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Sunday, June 26, 2005

the homolka watch

What a surprise - I am not the only one pondering what might happen when a bonafide monster walks among us... Not that we don't have many murderous monsters already among us (they are NOT all behind bars, you know...!) - but this one is a celebrity murderous monster! She warrants special attention...! Lone problem really is... the stiff competition! There are a whole lot more would-be / self-proclaimed justice doers than we think out there... and, since the Law fails so very often to properly deliver justice (they seem more inclined towards protecting the guilty parties than the innocent victims!) it is only normal that many out there see themselves, idealistically, meting out that much deserved and sought for Justice with a capital "J"...!
Thus, to hear of single moms and their like speaking in no uncertain terms of how they'd like to be the ones that "do her in" upon her release... and to hear that people have been placing bets on how long Karla Homolka will in fact LAST after her release (the general consensus is - no more than 6 months. Merry Christmas Karla - this year you will definitely be getting a gift you will NOT like...) - well, none of it is too overtly surprising one bit, really...!
To me, what is surprising is that Karla found some FEMALE legal representation (then again... naaaaah!). And, the single most surprising thing of all is that she is getting released at all - crimes of that order used to lead to only two options; lifetime imprisonment or the death sentence. Hey, even crappy Canada actually put to death a notorious female offender once - the matron who martyred to death the poor little girl named Aurore... but that was a while ago.

Authorities concerned for Homolka's safety amid crush of Internet chatter - GREG BONNELL - Sun Jun 12, 3:15 PM ET

TORONTO (CP) - The explosion of Karla Homolka-related chatter on the Internet has police and corrections officials beefing up security as the schoolgirl killer's prison term draws to a close. A much publicized online death pool may be gone, but speculation on vigilante action against Homolka has found its way onto the most unlikely of cyber places - websites ostensibly dedicated to weddings, rock bands and babies.

"I give it max six mth's (sic) before someone puts a bullet between her eyes," reads chat forum participant Margherita's offering to the ongoing discussion of Homolka at

"If I saw her walking down the street, I would pitch whatever is near right at her head."

Surf to for an equally vengeful take on Homolka's release.

"Hopefully she will have a little 'accident' upon her release," reads a posting by Bunnie.

Web chatters who frequent a site dedicated to Canadian rock band Blue Rodeo are equally pessimistic about Homolka's chances once released.

"People like her get their just desserts sooner or later, if you know what I mean," reads Bluegirl's posting.

Homolka's release from prison, which could come anytime between June 30 and July 4, follows a 12-year manslaughter sentence for the rape and torture deaths of two Ontario teens. The crush of attention Homolka has received prompted Corrections Canada to request police assist in her release.

"All the media attention and the public attention on the Internet, those two things together are certainly taken into consideration in our decision to request police assistance," said spokeswoman Michele Pilon-Santilli.

Security has already been tightened at Saint-Anne-des-Plaines, the prison just north of Montreal where she was recently moved. Tensions will undoubtedly run high the day Homolka is set free.

"Police assistance is for anyone who is in the area, our staff and the offender. For the protection of all," said Pilon-Santilli.

That protection is welcome given that threats against Homolka's life continue to come to the attention of Corrections Canada, said her lawyer Sylvie Bordelais.

"I'm really happy that they're doing so," Bordelais said of the security measures.

"As (would) anyone else, I would be concerned if I was receiving threats."

One website that no longer harbours messages of ill-will toward Homolka is Collecting bets for several years on when Homolka would be murdered, the site recently closed after its creator left Canada to study abroad.

The death pool's demise hasn't extinguished the desire to make public the palpable fear and loathing felt toward Canada's most notorious female offender.

"I have no doubt whatsoever that she'll be dead at the hands of some vigilante," Nancy C. of Brockville, Ont., writes in her web log. "Hell, if I didn't have to stick around to protect my own daughter . . . I'd be more than happy to do her in myself."

While online threats like that can't be ignored, police say the real danger to Homolka will likely come from those who aren't making public declarations of hatred.

