!! But enough digressing...!).

Red Sox, MLB Look Into Sheffield Confrontation With Fan
Apr 15, 5:30 PM (ET)
BOSTON (AP) - The Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball on Friday began looking into the scuffle between New York Yankees star Gary Sheffield and a fan in the right-field corner at Fenway Park.

The confrontation came in the eighth inning of Boston's 8-5 win over New York on Thursday night while Sheffield was fielding Jason Varitek's two-run triple in front of the 3-foot high barrier.

No decision on discipline was expected Friday, baseball said.

Before their night game at Baltimore, the Yankees said Sheffield would not comment until MLB and the Red Sox completed their investigations. But he later spoke, adding that team management had advised him "not to say anything else."

"Everything happened so fast," Sheffield said. "You have to look at the tape and pass your own judgment. I can't stand here and try to convince you one way or the other."

"I hold my opinion to myself," he said. Asked whether he would have done anything differently, he said: "I don't think so, I doubt it."

Red Sox president Larry Lucchino met for 75 minutes Friday with chief legal officer Lucinda Treat, chief operating officer Mike Dee and director of security Charles Cellucci, said Charles Steinberg, Boston's executive vice president for public affairs.

"It was clear that Lucchino wasn't treating this lightly," said Steinberg, who also attended the meeting. "He was serious and concerned."

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, through spokesman Howard Rubenstein, declined to comment except to say: "It's in the commissioner's hands."

The commissioner's office told The Associated Press that Bob Watson, baseball's head of discipline, was reviewing tapes of the play and security chief Kevin Hallinan was expected to talk to Red Sox officials.

In spring training, Hallinan toured major league camps and spoke to players about this very kind of confrontation, telling them not to go into the stands - a clear reference to the NBA melee that involved Indiana's Ron Artest and other Pacers in their November game against Detroit.

After Thursday night's game, Sheffield said that in the heat of the moment, he thought about Artest.

"That's the first thing that came to mind," he said.

Steinberg did not release the fan's name or say whether he had season tickets. The fan was ejected but not arrested.

A source familiar with the situation who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity said the man was Christopher House. The answering machine at a phone number listed for a Christopher House in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood said it was full and could not accept messages.

The testy rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox now gets more than a month to cool down. The teams next play on May 27 at New York; the Yankees next visit Boston on July 14, right after the All-Star break.

Steinberg said Fenway Park fans generally don't reach for balls rolling near the low fences in foul territory along the first-base line or in fair territory in right field.

"It's wrong to interfere with a ball in play, but we don't know what his intention was," Steinberg said.

As the ball rolled, the spectator reached over the wall and made a sweeping motion with his arm. Sheffield said he was hit in the mouth.

"It ain't nothing you're going to feel the next day," he said Friday. "It wasn't that hard enough punch to knock you out or anything."

Sheffield picked up the ball, pushed the fan, then threw the ball to the infield. Sheffield then confronted the fan but did not punch him. A security guard quickly jumped over the fence and got between the fan and Sheffield.

"We appreciate the restraint that Gary Sheffield showed," Steinberg said.

Steinberg said the team is also looking into the actions of the fan who was holding a beer that spilled during the scuffle. He said he didn't have that person's name and doesn't know if the beer was deliberately thrown at Sheffield or it spilled after he was pushed by other fans.

The team is considering increasing the number of signs that warn of fan interference and make more announcements at the park that interfering with a ball in play will result in ejection.

This was the latest scuffle in baseball between fans and players.

Last September, the Texas Rangers fought with fans in Oakland. Texas reliever Frank Francisco was arrested after throwing a chair into the stands, breaking a woman's nose.

On Sept. 28, Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley was ejected after slamming down a plastic bottle in the front row of the right-field seats after a fan threw it onto the field. He was suspended for the rest of the regular season.

"They want to make it fan friendly. They want people close to the field and close to the game," Sheffield said. "But there is a price to pay for that. When you get that close to people and things happen."
Wow - I remember the Darryl-Darryl joke, but I had forgotten about Frank Francisco - new legend of the wild frontier!!! *LOL*

Texas is still the wild wild west after all these years - eh?

That woman must be proud - she can flaunt that now, this way ; "I got my nose broken by the Texas Rangers' own, Frank Francisco!"

Watch out people - Frank Francisco throws a mean curve ball - and a meaner curve chair! *LOL*

Okay - enough now... a little wink to all my Texas friends ;)
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