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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

two for tuesdays; vanity & pride go together like...?!?

Maybe these two should do a movie together - try and picture the vanitous and vainglorious Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid of boring films... *LOL*

Vain Costner
(BANG) - Kevin Costner hates the gym but is too vain to quit.
The 'Dances With Wolves' star, who turned 50 in January, admits he would love to stop exercising but is so worried about getting fat and losing his looks he can't give up.
He said: "I hate the gym. And I certainly don't like weights. But it's important for me to look good. So as much as I don't want to do this any more, it's vanity that keeps me going."
Costner, who is about to become a father again for the fourth time with second wife Christine Baumgartner, also says he is motivated to keep working out so he looks good for his wife and children.
The veteran actor recently gained 20lb for his role as a drunken baseball player in new movie 'The Upside of Anger', but believes if he let himself go permanently it would disappoint his family.
He added: "I owe it to my children and my wife."

Sting loses Hollywood star
(BANG) - Sting was left red-faced after he was spotted pacing the Hollywood Walk of Fame looking for his star.
The singer has revealed how he tried to discreetly find his golden accolade on the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard.
Eventually, after fruitless searching, he had to be pointed in the right direction by a fan.
The legendary musician told US TV host Jimmy Kimmel: "I walked very, very quietly, discreetly down the street and I couldn't see it. I walked back a little way and some guy said, 'Sting, your star's over there.' He knew exactly what I was doing."
Meanwhile, the tantric-loving rock star has admitted he is nervous of getting back on stage.
Sting, who performed an intimate show at Hollywood's famous Roxy club last night (28.03.05) before embarking on a US tour, added: "It's a public mistakes show, where you make your mistakes in public so you're so embarrassed that you never make them again."

I love I can forgive him for looking for his star...but Kevin Costner is another one who can go for sure! I like some of his movies though.*LOL*
Would it be... Wasteland? I mean... Waterworld? *LOL*

I liked it - I actually did! LOL It was equal parts MAD MAX and AQUAMAN in my book - the latter being my childhood hero who has recently undergone such a transformation, effectively becoming... CHRIST-LIKE! Wow... beyond the slight blasphemous aura of it all, I must say I like the coincidence! He managed to retain the best of both worlds - he's Christ-like now, yet still retains the stunning redheaded wife... *LOL*
He is not alone like that - Star Wars buffs know that Luke Skywalker wound up something like that too, somewhere in the post Return of the Jedi "era"...

If not WATERWORLD, DEEP BLUE SEA was the movie most closely resembling an AQUAMAN live action flick... But now I hear Warner Bros might do an actual "official" one - campy too. Damn you WB! Damn you to hell!!! *LOL*

As for C.C.F.s (Costly Costner Flicks - LOL) - WYATT EARP was terrific and much better than TOMBSTONE... The problem with K.C. though is that many of his films seem like the SAME THING DONE OVER... Revenge / No Way Out... all the baseball films... all the westerns... all the romantic movies... Postman was like a dragged-out, H2O-deprived Waterworld... He does great lawmen though - THE UNTOUCHABLES and EARP proved that... so did JFK, in its own special dragged-out way...! But the more you get for your money, the better...! ;)

Wow - he got to give TWO historical law enforcers a great visual memorial (as a film always is, really) - ELIOT NESS and WYATT EARP! That is impressive for the historian in me and I respect that!

Costner is also, from what I heard, a nice guy - he housed a screenwriter and got him to produce his gem of a screenplay... I wouldn't mind that deal for myself! *LOL*

He was also frowned upon by Veronica Electronica aka Esther aka... M...! And, to me, that is a compliment! ;)
Nope...I don't recall I've ever seen "Waterworld"...but I did like him in the 'ole classic, "Dances With Wolves"..."Field Of Dreams" was also very good, too...but I remember "Dances" the best. It was well acted except that I always questioned Kevin Costner's sincerity towards our Mother Earth...I always wondered if he was the "Earth Man" that he protrayed himself in "Dances". I can imagine he is a nice man for sure...but some people don't make "HolyWood"...they destroy it. My father had met Costner when he inspected one of the planes that just happened to be flying him around...pretty cool...I think...
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