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Monday, June 20, 2005

back with a vengeance

The Luminous Blog has stayed inactive long enough as it is - no, the author of the blog did not "do some time" nor did he bide his time voluntarily at all, really... Mere health concerns kept *this* blogger away from the "puter" - and it was not this blogger's own health that was concerning him either, but someone dear to him... proof that *this* blogger here genuinely cares...!

I care so much that, upon reading about the following piece of revolting news, the blood boiled again and the urge to denounce and blast straight out of the stratosphere came back... with a vengeance! Thus - here I am...!

Anyone else heard about what the proverbial "mad monk" of service did, apparently a mere few days ago...? In Romania, a very religiously devoted country - gorgeous place, even in the county of Transylvania and Wallachia, really... Alas, this latest mad monk has more in common with Vlad Tepes than with Rasputin... and he even had the assistance of a handful of nuns - the proverbial brides of Dracula?!? These weirdos only spilled blood though - they did not ingest it, vampire-style... at least. Still... their actions would have made Vlad The Impaler proud...

"Father Daniel Corogeanu and four nuns stand accused of having crucified until death 23 year-old Sister Irina, who, they claimed, was 'possessed of the devil'..."

Details remain sketchy regarding what truly happened - some claims state that Irina was a schizophrenic. Most denounce Danno there as barbaric... with good reason. Were those four nuns of the apocalypse really only jealous* of Irina...? My gut feeling is... yes! Anything is possible... One fact remains - it is oddities like this that make the world at large -the *atheistic* world at large- doubt and outright reject religion as a whole... For, it is a fact -Jack- that the world in general greatly lacks in discernment... But so did this wacko priest and the freaky foursome that followed his orders - twenty year-olds nowadays are far from being without flaws (they have actually never had so many, likely...!) but surely Sister Irina here did not deserve this...!
More gruesome details - in the comments section...


Crucifixion dans un monastère (19/06/2005)

Poursuites pénales contre un prêtre et quatre soeurs en Roumanie

BUCAREST Le parquet de Vaslui (nord-est de la Roumanie) a indiqué samedi avoir engagé des poursuites pénales contre le prêtre Daniel Corogeanu et quatre soeurs du monastère orthodoxe de Tanacu, à l'origine de la crucifixion d'une jeune religieuse morte mercredi dernier.

Les cinq religieux sont accusés de «séquestration ayant entraîné la mort» de soeur Irina, 23 ans, crucifiée pour être selon eux «possédée par le diable».

Vingt-quatre personnes, des religieuses du monastère de la Sainte-Trinité de Tanacu pour la plupart, ont jusqu'ici été entendues par les procureurs chargés de cette affaire.

Selon l'enquête, le 10 juin, le père Daniel, qui est le supérieur du monastère, aidé par quatre soeurs, aurait enfermé la jeune femme dans une petite pièce, les mains et les pieds liés, afin de «conjurer le mal».

Trois jours plus tard, alors que la religieuse «se manifestait violemment», ils décidèrent de l'enchaîner sur une croix et de la bâillonner.

Soeur Irina a été retrouvée morte trois jours plus tard.

Un porte-parole de l'Eglise orthodoxe a qualifié ce meurtre d' «abominable» et assuré qu '«une telle pratique barbare, sans précédent, n'a rien à voir avec la tradition et la spiritualité monacales».

L'évêché de Husi (nord), dont dépend le monastère de Tanacu, a pour sa part annoncé que le père Daniel serait «interdit d'officier», en attendant les résultats de l'enquête.

«S'il s'avère que le prêtre et les quatre soeurs sont coupables de la mort de la jeune femme, le monastère sera fermé», a indiqué le vicaire Corneliu Barladeanu.

Selon des témoignages, soeur Irina, qui avait rejoint le monastère il y a à peine trois mois, aurait été récemment soignée pour «schizophrénie» à l'hôpital de Vaslui.

Mais un responsable de la direction locale pour la protection de l'enfance, Ionel Bratianu, a assuré que la jeune femme, qui avait été élevée dans un orphelinat jusqu'à l'âge de 19 ans, était «en bonne santé et ne souffrait d'aucun trouble psychique».

