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Thursday, April 28, 2005

three for thursdays...?

Appearances are not sometimes deceiving - they are ALWAYS deceiving.
Take two women with fairly similar names for instance - Marla... and Karla.
They even look alike - have the same allure and blondeness of their hair...
Yet, they could not be more different - truly day - and tenebrous night.
MARLA RUZICKA was an angel - a lady like there are so few left on this mudball called Earth. She helped others - and she is deceased now, due to human folly.
KARLA... is of course Karla Homolka, monster made woman (though not as monstruous upon first glance as the real-life inspiration for the role defended by Charlize Theron on the big screen recently - still, appearances deceive, remember?). Karla, despite her proven monstruosity, is still alive and well - and, I fear, will soon be a neighbour of mine too... (She will be set free from jail and, at this time, though she has not disclosed where she would relocate to, it appears to be in my area that she has set her sights on... Again, let's hope now that THESE appearances are deceiving... My neighbours suck enough as it is - no need to add a murderess and a pervert to their numbers... I can see the headlines though; "Karla is coming! Hide your teenaged girls!". Ha. Not funny - I know. Stomach-turning as it is - and Lord Knows my tummy needs not the turning right at this time...).

Add to the mix - just for rhyming's sake - SALMA...
Unlike MARLA, Salma is no angel... but she is trying to be and, at least, she is not a diabolical she-devil like Karla either... More on Salma's timid efforts to shed her bimbo image and become sort-of-an-angel too - in the comments section!

For now though - remember only this:
Remember Marla Ruzicka, human rights activist. She was only in her (late) twenties.

Remember Marla Ruzicka, human rights activist

Please help us remember Marla Ruzicka, a remarkable, passionate and eloquent advocate for Iraqi war victims, who was killed by a car bomb last Saturday.

Marla was only 27 when she died, but had over ten years of human rights organizing experience and was a friend to many in the Care2 and nonprofit community. Those who knew her best were impressed by her boundless energy, compassion and deep commitment to helping people and building a better world.

Marla was in Iraq at the beginning of the war in 2003, and founded the nonprofit Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict (CIVIC) to promote public understanding and support for the human dimension in wars. She led a door-to-door effort to survey civilian casualties in Iraq, and the data her project collected has been critical in showing the world the tragic effects of war on families and children.

Please take a moment today to visit CIVIC's website and read more about Marla's critical work in Iraq. Help us honor her memory by carrying on her passion for making the world a better place. Thank you.
Salma Hayek joins Inuit protest
Last Updated Tue, 19 Apr 2005 19:41:16 EDT
CBC Arts
TORONTO - Actress Salma Hayek is set to join an Inuit protest on Friday against global warming.

The protest will take the form of an art project that will see about 1,000 people gather into the shape of a gigantic Inuit drum dancer.

That image will then be photographed from the air and distributed around the world.

Hayek is using her profile as an A-list actress to draw attention to the event. She is the Mexican performer known for her turns in movies like Frida, Dogma and Desperado.

"Salma has been confirmed for a while now and she is totally behind the project," organizer Nadia Ciccone told the Canadian Press. "There will be some other celebrities as well."

Los Angeles artist John Quigley, who has co-ordinated similar projects in other settings before, is working with the Inuit Circumpolar Conference to pull the photograph off.

"It's a collaborative art form," he said from Iqaluit. "We're sending out this signal, this wake-up call, from the top of the world."

Quigley will guide the members of the crowd onto the sea ice so they form the outline of a massive Inuit drum. The silhouette of a dancer will be inside the drum, along with the word "look" in Inuktitut.

Local artists helped Quigley design the image. He got the idea for the project last year after having dinner in Vancouver with a friend who worked in Iqaluit.

"As soon as he said it, this vision became so clear in my brain. Everyone got turned on by the idea," he said.

Quigley's other pieces have been staged on parking lots, baseball diamonds, parks and beaches.

The stunt is being timed to coincide with Toonik Tyme, the annual spring festival in Iqaluit.

The community's mayor, Elisapee Sheutiapik, said Quigley will have no problems rounding up enough people to make it work.

"It's another great way of celebrating together, but what a great way to get involved in such an important message," she said.

Inuit art advocate James Houston dies
Salma Hayek joins Inuit protest
Labels to appeal file-swapping decision
Ancient obelisk begins return to Ethiopia
Jackie Chan visits tsunami-ravaged Indonesia
Nominees for 'Greatest American' unveiled
Canadian artist detained on Easter Island
Cronenberg, Egoyan to compete at Cannes
IN BRIEF: Muti considers post-La Scala prospects; more
Canadian screenwriters honoured with awards
I wonder if it was the shock of learning that Salma Hayek had embraced the Inuit cause that caused the untimely death of Inuit art advocate James Houston...?!?

Anything is possible...
Different commenters were moved by the tragic fate of Marla Ruzicka; but were unable to post their comments directly, having no blogger account... One of them though pointed out to me her exact date of birth - and of passing:
December 31, 1976 - April 16, 2005
She thus barely 29.

R.I.P. Marla
You -and Faiz- are now amongst the angels - as you so richly deserve to be.


Honor Marla by joining up in community vigils worldwide on Tuesday, May 3rd, as Marla, Faiz, and the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and soldiers that have been killed or injured in the war are remembered.

WHY? Marla founded CIVIC, the Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict, to help innocent victims in conflict, provide aid to those in need, and ensure that the US military accounts for the consequences of their actions on civilians in Iraq. Her bright, passionate, tenacious, and energetic soul will be missed.

Marla and Faiz were traveling to visit a child who needed medical assistance when they were killed. They gave their lives to make the world a more peaceful and just place for us all. Help carry on their work - host or attend a vigil on Tuesday, May 3rd!

CIVIC Worldwide
Guess I'll never know now if Marla was any relation to Vladimir Ruzicka - former Boston Bruins forward who aptly filled in, for a time, for the injured all-star Cam Neely in 1992-1993... In 1991, Ruzicka, Neely, Ray Bourque and the rest of a well-balanced Boston Bruins team SHOULD have knocked off the pesky flashes-in-the-pan Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL playoffs - and won the Stanley Cup instead of those silly birds. They had them on the ropes - but bad refereeing, coupled with the lowest of low tactics employed by Penguins coach "Badger Bob" stole that series... and robbed Cam The Man Neely of his career, by injuring his knee ON PURPOSE - Neely wasn't just outscoring "Mario le magnifique" Lemieux (overrated) - he was outscoring the entire Penguins team with stunning ease! And Badger Bob stoop so low to stop him and turn the tide...

Look at it NOW though -
Neely's career was cut short due to that injury - he was forced to retire in 1995.
Lemieux is despised as a player-owner - the hypocritical oaf that he is believed HE (along with Gretzky and the players' rep) were going to solutionize the NHL lockout... right...
The entire NHL shut down this year...
No playoffs.
No Stanley Cup.
Not a single game this year!

The Penguins, despite two undeserved titles, are -as always- teetering on the edge of bankruptcy...

And Badger Bob... is dead.
Cancer. I believe he died even before Cam Neely's career died, due to his tactics "to win at all costs" - exactly what gives hockey a bad name...
More suited to a parodical film like Slap Shot* than a so-called professional league...

I hope those two Boston-based enterprises DO purchase the entire damn league - only they can instill some class into the damn NHL...
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