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Saturday, June 11, 2005

the evolution of comedy...

And now, for no particular reason at all...
A sneak peek at my luminous thesis on comedic cinematography - its gems and its sour grapes... *lol*

"How could we go from THE DIRTY SHAME SALOON in 1948's Bob Hope routine little masterpiece "The Paleface" - straight to THE FILTHY WHORE HIGH SEAS FREIGHTER SHIP in that odd 1990s Chris Elliott vehicle that was supposed to make him a star; "Cabin Boy". Something must have gone horribly array in between these two... hmm?"

And I am saving today's crop of talent - the Adam Sandlers, Jim Carreys and Will Ferrells - for later... indubitably! ;)

I know who Bob Hope is, but do not know "The Paleface". I remember hearing about "Cabin Boy" a little bit, but don't remember what it was about.

I do know Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and have seen a lot of their movies!

Since you said they were for some other time, I will wait unitl then to say what I think of them.

I just don't remember facts like this, like you do!

your june12th post "revenge of the buttheads"; Why don't you tell us what you are really thinking ??
Wow, the power of angry thought
What... and give it all away... so soon... worse still - for free?!?

God did say that what we have received for free we shall give away for free... and the blog here sure did not cost me a dime - costing a lot of time though...!

Thing is, Mr Digger, I cannot possibly divulge what I am, as you put it, "really thinking"... not in one single blog post, not in a whole entire blog for that matter... what I can do, is give away parts of it, drop by drop... as they seem to be fitting in well with my daily struggles... There might not be enough room in the blog to fit ALL that I am thinking... I do have a lot on my mind... no wonder I have such headaches... *lol*

Thanks for stopping by - come again!
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