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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

stars making sense... how odd is that?!?

Sandra makes a sensible choice - surprising in itself since she rarely makes them in regards to her career...
Bruce finally displays some wisdom - which does not automatically come with a shaved cranium! Still, I am not ready to accept "Willis Wisdom" as a fact yet... Jack!
John though... well... "Fat Actress" is smitten with him! *LOL* That counts for something, I am sure...

Bullock slams 'selfish' mothers
(BANG) - Sandra Bullock has slammed expectant mothers - branding them "selfish".
The actress, who has no children of her own, says adoption is a much better option as it gives orphaned children the chance to have a loving home.
She said: "There's the biological urge, but do people have to listen to it? What about adopting?
"Too many people have children that shouldn't be having them. It's the children who suffer. Having a child is a selfish act.
"There are so many unwanted children in the world that have no parents. I love children so much that I'm not going to damage them with my selfishness."
Meanwhile, Sandra, 40, recently revealed her mother's dying wish was to see her get married.
The star, who has never wed, had always been told by her mom never to rely on a man.
However, on her death bed, Sandra's mom admitted she was disappointed her daughter never settled down.
Sandra revealed: "She was always like, 'Don't rely on a man. Do your own thing.'
"But right before her death she wishfully said to me, 'So you don't think maybe you are going to get married?' I said, 'Mom! You were the one who said not to! Now that you're dying, I'm supposed to get married!?'"

Willis' marriage vow
(BANG) - Bruce Willis has vowed never to get married again.
The Hollywood actor, who has three children with ex-wife Demi Moore, isn't keen to tie the knot as he not sure whether he can commit to his marriage vows.
He said: "You're asked to stand up there and say: 'I promise to love you forever until death do us part.' You might as well be crossing your fingers when you say that. How can you possibly know where you're going to be five, 10 or 20 years from now?"
The 50-year-old heartthrob also says he would like more children - but isn't sure if he'll be able to find a woman who doesn't want to get married beforehand.
He added in an interview with Britain's Now magazine: "My younger brother David, after vowing to be single for the rest of his life, got married and has two kids - a beautiful daughter and a baby son, who I was holding in my arms last Thanksgiving. I could have another kid. But how would I find someone who can live with the fact that I don't want to get married."

Scientology saves Travolta
(BANG) - John Travolta claims he would never been able to get over the death of his mother if it hadn't been for Scientology.
The Hollywood actor was devastated when his beloved mum passed away from cancer in 1979 and says the religion helped to fill the void in his life.
He said: "I don't know what I would have done without it. It's answered so many questions for me in regards to the knowledge of life and how to live it.
"To say there was a gap before Scientology is an understatement. The mystery of life was so confusing. It's certainly helped me."
John also admitted he was spoilt rotten by his parents when he was growing up.
The 'Grease' star, who was the youngest of six children, told Britain's Night and Day magazine: "I received a lot of attention just by being the baby. I had the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen and black hair. I was this unusual child that was special in my parents' eyes - plus I was very loving with them. When my brother came home from school we would fight a lot. I suppose my brother would vie for my mum's attention, but I had the upper hand."

Religion certainly can make people understand the different levels of life far better than they would do so on their own - however, it would not fill the void of a dear one who passed on - that will stay with you until you pass on as well. And, then, you are reunited with the dear departed one(s) quite obviously (assuming you are all going to the same place of course)... If Scientology claims to fill in any way those sort of voids... hmm... then it is weirder than I thought!

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