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Monday, May 09, 2005

the best way to die...?

Celebrating a birthday - and I shall not tell whose "special day" it really was ; those who know me know when such a day was for luminous me... and that is bad enough as it is! *lol* - brings one to confront, when the festivities have calmed down, such concepts as... finality! And thus, it is quite ironic to find that someone has thought of pointing out at this time the existence of the following quiz - just when a birthday was indeed being celebrated in my vicinity / close circle...! Ahh... the ironies of life...!

The quiz's name brought to the fore a vague recalling of a not-so distant memory - a song that I remember to have found quite amusing upon hearing it - "the best way to die" (which is the lone claim to fame, as far as I am concerned, for a band of flashes-in-the-pan / diabolical young men collectively just barely renowned as ''jet set satellite''... Their song was only amusing to me because I would use my luminous imagination and apply its quirky tone and morbid form of humor to something else entirely - adapting it unto the wondrous world of... rasslin! What better way to go indeed than to die inside the ''squared circle'' - watched by millions while trading fake blows inside a rasslin ring...hmm? Wrestling that is... and since we are monday... the most monotonous night on television... lol! Doubly appropriate to mention it all here - don't you agree? But I am digressing - you would agree on that as well...).
Well... to get back to the quiz now... it certainly seems to be keen on finding each and everyone's best way to depart - complete with Poe-like soliloquy (not adaptable as eulogy material though). All in all, twelve "opportunities" for departing are repertoriated... some demises are less painful than others. Creepy no matter how you look at it though...! *lol*

For added thrills -or chills- check out a site I discovered a while back, - a hot link is supplied just underneath that tombstone there...

Too much of water hast thou, and therefore I
forbid my tears

How Am I Going To Die?
brought to you by Quizilla


The Death Clock Is Ticking

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