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Friday, May 20, 2005

broadway is hard up for ideas...

In lieu of actual "freakishness" this friday, how about some tiny silly little firecracker that will peter out as well in no time...? *lol*
For if Adam Sandler is about to be as inspirational for Broadway as Rogers and Hammerstein... we are surely near the end of the world, my friends...!

Drew of course went on to greener pastures (or is it... redder?) in her recent film with another SNL guy - Jimmy Fallon - a virtual clone of Sandler (with just as limited a register too... *lol*) who suddenly found his passion for the Red Sox... hmm... And while Drew was seen celebrating with Jimmy and the Red Sox as the latter won the World Series last fall, Adam Sandler felt the need to improvise himself quarterback material... To me though, he will always be THE WATERBOY. *lol*

He plays a mean golf round though - but it was really the Bruins jersey he wore that was empowering him all along! It's my theory and I am sticking to it...!

As for the Broadway rumor...
well - it seems NOT to be a rumor at all but a done deal... so... my conclusion is that it is no rumor at all either... Broadway really is dead.

R.I.P. Broadway

Sandler's 'Wedding Singer' headed to Broadway
Last Updated Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:52:46 EDT CBC Arts

NEW YORK - The goofy Adam Sandler film The Wedding Singer is being adapted into a Broadway musical.

The romantic comedy was both a celebration and send-up of the music, style and culture of the 1980s. It starred Saturday Night Live alumnus Sandler and actress Drew Barrymore.

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore accepted a People's Choice "best screen chemistry" award in January, for the film '50 First Dates,' their second romantic comedy together. (That alone must have inspired Broadway to give it a go - right?)

Broadway producer Margo Lion and New Line Cinema, who collaborated on the blockbuster musical Hairspray, are spearheading the project. The music is by Matthew Sklar, with lyrics by Chad Beguelin, who will write the book with Tim Herlihy, a former SNL writer who worked on screenplays for seven of Sandler's films.

Like Hairspray, the Wedding Singer musical will have its world debut in Seattle, where it will run for three weeks beginning Jan. 31, 2006 before heading to the Great White Way.

No casting has been announced for the stage show. It is scheduled to premiere at an as-yet-unnamed venue in New York in April 2006. Previews start in March.

Released in 1998, The Wedding Singer tells the story of Robbie Hart, played by Sandler. Hart begins as a charming and popular singer for wedding receptions, but becomes bitter when he is left at the altar by his fiancée. He eventually falls in love with Barrymore's character, kind-hearted waitress Julia Sullivan, and battles to prevent her marriage to another man.

The film – packed with the outrageous fashion, "what-were-they-thinking?" hairstyles and memorable music of the 1980s – became a box office hit. Sandler and Barrymore repeated their charismatic pairing last year when they reunited to star in another romantic comedy, 50 First Dates.
Yeah... the Wedding Singer worked up all that 80s nostalgia to its advantage all right... made up for all its other flaws...

Like so many other chaps, Sandler's stuff is like the same thing over and over again... Must be what finding his niche is.

One you didn't mention by name, but implied I think is Happy Gilmore!

I actually really like that movie. I have seen it several times.

The Wedding Singer as Broadway Play? Hmmmm? I dont' think I would go see it even if I had the money to! lol

I saw the movie but it isn't one I would want to see over again if I had a choice of other things to watch. lol

I love the theater arts but, some of them are just are not my thing.

One that I REALLY wish I could have seen before they killed it is CATS! I did tape it off of TV so got to see it, but I know it isn't the same as being there.

Sorry I kind of got off topic there for a bit.

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