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Friday, April 01, 2005

tell a lie day...

The greater part of the world - or is it just North America and its "we are the world" attitude dictating this...? - knows April 1st as APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Others also know it is DON'T GO TO WORK UNLESS IT'S FUN DAY...

But in certain Slavic countries, it is TELL A LIE DAY - inspired as it is by the politicians that they have... Baffles the thinking man's mind that this is not a North American tradition too, with the presidents, prime ministers and senators that we have... however, I sincerely doubt that anyone NEEDS a three-in-one NON-HOLIDAY...

Speaking of the "we are the world" AMERICAN attitude... Senator John Bolton is set to be the United Nations ambassador for the U.S. - yet another dumba$$ move from Dubya! Bolton - who thinks that the U.S. is what makes the U.N. work - when it wants it to work! Bolton - who thinks that if ten floors of the U.N. disappeared, it wouldn't mean squat - as long as the U.S. remained there! Bolton must have been the reason why the Tower of Babel split up as it did - he must have been there, waaaaay back then, somehow, and everyone else, well... bolted out of there! NOT in speaking terms either... *LOL* Bolton - the consummate ugly american! Wish his appointment would be an April Fool's indeed - but it appears to be true!

Oh well - the USA has only been good at making enemies lately, so, this fits the programme they have been on for the last two if not four mandates now...

On March 7, President Bush shocked the world by nominating John Bolton, who's dedicated his life to undermining the United Nations, to be the U.S.' UN Ambassador.

If Bolton is confirmed by the Senate, he will isolate America in the world. In fact, 59 former American diplomats, from both Democratic and Republican administrations, have written a letter urging the Senate to oppose Bolton's nomination.

This is an outrageous nomination. John Bolton has said that he wants to dismantle the UN, not rebuild it. Citizens for Global Solutions has produced a 60-second TV ad to run in select markets - markets like Rhode Island, home of Senator Lincoln Chafee, a liberal Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, who is wavering on Bolton's nomination. Ads like this are exactly what could swing his vote.
Said ad displays Bolton saying his outrageous comments about the U.S. running the U.N. and "making it work - when it wants to" - from his own mouth! (He will never be able to claim that he was "misquoted"... lol). He even adds, in fact, and I do quote, "if you don't like that, I am sorry but that is (a fact)..." - and he is saying that to the U.N. representatives themselves!!!

Heck, he is quoted, and caught on video saying "there is no such thing as the United Nations" right off the bat in that ad! No wonder he is labeled a loose cannon and NOT a problem-solver - quite on the contrary, he is making problems! Soon enough, he will get his wish - there will be no U.N. and the arrogant U.S of his imagination will be all there is to try and "fix the world's problems"... Good luck with that, Johnny - we all see how good the U.S. is at it already - in Afghanistan and in Iraq!!!
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