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Sunday, June 26, 2005

hmm... off-kilter logic there... could be dangerous

I know, I know - I just added these automatic quotes of the day to the blog, so I should be grateful and not nitpick... right?
But really now - it takes not much at all for any two-bit numbskull out there to misread and misuse the "wisdom" behind this "Nature Quote of the Day" here -
"If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads." - Anatole France (...).
I can see neophyte nilly willy boyscouts voluntarily get lost in the woods now, because, "hey - the path was beautiful...!". The message seems to be to let oneself go with mere appearances... and those are almost always deceiving! In this day and age especially, one cannot be so easily duped (an easy example is... a guy walks in downtown Montreal and sees this beauteous vestal virgin-like blonde, hounded by mean old haggard-looking old bags and other assorted hecklers... He could be tempted to play the hero and save her... take her some place safe where he can collect the fruits / rewards of his heroic deed... and then he finds out that... oops, it's Karla Homolka! *lol* (I hope you saw that one coming... really, if you did not... sheesh! Wake up!!!).
Anyway... Anatoles don't seem an all-too - ah - practical lot... do they?
I still remember the role of a lifetime for one Quebec-born "comedian" (they don't have actors up there - they have comedians... fitting because their causes and, as I succintly recapped recently, history are total utter and complete jokes - but I digress...) - the illustrious Gaston Lepage. Gaston's most famous role, arguably, would be his breakthrough role - that of Anatole Brilliant, in the short-lived made in Quebec (a symbol of un-excellence) "Les Brilliants" (think The Munsters without any make up, Universal Monster references, budget or pizazz really...). His schtick was that he wasn't all there, and neither was most of his family... (in retrospect, they really owed a whole lot more to Green Acres than any other show really... but, again, with less of every key ingredient...!).
All this to say... if my theory is correct... a first name tells a lot - many women wait to see their newborns to actually make the decision; "oh... I recant that - he doesn't look like an Alec - more like a Sean!". First names determine a little or a lot of what we are (look at me, Luciano! *lol*) - and so, all Anatoles seem to be plagued with ill-advised thought patterns... And don't get me started now on Georges... Larrys... Pauls!!! *LOL* Yes... I got all that from a single moment of disagreement with the basic philosophy behind that Anatole France quote! Sometimes I astound even myself... *lol*

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