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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

wednesday weirdness version 5.0

More Bollywood bull today - their movie makers oppose the ban of smoking in their crappy wastes of celluloid... mayhaps the Indian government was inspired by their local frankensteinish eye doctors who called for a ban too - the ban of a movie that gives a bad rep to their repulsive cornea transplant business! DONORS and patients alike are apparently scared away from collaborating with the docs by a movie starring "Bollywood bombshell Urmila Matondkar" (a new age version of Ursula Andress...?) in which the heroine starts seeing ghosts AFTER a cornea transplant... Instant sixth sense... an interesting bonus to the transplant, if you ask ME... but then, that is just me - such a smart consumer, I always get more bang for my buck... more stuff for my hardly-earned cash... *lol* But I digress...

In other weird news...
* the Chinese fight corruption all the way to the bedroom...!
* speaking of crappy wastes of celluloid... and the Palme Dog goes to...
* a lawyer shows off his true colors... (at least one of them is honest - sort of)
* and... police busts... and busts up Brazil real estate in the process too!

Eye doctors see red over spooky movie - May 20, 1:18 PM (ET)

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian eye doctors have asked a court to ban a movie in which the heroine sees ghosts after a cornea transplant, saying it will scare off donors and patients.

The All India Ophthalmological Society complained to Delhi's high court that the movie "Naina" (Eyes), starring Bollywood bombshell Urmila Matondkar, would reinforce myths about cornea transplants, The Times of India said Friday.

"This movie could create a fear psychosis among cornea recipients and their relatives as well as among potential eye donors," ophthalmologist Navin Sakhuja told Reuters.

Would-be donors could be frightened off, afraid their eyes would "live on after they are dead," said Sakhuja, a member of the society. "We have a huge backlog of people, particularly children, waiting to get new corneas. This movie adds to misconceptions and could hurt efforts to get them those corneas."

Naina's director says the heroine's visions after the transplant following 20 years of blindness are caused by what the donor had seen and experienced in life.

"If such objections are taken into account, no horror film will ever be made," the Times quoted Shripal Morakhia saying.

The court is due to hear the case Wednesday, but the movie was released nationally Friday. India needs 40,000-50,000 corneas a year but only 15,000 are donated.

Hindus believe in reincarnation and that what they do and how they behave in this life affects the next. Doctors say some people fear they will be reborn blind if they give up their eyes.
Fight against graft goes after bedroom hanky-panky - May 20, 1:21 PM (ET)

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese city has taken its fight on corruption to the bedroom, ordering officials to own up to extramarital affairs in the hope of keeping public money out of the hands of mistresses, Xinhua news agency reported.

China has tried assorted checks and balances to curb corruption which has returned alongside market reforms after being virtually wiped out when the Communist Party swept to power in 1949.

"Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, issued a regulation in May requiring officials to report their extramarital affairs, with a belief that the stipulation could curb corruption," Xinhua said in an overnight report.

Some 95 percent of convicted corrupt officials in China had mistresses, it said without elaborating.

"In south China's economic-booming cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, all the officials involved in the 102 corruption cases investigated in 1999 had mistresses," it said.

Legal scholars have criticized the Nanjing regulation, which also gives the government permission to interfere in outside relationships that affect "officials' family stability," for infringing on privacy and for being nearly impossible to enforce, the agency said.

"No one is willing to voluntarily speak out about their extramarital affairs," law researcher Mo Jihong was quoted as saying.

China's leaders have warned chronic corruption could topple the Communist Party, which has controlled the world's most populous nation for more than 50 years.

Almost 870,000 officials were indicted for corruption in 2004.

"Although arguments exist, one fact is undeniable," Xinhua said of the Nanjing regulation. "The Chinese government and academic society are being more innovative than ever before in the field of creating new ways to prevent and control corruption."
'And the Palm Dog goes to...' - May 20, 1:29 PM (ET) By Mike Collett-White

CANNES, France (Reuters) - Forget the Palme d'Or, at least for now.

On the eve of the climax of the Cannes Film Festival, which wraps up Saturday with the award of the coveted Golden Palm, another little piece of cinema history was made.

Away from the bitchy, star-obsessed world of the human red carpet, a small, black and white Mongolian shepherd dog, its name unknown, picked up the Palm Dog, arguably the movie industry's highest accolade for canine cast members.

"Dogito Ergo Sum," the prize's motto reads.

Jury member James Christopher told reporters at the British film tent off the famed Croisette waterfront that the choice had been a difficult one.

"This has been an extremely difficult year for all of us, emotionally as well as everything else," he said Friday.

