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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

two for tuesdays; full of themselves and surely about to snap

Mariah's nail mayhem
(BANG) - Mariah Carey left organisers of an awards ceremony fuming yesterday (23.03.05) after turning up 90 minutes late because she broke a fingernail.
According to reports, the sexy singer threw a tantrum after snapping the nail and ordered her entourage to fix the problem before she would attend the Capital Radio Awards, in London.
Despite being accompanied by a team of stylists, make-up artists and hairdressers on her trip, Carey was unable to find a manicurist.
Eventually staff managed to locate a nail specialist to come to Mariah's lavish Bagloni hotel suite to repair the damage.
When she arrived at the awards bash, Mariah managed to cause more outrage by the 11 bodyguards who shadowed her and who guarded her as she ate.
A source told Britain's Daily Mail: "Mariah swept in looking every inch the star, but it was a little over the top. She had kept everyone waiting over an hour for her grand entrance and her excuse that it was all down to a broken fingernail simply didn't help."
Earlier this week, Mariah confirmed her diva status by getting staff at the same hotel to roll out a red carpet - accompanied by lit candles - for her arrival at 2am.


Mariah is desperately trying to be a female Michael Jackson I think... only worse, because both eccentric AND female... *LOL*


Puffy wants black 'Ocean's Eleven'
(BANG) - Puff Daddy is planning to make an 'Ocean's Eleven'-style movie - but with an all-black cast.
The hip-hop star says he couldn't relate to the recent remake, which starred George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, because of its lack of African-Americans in it and wants Oscar-winning actors such as Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx to appear in the remake.
He told America's New York Daily News newspaper: "I was watching 'Ocean's Eleven' and I just couldn't relate to it. You have all these black icons, Chris Rock or Chris Tucker in comedy, Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx in acting, me and Jay-Z in music, what about us?
"It's about time to put the greatest black icons in a film together. We're not running around in 'do-rags and low riders anymore.
"I'm trying to hit the big screen, baby. I'm trying for my head to be six-feet tall."
Puffy recently revealed he wanted to become the first black James, saying he would be the perfect replacement for Pierce Brosnan.
He said at the time: "The world is ready for a black James Bond."


Hmm... any idea on which CAUCASIAN actor would then inherit the nifty role defended by both notable BLACK THESPIANS Sammy Davis Jr. and Don Cheadle... hmm? ;)

And I'd rather see Cuba Gooding Jr or Denzel or Don here as Bond - not you Puffy.

I wonder if Puffy will shoot me for this... maybe not. Maybe he would only shoot me if I mentioned, on top of a trio of actual colored actors more suited than him for the "Black Bond" fantasy that will never be a reality, a trio of men of other colors that had longer stays besides J-Lo... a caucasian Bostonian and a latino singer most notably... then, yes... Puff would strut his stuff and shoot me full of holes - indubitably.

Yes - I must be the Charles Bronson of the written word...
Just a short note for you LP he now calls himself P Diddy even worse than the whole puff daddy name .
True... I guess I wasn't paying attention much, was I...?

I keep abreast of the name changes of the artist still known by the undeserved appellation of "Madonna" - "Veronica Electronica" or "Esther"... she has even more nicknames, I am sure... the no-good *!?@#...!!!
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