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Thursday, April 14, 2005

tinseltown rarely does take out the trash... eh?

Hollywood is misnamed to begin with though - why call ALL of show-business "Hollywood" - huh?!? I have never seen a plethora of rappers, so-called singers or other performers actually ACT in an actual movie (and I hope I never will either - Eminem, Julian whatsisname from American Idol and Courtney Love WERE ENOUGH!!!). In the old days, it seems to me that "Hollywood" was the MOVIE business - not anything else all wrapped up into one gigantic artistic community...

ETALK DAILY recently was so blunt as to say... well, what I confirm and reaffirm in today's post header here! *LOL* And they also dared to go as far as put together a short list of candidates for the trash heap(...) bypassing the obvious ones (Anna Nicole Smith, Courtney...) and shooting for... the minor stars really. TV personalities HARDLY qualify as Tinseltown Trash even in MY book... but hey ; that's just me I suppose! Thus - two TV "stars" - not quite bright OR light for that matter... The View's Star Jones and American Idol's Paula Abdul were pinpointed as great candidates to vanish and never return to the airwaves... Then, they tentatively dared to shoot down ACTUAL MOVIE STARS by targeting child star Dakota Fanning... hmm... the kid is annoying, but... surely there are bigger names out there that are bigger pains you know where whenever they appear on an interview stage - hmm? ;) And finally - a franchise that should go away - 007. Who cares who the next Bond will be indeed? However, again, there are plenty more to "shoot down" (like Bond routinely does this time - he is such a magnificent make-believe marksman... eh?).

Thus, my luminous suggestions to ELIMINATE FROM THE FIRMAMENT OF SO-CALLED STARS...
Anyone with the last name Sheen or Estevez
Any Kutcher alive by the same token
Any Britney alive too
Andy Dick
Any Dick
Esther aka Veronica Electronica aka... no, she is NOT "madonna"...!
Most chicks that were a part of Lilith Fair...
Most groups of 4 or less members that were a part of Lollapalooza...
Character-actors without character...
Most old-time or all-new "talent" that has ever emerged from SNL for that matter...
All artists with CROW in their name...
Christina, Paris & their make-out... I mean, make-up crew...
The whole blamed O.C.
All present and future Desperate Wives - on ABC...
The whole blamed NHL - oh, they already did vanish... and are not exactly Hollywood... okay, move on...
Alleged talk-show hosts...
Nepotism benefactors and "benefactees"... *LOL*
pretty much 99% of the casts and writing teams on sitcoms today...
100% of big studio executives...!!!

Any suggestions for more? Leave them in the comments sections please! :)

Luciano I have to agree with most of what you have said lol, yes I know I do usually agree with you. When you use Actor Sheen I hope you meant Charlie and not his father Martin who I have liked in movies for years and no I don't watch his sitcom that isn't my type of program.
So you can pick on Charlie but leave Martin alone.
From one LP to another LP
Hmmmmm...You can definitely take out Brittany...the Lilith Fair-I could really care less about...but leave Luscious Jackson alone, please...they are awesome! Paris is not even a whole person anymore...after seeing her pathetic body parts being scattered across the internet...then again...when was she a whole person?

I have to agree with most of your dislikes and for certainly good reason only. I can't comment on who else could be taken out...AHA! J.LO and her X there...Ben Affleck...he's a cocky b@$tard! He can take his dirty little smirk and smear it on someone else's movie screen!
Mariah Carey has a beautiful voice, but she loves the camera to the point where's she's so flirtacious with it that her eye winking gets one absolutely sleepy from watching her. Anna Nichole Smith can certainly go-Trailor Trash Miss American't Do Nothin'...CERTAINLY PAM ANDERSON!!! I am all for PETA except her sponsorship-that is going way too's not about her morals...but primarily her looks and breasts! So she can go certainly for sure...yip...yip...yup! Roseanne can go...Micheal Jackson and his sickness can definitely go, but I do feel that the man needs desperate help...Latoya can go...Any Z-Rated Character actors can go...and you
(Other than that...I don't watch enough T.V. to really know...)

I agree with most of what you said, but not all.

I hate to disagree with you, but I am going to anyway. I am not saying you are wrong, just this is what I think.

I really like Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen in movies. As well as Emilio Estevez.
I think that Young Guns was Awesome! I hated that Charlie Sheen got killed off! :(
I think Emilio played a truly insane and great Billy the kid.
Now I don't watch the tv show with Charlie Sheen. I am not into sitcoms. I said I like them in movies.

On to Bond. I have to disagree here too. I have loved Sean Connery for a very long time and think that he was a very great Bond! Maybe you bein a man didn't think so, but he has a wonderful smile, and voice and well he still at his age now looks great! He is just so charming!
I guess I am prejudice about him. So I like his Bond movies too. :)

Sorry for having to disagree with you Luciano, but hey this is the Luminous Blog right? So I should tell the truth here.

Well... thank you all for the, ah... illuminating input! *lol*

How could I have forgotten Afflack, indeed... *lol*
Well - his one redeeming quality - he is a Red Sox fan! And... the Red Sox won! ;)
Mike mauled... mailed in his comment rather... *lol*

"Leo Dicrapio"

Yes - but of course...!

So - all agree with me here - Steve Martin sucks - right? Let's go burn down his house now or something... ;) *LOL*
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