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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

two for tuesdays; the DeVill and the convicted Cardinal

A man with DeVil in his name rises the echelons in politics... while a clergyman (or man of the cloth, if you prefer) gets the book thrown at him in a court of earthly flawed law... hmpfff! Why isn't this surprising at all...?

DeVillers named parliamentary secretary to help promote healthier Canadians
13/05/2005 4:40:00 PM

OTTAWA (CP) - Paul DeVillers was appointed a parliamentary secretary Friday with the job of helping to make Canadians healthier.
"I have asked Mr. DeVillers to assist me with the advisability of co-ordinating the governments activities related to healthier Canadians through recreation, physical activity and sport," Prime Minister Paul Martin said in a release.
DeVillers will work with several other government ministers to encourage greater physical activity and healthier Canadians, the release said.
Sports groups applauded the move while the Opposition called it an attempt by the government to give DeVillers a higher profile to help him be re-elected.
Italian court convicts cardinal, Vatican Radio official in environmental case
09/05/2005 2:17:00 PM

ROME (AP) - A Rome court convicted a Vatican cardinal and a top Vatican Radio official Monday of polluting the environment with electromagnetic waves from a transmission tower, an official from Vatican Radio said.
Roberto Cardinal Tucci, former head of Vatican Radio's management committee, and Rev. Pasquale Borgomeo, the station's director general, were sentenced to 10 days in jail, said Rev. Federico Lombardi, the station's program director. The sentences for the two Jesuits were automatically suspended.
Lombardi said the defendants would appeal.
"We're stunned," Lombardi said in a telephone interview. "We contend that our transmission is in line with accords between Italy and the Vatican."
A third Vatican Radio official, the head of technical services, was acquitted.
Prosecutors alleged that the officials violated Italy's strict standards on electromagnetic emissions, saying that transmitting equipment in the Rome suburb of Cesano damaged the health of those living nearby.
The exact charge was "dangerous launching of objects" - referring to the electromagnetic waves reaching the town.
Cesano residents applauded the prosecutors as they left the courtroom. The prosecutors made no immediate comment.
"It is a great success and a great victory, for those people who have been suffering for years," said Lorenzo Parlati, head of the environment group Legambiente for the Lazio region, which was part of the civil suit.
"A mother whose child died of leukemia shouted out of emotion when the verdict was read out," he said.
Cristina Tabano, a lawyer from Codacons, a consumer group that joined in a civil suit attached to the trial, said she was satisfied the court found there was criminal responsibility.
Tabano said Cesano residents complained they could hear Vatican Radio broadcasts through their lamps because of electromagnetic disturbances.
The verdict was announced by Judge Luisa Martoni after about 30 minutes of deliberation.
Prosecutors had asked for 15-day sentences.
In 2002, a judge threw out the case, which had been brought by environmentalists, saying the Vatican officials enjoyed immunity under a 1929 treaty between the Holy See and Italy that established the Vatican as an independent city-state.
But Italy's supreme court later ruled that the Vatican Radio officials could be tried, and the case went ahead.
Tucci, an 84-year-old who is now retired, was made a cardinal in 2001 by the late Pope John Paul for his years of work in leading advance teams for the pontiff's many overseas pilgrimages.
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