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Monday, June 06, 2005

fuming over smoking... grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nothing worse than people in the WRONG actually daring to complain... smokers, who basically commit suicide at the slowest rate of all AND one might argue commit MURDER too at the same rate - with their secondhand smoke being, in fact, noxious, poisonous and proven to be harmful by anybody with a brain...! But, of course, smokers are quite the brainless lot - aren't they?
Brainlessness breeds disrespectfulness - and to impede thy fellow man from breathing pure fresh air is truly people being totally disrespectful! It is, one could say, the most insidious form of aggression of all (as foolhardy, for kamikaze-like in essence - the smoker is harming himself first and foremost in that process). And there are smokers who think that they have "rights"... sure... our flawed judicial system gives rights to convicted murderers too...
It is just like I heard on CNN earlier today - a murderer is going to be set free... through some loophole in the system - seems like his rights were infringed upon - when he was rightfully found guilty of taking a woman's life - so he is going to be free! The most glaring loophole in the clean air topic is that PUBLIC PLACES are "protected"... and RESIDENCE BUILDINGS are NOT?!?!
Hmm... where does one breathe the most... home or wal-mart?!? LOL
The widespread practice of smoking in buildings exposes nonsmoking occupants to combustion by-products under conditions where airborne contaminant removal is slow and uncertain. Over the past two decades, medical science has shown that nonsmokers suffer many of the diseases of active smoking when they breathe secondhand smoke.
Secondhand smoke can aggravate sinusitis, rhinitis, cystic fibrosis ...
Another insidious crime that goes unpunished in today's blindfolded society - blind to many things, even when they are staring them in the whites of their eyes!
So, in the light of all this, to see smokers throw a fit over anything is simply... an aberration! Such as Bollywood filmmakers who have denounced an Indian government plan to all but ban smoking from movie and television screens - sheesh... does the Hindi James Bond (if they have one - I think they do) really have to smoke to be tough? What an insignificant as unworthy "cause" to clamor about... SHEESH!

Bollywood fumes over smoking ban in new movies, television: reports
01/06/2005 10:07:00 AM

NEW DELHI (AP) - Bollywood filmmakers have denounced an Indian government plan to all but ban smoking from movie and television screens from August, calling the health measures ridiculous, media reported Wednesday.

The government on Tuesday issued an ordinance that will ban smoking from all new Indian movies and television broadcasts from Aug. 1, the Press Trust of India reported. Older films and programs must display a health warning when a person who is smoking appears on the screen, it said.

The World Health Organization says tobacco claims five million lives a year, and according to government statistics more than 800,000 Indians die each year from smoking-related illness.

Nevertheless, some top filmmakers criticized the government decision as absurd.

"One would understand a ban on surrogate advertising, but to completely ban (smoking) is ridiculous, a joke taken too far," the Times of India quoted producer-director Mahesh Bhatt as saying.

Shyam Benegal, another filmmaker, said smoking was occasionally useful to illustrate a character's personality traits or emotions.

"It could be a style statement or an act of nervousness," Benegal told the newspaper. "The government should, instead, go after the source - the guys who produce tobacco and make tons of money."

One actor voiced concern that the ban indicated the government was leaning toward censoring Bollywood - the most prolific movie industry in the world.

"Tomorrow, the government can turn around and say don't show guns in movies as it will encourage violence," said Anupam Kher.

However, the chairwoman of the Indian Film Censor Board and a health expert welcomed the government decision.

"I don't think this ban will impinge on the creativity of filmmakers," Sharmila Tagore, the chairwoman of the Indian Film Censor Board, told the Times of India.

"It is a good thing. The youth of today get their feedback and mannerisms from the media. I think the ban ... will substantially reduce the initiation of tobacco habits among the youth," Ambika Rajvanshi, a health expert, told The Associated Press.
The new law also obliges manufacturers to display the tar and nicotine content on tobacco products, and the sale of tobacco products by anyone under the age of 18 and through vending machines will be banned. Indians must be over 18 to buy tobacco products.
I think it just stinks but that the FLOOR (if he/they live underneath you) or walls certainly act as a greater filter than the smoker's filter...!!! LOGICALLY...
But really now - damn smokers and druggies - why don't they all just DIE...!!!
Once dead, they won't pollute anymore...!!!

Don't worry, dear readers, they will eventually go away. After all, they are kiling themselves!
But they take too long to buy the farm!!! And, in the meantime, they contaminate others - innocent bystanders who only want to indulge in their GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO BREATHE FRESH AIR!!!