"You can't ignore those, I'm certainly not saying that," Insp. Brian Eckhardt of the Niagara Regional Police Service said of the web chatter. Still, a tip that someone was quietly planning Homolka's death would garner more police attention than threats made on the Internet.

"Do we need to look at both of them? Absolutely. Which one scares me more? The information I'm getting on the side."

Angry talk directed at Homolka in cyberspace should be given the same weight as conversations one might overhear in public, said Mark Federman of the media studies McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto.

"People are chattering on the net just the same way that they'd chatter in their neighbourhood," he said.

"All of this chatter where people might say, 'Oh I'm just kidding,' it's the same sort of chatter that you might say to your buddy in the bar, or in the park, or around the office cooler."

Chat groups that have been home to messages of devotion for Homolka are finding fewer supporters as her release approaches. One exception was a recent invitation from a man bidding Homolka to visit him. The sincere sounding posting even included a phone number.

When reached for comment, the Hamilton, Ont., man sheepishly admitted he was a little drunk when he made the proposal, and was adamant he harbours no affection for Homolka.
Stomachs will be made upset by what follows - as by that movie that is coming out soon on the Kreepy one - Karla...!

Before "Hollywood Homolka" (and "Bombastic Bernardo" - first name... Paul! What-a-coincidence...) terrorize moviegoers though... the truth behind what puts the "homo" in Homolka... hmm?!?


Karla's former lover speaks out
Karla Homolka's ex-lover Lynda Veronneau warns that Homolka is a master manipulator, in an exclusive interview with CTV's Jennifer Tryon.

"I want to show the people who she is, that woman," she says in broken English. "… and I think I am the only person to know how she is."

Veronneau and Homolka were involved in a relationship for almost four years. It began in 1998 while both were incarcerated in Joliette Institution in Quebec. Homolka ended the affair in 2001 after Veronneau had been released.

Karla Homolka's ex-lover Lynda Veronneau warns that Homolka is a master manipulator

They first met in the cafeteria, then later shared a prison condo. When Veronneau found out about Homolka's past with Paul Bernardo, she says was already in love.

Homolka told Veronneau she was a victim in the brutal murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

"I always felt she was the victim in this because she's very good at saying she's the victim," she says in French.

But Veronneau says she no longer believes Homolka's claim. Veronneau says that Homolka received a plea bargain, resulting in a 12-year sentence, by "saying she's the victim."

She also says the public is right in its anger at the so-called "deal with the devil," which enabled Homolka to avoid the same life-sentence as her husband.

"They're right," Veronneau says. "And she knows. She knows that the public hates her because of that. Because she got 12 years for what she did, and they're right."

Asked if Homolka cares about the public's opinion, Veronneau responds: "She's scared."

After Veronneau was released from prison, Homolka fell in love with another inmate -- the convicted killer and French national Jean-Paul Gerbet.

"She could have been with a plumber, with a taxi driver," Veronneau says in French. "Anything, but not another killer."

Veronneau is unsure if Homolka will be a danger to society when she is released, but believes if she does commit a crime it will be through manipulation.

Pat Brown, an investigative criminal profiler, told CTV's Mike Duffy she has no doubt Homolka will re-offend when she is released.

"I hope we just keep a real watchful eye on her, because she will re-offend if she can," she said Thursday during CTV Newsnet's Countdown: with Mike Duffy. "She's a psychopathic, pathological liar, and she's a serial killer and will be until the day she dies."

Stephen Williams, author of Karla: A Pact with the Devil, disagrees. As one of the few journalists who has been in contact with Homolka, he believes she is not a serial killer.

"The psychiatrists have, over the years, evaluated Karla and come to certain conclusions, most of which don't agree with Ms. Brown's opinions," he said.

Both Brown and Williams find it difficult to believe what Veronneau says about Homolka.

"Frankly, Lynda Veronneau is a career criminal with a record longer than her entwined arms and legs," Williams told Duffy. "To be perfectly blunt, I'd believe what Karla said before I'd believe what Lynda Veronneau said."

Veronneau says she has much more to tell the public about Homolka, and is currently writing a book about her ex-girlfriend.

