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Friday, April 22, 2005

holy moley, captain planet - it's earth day today, and I flushed the toilet one too many times - damn my uncaring attitude towards the environment!

There is still time for you to join the first ever Earth Day Virtual March, and send a free message urging your senators to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge forever. (Forever...? Hmm... yeah... right! As long as we remain in the virtual I guess... Even make-believe fare such as "rasslin" knows that "nothing is forever"... oh well - tis the good intention here that counts! I am sure that the penguins and the polar bears appreciate the thought...).

TODAY IS INDEED EARTH DAY! Join a massive effort to protect wilderness areas from oil drilling in honor of Earth Day. The Earth Day Virtual March is spreading across the country - they say to make sure your town or city is represented! (Again, I am sure that polar bears will feel all fuzzy when they get wind of GenericSmallTown USA that was represented by one or two nature nuts (this said with affection!) who are even aware of their plight up there, as the icebergs melt away...).

On the first Earth Day, 20 million Americans called for a cleaner, healthier environment. (Were they truly heeded...?). Their activism helped secure the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. (Is it really secure...?). Now, 35 years later, with the Senate's recent vote to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that activism is needed to counter a growing threat to all hard-won environmental protections. (Absolutely... although it is a shock to the system to realize that Earth Day and I are basically of the same age! What were people doing before that...?!? Sheesh... And I thought the sixties enlightened!). --- if the link works ; and if it's not too late!

I'm sure Luciano~ that the Polar Bears and Penguins are very forgiving that you flushed the toilet- oh too many least you're recognizing Earth Day on your blog and spreading some good news about it out there...all we can do is put our best efforts forth and make each and every day Earth Day!!!~PEACE
Luciano I am Marching with you my Dear!

I'm virtualy marching today!
*Does a little dance, then starts marching beside Luciano* :)

Here is the same link but clickable. I used HTML for this.

Earth Day Virtual March

You are the least uncaring man I know, so I think the enviroment will let it slide this time that you flushed the toilet too many times. :D

I am missing you already!

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