I could be just complaining about the stench, that's all... Smokers stink, first and foremost... they are, alas, ALSO walking talking deathbringers / deadmen - curse them all to hell!!!
Talk about zombies (and ironically zombie movies are making a mini-comeback this summer - the Madagascar critters & Star Wars hi-jinks have nothing to fear though - *lol*) - true-life zombies that crawl to the nearest convenience store to literally BURN THEIR MONEY on "smokes"... IT IS SO PATHETIC!
Living with one or close to one is hazardous in MANY WAYS... they could pass out and one lit cigarette is all it takes to... fooooosh!!! (Or is the correct onomatopeia... fooooom? *lol* Ask the Human Torch this summer - burning life's candle at both ends in theaters near you soon too! *LOL*).
If you live in an apartment, a place where smoking is not permitted in the building is HEAVEN ON EARTH... some places do ask for NON-SMOKING TENANTS ONLY... and they are not even officially "non-smoking" buildings either! The problem remains that the so-called LAW does not cover such buildings - and it SHOULD! An overzealous, utterly evil landlord asks for ANYBODY WILLING TO PAY HIS PRICE as sole criteria for acceptance into the building and, soon enough, thou will have the scum of the earth living nextdoor to thee... and the scum of the earth is CHAINSMOKING SCUM.

To clear themselves of any wrong-doing (much less than to clear their conscience - they usually have none) the damn ELLs (no relation to the Hells... Evil LandLords *LOL*) put in a makeshift, cheapo, improvised "ventilation system"... they simply perforate holes in everyone's bathroom and put in a grid over it!!! It's more like a primitive intercom system than a ventilating one ultimately...!!! Usually, you can hear what they SAY downstairs and nextdoor through it... For one fact remains - AN ELL, on top of being a jerk of course, IS A NITWIT!!!

MORE FACTS remain:
Secondhand smoke can aggravate sinusitis, rhinitis, cystic fibrosis ...

The widespread practice of smoking in buildings exposes nonsmoking occupants to combustion by-products under conditions where airborne contaminant removal is slow and uncertain. Over the past two decades, medical science has shown that nonsmokers suffer many of the diseases of active smoking when they breathe secondhand smoke.

Smokers must have voted on those laws!

Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 1992 report, Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders. This report reviewed 30 epidemiological studies on passive smoking and lung cancer, 24 of which showed positive associations. The EPA classified ETS as a known ("Class A") human carcinogen and calculated that it contributes to approximately 3,000 deaths each year in the United States among nonsmokers. The report also documented causal associations between ETS and lower respiratory tract infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis), otitis media (middle ear disease), and exacerbation of asthma in children.Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, which comprehensively covered studies conducted following the EPA's report. The CalEPA report confirmed the EPA's findings on the links between ETS, lung cancer, and respiratory disease, and also found causal association with heart disease, retardation of fetal growth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and nasal sinus cancer.

Most leases contain a "nuisance clause" (not the santa clause - no) that prohibits tenants from engaging in any activity that interferes with another tenant's peace and well-being... that's right, PROHIBITS
Typically, it is designed to protect tenants from loud music, noxious odors, noisy late-night parties, etc. Arguably, it also includes protection from undue exposure to secondhand smoke... but... get this... THE RECORD OF RESOLVING SUCH CONFLICTS IN THE COURTS IS SOMEWHAT MIXED THOUGH!!! Why am I not unduly surprised by this sad track record...? "Courts have ruled for and against nonsmokers in individual cases
But faithful readers of the luminous blog knew that already - LORD KNOWS I REPEAT IT OFTEN ENOUGH!!!

Assessing the means by which individuals are exposed to ETS and the rates at which they are exposed is a complex task. By definition, ETS is diluted in air, and in any given environment will likely vary in concentration from barely detectable levels to levels nearly as high as those experienced by active smokers.
The amount of smoke one may be exposed to in a microenvironment varies with length of exposure, the number of cigarettes being smoked, the ventilation system in the building, and the adsorptive qualities of structural components, draperies, and furniture... and FLOORS and walls...?

Some smokers adopt the attitude that no one can tell them what to do in their own homes. (PROVING THAT SMOKERS HAVE LOW I.Qs...!!!) In such cases, you may need to point out that their lease or condominium agreement contains covenants, conditions, or terms prohibiting persons living in the building from engaging in behaviors that unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of another (assuming such a nuisance clause does, in fact, exist).

Let the smoker know that you are willing, if necessary, to restrict or outright prohibit smoking in the building if he or she cannot voluntarily solve the problem.
Alas, these are not laws - these would be rules established by a DECENT LANDLORD...
which, clearly, the ELLs of this world are NOT - clearly many of those bastards should have NEVER been ALLOWED - given the RIGHT - to purchase leasing/rental property

Selfish little weasels that just want the money and care not about anyone but themselves - they only want to enrich themselves and are going straight to HELL - where they belong!!! Hey - many are themselves smokers - they'll LOVE it down there... *LOL*

And, if none of the other neighbors complain about the smoke, noise, etc... if you are alone in the "troublemakers" category... complaining about health concerns is "making trouble" only in the opinion of IDIOTS - so... KEEP COMPLAINING!

They make your life stink - give them all the strife for it that they bargained for!
Way to go Luciano!!

