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Saturday, April 16, 2005

why do people find psychopaths so damn charismatic anyway...?!?

Scott Peterson is after all, only like, the worst husband in recent history...
But he's so well-groomed! So suave... So smooth!? A smooth operator, yes...
Early in the trial procedures, Scott Peterson prosecution team members Rick Distaso, Davis Harris, and Birgit Fladager were more than ticked-off by the seeming generalized feeling that Peterson would eventually go free, no matter what they did to get him behind bars for life - or worse. And they were legitimized in their frustration, for it told of one of the most infuriating traits in society - the lure to ''root'' for the ''bad guy'' - if he's ''cool'' of course...! This aberration has been seen repeatedly in cases in both the USA and in Canada - even lingering on during the sentence and afterwards - as in the case of Karla Homolka, whose impending release is ever nearer...

Even though they nearly got Scott Peterson what he deserved though -the death penalty- the prosecution team has to remain stoic now... Yep - they have no choice but to be modest in Modesto...! California has it in for charismatic criminals - not justice, after all... Liberated from a gag order that prevented them from discussing their investigation, police and prosecutors still must decline ''to offer any new evidence or theories on how Peterson carried out the slaying of his wife and unborn son.''
Even now...!
Sheesh- it's almost as if they were protecting the spotless image of a choir boy here... truly an aberration.
At least, in Homolka's case, we all know exactly what kind of monster she is... both she and the hubby, Paulie Bernardo... That hellacious couple, Kelly Ellard, Albert Walker and so many others all have that certain psychopathic profile in common with one another - and with Scott Peterson as well. So much can be said about the latter case, at least... All of these charming and charismatic individuals can bet they'll be having a grand ol' time behind bars - their charm does not seem to operate in that "cloistered world"... unlike what it seems to be able to accomplish in the gullible world at large!

People these days...
They'd frown upon the unshaved heart-of-gold but FLAT-OUT BROKE guy - but they'll welcome with open arms the sharply-dressed demon with nothing but poison running through his veins - but he's so cute!

Speaking of BROKE... listen to it now and open your hearts to its charms!

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Experts: Peterson Has Psychopath Traits Mar 19, 7:52 PM (ET)


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Every day of his six-month murder trial, Scott Peterson marched into the courtroom with his head held high. He smiled at his family, took his seat and paid close attention, often whispering to his lawyers or taking notes.

Given a chance to defend himself in the murders of his pregnant wife Laci and their unborn son, the slick, handsome salesman with the megawatt smile had nothing to say.

His demeanor seemed to infuriate jurors and many trial watchers, who came to see Peterson as a manipulative, pathological liar with a grandiose sense of self and an inability to empathize.

Experts say this absence of emotion is the hallmark of a psychopath.

"They don't have the internal psychological structure to feel and relate to other people," forensic psychologist Reid Meloy said. "Sometimes they can imitate it, so they can fool other people, but there will come a point when they can't maintain it."

The times Peterson did display emotion were rare. He winced and put his head down when prosecutors showed autopsy photos of his wife and their fetus. He wiped tears from his eyes as his mother pleaded with jurors to spare his life. He wept softly when his sister-in-law recounted the first time she met his slain wife.

But passionate, angry and accusatory outbursts from Laci's family members when he was sentenced to death Wednesday didn't appear to faze him.

Meloy said that fits with the inability of psychopaths to form truly intimate bonds with others.

Such an absence of heartfelt emotion "gives the psychopath the ability at times to kill without remorse and to kill for reasons filled with banality," he explained. "Others' emotions of grief and rage and fury are like water off a duck's back."

That apparent lack of emotion raised investigators' suspicions in the first place, police and prosecutors said Thursday when they gave their first news conference since the trial began.

"His major concerns weren't Laci at the beginning of this case," explained Modesto Detective Al Brocchini. "He is very calm, cool, nonchalant, polite, arrogant. He thinks he's smarter than everybody."

Peterson's half sister, Anne Bird, said she thought his behavior was strange when he lived with her family during the investigation of Laci's disappearance.

"He is the most empty person. Everything he does seems to have been copied from someone else," she said.

When she last visited Peterson at the San Mateo County Jail in January, he seemed in utter denial as he talked about getting out of prison and leading a quiet, simple life somewhere, she said.

"I was wondering if he really understood the extremity of the whole thing. I think he's very bright, but he's kind of soulless. He's very empty. Somehow he's been lost."

The jurors who attended the sentencing Wednesday said they, too, saw something wrong with Peterson from the beginning.

"Scott came in with a great big smile on his face, laughing. It was just another day in paradise for Scott. Another day he had to go through the motions," juror Mike Belmessieri said. "He's on his way home, Scott figures. Well, guess what, Scotty?"

Juror Richelle Nice interjected: "San Quentin is your new home."

Psychopaths need greater stimulation than most other people in order to feel anything, Meloy said.

That phenomenon struck Bird as particularly true in Peterson's case, recalling his description of a trip from a jail in Modesto to another in Redwood City, where his trial was held.

The trip "was a really big deal," Bird said. "There were blocked off streets, lights were going, it was really intense. He actually seemed excited about it. I thought, 'This is not something to be proud of. This is your life.'"

When Peterson arrived at California's death row at San Quentin State Prison early Thursday morning, he told a guard he was "too jazzed" to sleep.

"The most intense emotion he's derived through his whole trial was the excitement he received when he darkened the doors of San Quentin," Meloy said.
Paul throws in his two-cents worth - right into my inbox though... Too pressed for time or too darn lazy to take a few seconds to figure out how to post directly in here, the cheap bastard! *LOL* Yeah - we're good buddies!

"Hey maaan - they been all over them weirdo dudes all the time. Bundy was a ladies man - with his lame a$$ act. Dahmer had groupies. I forget who it was tho that was a serial killah and the dumb chick went in there and GOT MARRIED WITH HIM IN JAIL!!!!!!!!! It takes every kind i guess"

Well worded, man! Right on - dude!
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