© La Dernière Heure 2005
Nun dies after being chained and starved to death
by Otilia Haraga

Husi Bishopric yesterday started an investigation at the "Sfanta Treime" (Holy Trinity) Monastery in the village of Tanacu in Vaslui where a 23 year old nun died in terrible pain after being starved and chained for three days on a wooden cross, according to the Romanian Patriarchy. Representatives of the Husi bishopric yesterday left for the monastery to conduct the investigation. The results will be made public today. "What happened is regrettable," declared Father Costel Stoica, spokesman for the Romanian Patriarchy. The nun, Maricica Irina Cornici from the "Sfanta Treime" Monastery died on Wednesday evening after being imprisoned in a room by a priest, Petru Corogeanu, and four other nuns, Nicoleta Arcaleanu, 32, Adina Ciopraga, 20, Elena Otelea, 23, and Simona Bardanas, 21. Initially, the nun's limbs were tied with rope but, on June 13, as a result of her violent reactions, she was chained to a wooden cross and a towel was placed in her mouth as a gag. She was held on the cross in a shed for three days without food and died on the evening of June 15. An ambulance was called from Vaslui but when the doctors arrived, the nun was already dead. Her hands and legs had marks from the chains she had been tied with. The young woman also had injuries around the mouth because of the towel used to gag her. Doctors called police immediately. Father Corogeanu told investigators that he had been trying to drive away evil spirits from the nun's body.

The Bucharest Daily News


Father Corogeanu, by the way, has a definite more-than-passing resemblance with Rasputin... complemented with a red beard...!
Priest charged for crucifixion of nun
Monica Bonea

The Orthodox priest facing charges for ordering the crucifixion of a young nun because he thought she was possessed by the devil celebrated a funeral ceremony for his victim on Saturday.
Prosecutors said Saturday they had charged Father Daniel Corogeanu, 29, the superior of the Holy Trinity monastery, and four nuns with imprisonment leading to death, while religious authorities said he would be barred from celebrating the liturgy until the investigation had been completed. The monastery will also be shut if they are found guilty, the priest's superiors said. They asked for a psychiatric investigation on the priest and the four nuns. But the priest went ahead with a liturgy for the dead nun.
"God has performed a miracle for her. Finally Irina is delivered from evil," Corogeanu said. He insisted that from the religious point of view the crucifixion of Maricica Irina Cornici, 23, was "entirely justified," but admitted he faced excommunication as well as prosecution, and said he was seeking a "good lawyer."
Cornici was found dead on Wednesday, gagged and chained to a cross, after fellow nuns called an ambulance, according to police.
Vaslui Country Police said Daniel and four other nuns had claimed Cornici was possessed and should be exorcised.
Before being chained to the cross, she had been kept shut up for several days, with her hands and feet tied and without food or drink, he said.
The priest maintained he did the right thing, as they said prayers and performed religious ceremonies for three days to remove the bad spirits.
On Friday, Vicar-Bishop Corneliu Braileanu, who is in charge of the Holy Trinity monastery, was hit and cursed by the nuns defending Corogeanu. He said he had been sent by the Archbishopric to tell the priest he was banned from performing religious services, but that when he got there, two nuns tried to suffocate him. He was accompanied by gendarmes, but they did not succeed in calming the nuns. "I just had to go," he said.
Cornici had recently been treated for schizophrenia at the local hospital, but the chief of the local child welfare office, Ionel Bratianu, said the nun was "in good health and had not been suffering from any psychiatric trouble."
Cornici was raised in an orphanage until the age of 19, when she traveled to Germany to work as a nanny for a family of German doctors. After in-depth psychological and psychiatric tests, the German embassy had declared her suitable to take care of children, said Bratianu.


For a picture of redbeard here -
Glimmering Eyes / Red Beard
That is absolutely atrocious!!

I can't believe a Priest and nuns of today would actually do that!!

How can they even think that (the crucifixion of Maricica Irina Cornici, 23, was "entirely justified,")

I hope they all get the harshest judgment that can be given!!


Thanks for letting us know about this atrocious thing that has happened!!

I hope the health of your loved one is doing MUCH better!

Alas, this sort of tragedy is the exact sort of thing that convinces atheists to stay atheists... quite unfortunately! When it should never have that end result - the actions of one or a few fanatics who know not what they are even doing are not telling of all believers... much less of God and of The Truth!

My dear one is in the care of the Lord - as we all are, we who trust in Him - we shall all do fine then... indubitably! :)
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