Give those Smoking Deadly Defilers of Clean Air HELL!!

The ELL's who asks ANYBODY WILLING TO PAY HIS PRICE to live in the building (smokers & druggies) can just go ROT in their own filth
(Somewhere else of corse)! We don't want his vial rotting corpe to more contaminate the living enviroment!

For all the smokers out there that think they are harming NOBODY with their smoking, Think again! Use whatever brain cells you have left and read about the subject! You are killing yourself and everyone else around you! That includes your family, pets & neighbors too!

Is it not bad enough that you pollute your own lungs with your Deadly cigarette smoke? Do you have to pollute the air in the apartment building with your filth?

Death will come for you! He will not let it be a quick and painless Death either! He will cause you to suffer greatly before he lets you die! If you continue smoking you will inflict the same fate on others as you do on yourself! Stop Smoking NOW or you will Die a slow and painful death!

Thanks for posting this topic Luciano! It is something that really needs to be addressed!

And thanks for the exuberantly enthusiastic commentary there, Countess...

Now... I also got the opposite... from smokers! Some surprising bits too... well... I cannot agree with the "it's a free country/world" routine - although we do live in a society willing to accept different shades of grey (ever more so - although not quite fully yet) ultimately there are only two things - right and wrong.

READ - smokers... not necessarily what follows, but what is printed ON EVERY PACK OF CIGARETTES THAT YOU BUY AND SMOKE... More than one health advisory there - and with stunning visuals too! Seeing is believing for some people (alas, for the majority) and so... some pics show you what smoking can do and is slowly doing to your lungs... gums... mouth... your whole respiratory system! You want to die a slow and painful death? Your choice... just don't force your fellow man or woman... your LOVED ONES... to share in that IF they are not smokers and are innocent bystanders subjected to your secondhand AIR POLLUTANT...

A pleasure... "one of life's only pleasures"... some will say of smoking... SMOKING?!? Naaaah - that cannot be a "pleasure" - if it is, it is one that is beyond rhyme or reason! And beyond defending as well...

I am open to INTELLIGENT ARGUMENTATION... alas, smokers seem to be none too bright (must be why they light up all the time - to compensate?). Alas, also, the doctor I invited to comment has not responded to my invite (must be... to alleviate the heavy subject?). In any case... following is the BEST comment I received in my mailbox... from... anonymous!
My mother was a smoker for 41 years-smoked a pack and a half a day and always claimed that no one could ever tell her what she could do in HER OWN HOUSE.

Then six years ago-she ended up with small celled lung cancer-(the most deadliest of lung cancers-I do believe). When she found out that she had only a 20% chance of making it, she quit that day. Now six years later, she is now still alive-(though not healthy), I am VERY thankful that she has made it that long, and has NOT picked up a cigarette since! The doctor had told her when she was going through the Chemotherapy, that if she made it past five years-cancer free, then she had a GOOD chance of not getting that type of cancer ever again. This type of cancer also has a chance of attacking the brain, too.

My sisters have been smokers, too. My middle sister has quit, because my young nephew looked at her and said, "Please don't smoke anymore, because I don't want you to end up like Ma, and I don't want you to die...I want my mother around!"

I have been breathing cigarette smoke in ALL of my life, somehow, someway. I, myself, have even dabbled with the smokes, too, but quit each and every time because I never liked the feeling that it left in my throat. When my mother smelled the cigarette smoke on me...she gave me a LONG lecture and told me I was STUPID for trying.

I have always had a HIGH tolerance for cigarette never bothered me when someone would light up in front of me, unless the smoke went directly in my face...then I would complain. It was just the way I was brought up.

When one is SO use to something, they don't stop to realize how destructive a personal habit can be. One is very unobservant to the distinct details of it.

When I was a young child-about the age of 5, I had Bronchitis for about 17 days! I wouldn't doubt that it was due to the cigarette smoke.

My other nieces that were the children to my oldest sister lived in an apartment where EVERYBODY SMOKED-except one niece...and they all had really bad coughs from time to time and I do believe there was also problems with Bronchitis.

My middle sister smoked when she was pregnant with both my niece and nephew. My nephew had ear problems when he was a baby and now he suffers from ADHD, which, I wouldn't doubt was probably caused from the smoking...and my niece had short term memory problems...and I wonder if the smoking might have caused her memory problems. Everytime I bring it up to my sister, she denies it, and always says,"Mom smoked when she was pregnant with all three of us...and we came out I don't think my smoking had any effect on my children." I am not saying that it did...but one NEVER COULD HAVE!

So're argument is VERY CLEAR in this post. One who has not smoked-and has no tolerance for any of it-can see the distinct details as to the destruction that it causes for the
whole of humanity well beyond someone like me, that has too much tolerance for it, is so use to it, and doesn't really stop to think of all harm it causes. Your post has shed LIGHT on me today.

Personally...I am glad to be breathing in fresh air, finally!


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