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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Statistics Sundays 4 - another encore

Today's Big Cat Facts:
A cat of many names, the Puma is also known as the Cougar, Panther, Catamount or Mountain Lion.

The 36 species of the wild cat family are spread across most of the globe, excluding the continents of Antarctica and Australia and some island groups.

Though hunting and loss of habitat are severely decreasing their numbers, an estimated 3,000 to 7,000 snow leopards are left in the wild.

Ocelots spend morning hours camouflaged up in trees, where it is suspected that the white spots visible behind ocelots ears help cubs keep track of their parents and adults keep track of their mates.

In darkness, cats' eyes are able to function in approximately one-sixth of the light needed for human vision.

The five "Great Cats" within the classification "panthera" are: the lion, the tiger, the jaguar, the leopard, and the snow leopard.

Commercial poaching, a declining prey base due to over-hunting, and loss of habitat are the principal threats to the tiger.

Thanks Luciano,

I LOVE Big Cats! Tigers are my very favorite of the Big Cats, but I love them all!

Tigers are so majestic, powerful and regal! They are awesome animals!

Well all of God's creatures are awesome because he created them!

Tigers are cool ; but I will not enter a debate about "who is the greatest tiger" - the Esso Tiger or Tony the Tiger!!!

A bonus Big Cat Fact - tigers and jaguars are the only two such kitty cats that love to swim!
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