Based on a report by Jennifer Tryon of CTV's Montreal affiliate, CFCF News
You give this thing that calls herself a woman and thinks of herself as a human too much attention and that is what she wants the more people read about her the more they will go to the movie that some sick mind thought was a good story. Karla Homolka is evil in it's purest form straight from hell and may she end up there and rot.To allow her to profit off of a movie shouldn't be allowed and maybe when you said crappy Canda that is one of the biggest reasons to think of Canada that way. Your information is eye opening to those who don't know what happened,i just hate that is woman is new worthy.
You give this thing that calls herself a woman and thinks of herself as a human too much attention and that is what she wants the more people read about her the more they will go to the movie that some sick mind thought was a good story. Karla Homolka is evil in it's purest form straight from hell and may she end up there and rot.To allow her to profit off of a movie shouldn't be allowed and maybe when you said crappy Canda that is one of the biggest reasons to think of Canada that way. Your information is eye opening to those who don't know what happened,i just hate that is woman is new worthy.

I hope she does not go anywhere near the area you live in!!

I am not afraid of death, but she surly should be.

Hell is what she has to look forward to when she dies!!

That is just what she deserves too!
She does not deserve ANY Mercy!

Homolka seeks protection from media, public News Staff

Anticipating her imminent release, Canada's most notorious female criminal is seeking a sweeping court injunction to silence discussion of her life outside of prison.

Convicted in the early 1990s of manslaughter in the sex slayings of teenagers Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, Karla Homolka is at the end of her 12-year sentence.

With her release expected within days Homolka, is petitioning a Quebec Superior Court to impose a ban that would prevent the media from photographing or contacting her.

In an affidavit, Homolka claims that written and verbal threats, including Internet death pools, have her living in constant fear of a vengeful public and the media that informs it.

"I, Karla Teale," she writes under her new legal name, "have been living in a climate of hate and vengeance for the last 12 years."

"Given the events that happened during my incarceration and the interest surrounding my release, I am convinced that some individuals wish to render a public service by assassinating me."

In order to live her post-prison life as anonymously as possible, she is seeking a wide-ranging injunction that would prevent media from photographing her and from trying to obtain any information about her, including her address, her telephone number, her movements and her relationships.

It would also cover any such information published online.

The intention, according to the motion, is to protect her "basic rights under the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Quebec Civil Code."

"As far as I know, nothing has been done to safeguard my security after my release from prison, and the thought of being relentlessly pursued, hunted down and followed when I won't have any protection makes me fear for my life," Homolka wrote in the accompanying affidavit.

Mark Banty, who will argue against the motion on behalf of several media outlets on Wednesday, believes the request is far too broad.

"The order aims not only at the media, but the public in general," he told Canada AM in an interview from Montreal.

"Any member of the public who is aware of the order would be forbidden from discussing her case or inquiring about her in any way."

That, Banty said, simply isn't justified.

"If she requires protection, then she should address herself to police or to the correctional services, it doesn't mean that she's entitled to a sweeping publication ban."

Another of the proposed ban's major shortcomings, Banty added, is that it would only be valid in Canada.

"The American media would be free to discuss her case ... and that inevitably would seep into Canada. Therefore any order that she seeks, I think, would be useless."

But prisoner's rights activist Jean-Claude Bernheim still sees merit in such a ban, because he believes intense media coverage could drive Homolka underground -- further frustrating the public.

"If the spotlight is on her she could be more dangerous than if she's in a private situation," Bernheim told CTV News.

Homolka's father, Karel, has said his daughter plans to settle somewhere in the Montreal area.

Homolka reportedly hopes that by living in Quebec, where her case received less intense coverage and experts say attitudes towards convicted criminals are softer, she might be able to disappear from the public view and avoid harassment.
She is "convinced that some individuals wish to render a public service by assassinating..." her?

What service would that be really... she is evil alright - but there are SO MANY MORE just like her out there... male and female... and no one has any idea what they really are under their run-of-the-mill "normal" appearances...

Thus, assassinating ONE of them... is really not much of a service at all, now is it?
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