"We had a serious argument about whether the Palm Dog could have been stolen by a lemming at one stage."

He was referring to competition film "Lemming," in which a lemming gets caught in the pipes below the kitchen sink.

The winner, who appeared in Mongolian film "The Cave of the Yellow Dog," was not in Cannes to receive the award, but Wolfram Skowronnek Schaer, a German involved in selling the film, picked it up on its behalf.

"I hope the dog is still alive," he said. "He is in Mongolia and we will do our best to bring this to him."

Harry, a small dog and president of the jury, posed for the paparazzi on the beach, digging the Palm Dog from the sand.

"There were a lot of dogs at Cannes this year," said Derek Malcolm, another jury member. "I stepped on one on my way back to the hotel last night."

Juror Hamish McAlpine accused Palm Dog host Toby Rose of trying to influence the panel's decision.

"The stress, the hassle I've had trying to prevent Toby's dog Mutley being awarded the prize this year," he said.

"He has bullied us ... and we've had to pay for our own drinks and never again will I be on the jury, unless, of course, Toby asks me back next year."

Honourable mentions this year went to a West Highland terrier in "Greyfriars Bobby," and canine actors in competition films "Broken Flowers" and "Don't Come Knocking."


Canine actors... of course...
Lawyer leads double life as porn star - May 20, 1:16 PM (ET) By Gina Keating
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When his mother found out what porn star Ron Miller does for a living, she was heartbroken. She never wanted him to be a criminal defense lawyer.

"My mother cried a lot about that," Miller said recently between appearances defending accused felons at a Los Angeles courthouse. She had hoped he would be a high-rolling civil litigator,

Miller, who appears in adult videos as "Don Hollywood," has carved out a special niche of notoriety on the fringe of Hollywood's dream factory. In a town where many long to quit their day jobs for the glamour of a career in entertainment, he has managed a unique dual track: litigator and porn star.

Miller makes his rounds at the Van Nuys courthouse three days a week with a certain extravagance of manner and a diamond ear stud that set him apart from the rumpled lawyers with whom he has shared a counsel table for the past 30 years.

At a recent court appearance, he sported a black pinstriped suit and crocodile-skin cowboy boots, with case files under his arm and a defender's zeal in his heavy-lidded blue eyes.

Most of Miller's legal colleagues know about his other job. The one that sometimes sees the 56-year-old sharing a massage table with a porn starlet and cooing: "You're working on a 'get out of jail free' card," as the cameras roll.

But aside from knowing looks or good-natured jokes, Miller said his eight-year adult film career has drawn no objection from clients, colleagues or the California bar association.

"There are just some places I don't want to go," Deputy District Attorney Ann Marie Wise said when asked about her opponent's avocation at a recent court hearing.

Ellen R. Peck, an Escondido, California lawyer who specializes in ethics, said state rules would not bar Miller from his second career. "As long as it's legal to engage in it, I can't think of anything unethical about it," Peck said.


Miller got his break after arranging for his then-girlfriend to shoot a scene in the porn industry.

"We did the scene together and I wore a ski mask to try to remain anonymous, but at the end of the scene the director ripped the mask off, and the lawyer was out of the bag, so to speak," he said.

His girlfriend liked the experience so much that she quit her job as an accountant for rock bands and embraced "the lifestyle" as porn actress Brooke Hunter.

"From there Brooke started getting a fair amount of work, and around the third or fourth scene offers started coming my way," Miller said. "Her career took off and mine was off and running."

The couple married three years ago and now jointly host a show on Internet radio and produce a law-themed porn series.

They also film two 20-minute sex scenes each week for their Web sites -- his is, hers is unprintable in most newspapers -- at their ranch-style home in a secluded canyon of the San Fernando Valley, the heart of America's thriving porn industry.

On his Web site, Miller transforms from a groovy but respectable middle-aged lawyer to the slightly menacing, cigar-smoking swinger, Don Hollywood.

One of his favorite scenarios is the young damsel in distress who comes to Don Hollywood for legal advice and ends up surrendering her virtue to pay for his services.

Except the services he provides in his films are not exactly court-ordered.


At a recent shoot at his home, Miller smoked a cigar and padded around his home barefoot, working out dialogue for the upcoming scene with Hunter as two crew members set up lights and a camera.

"This is as stressful as court except I feel more in control in court," Miller said.

Guest star Julie Night entered looking sleepy and complained about a long shoot from the previous day.

After Night and Hunter film a lengthy scene that featured a range of props, it's Don Hollywood's turn.

He stepped in front of the camera, smoothly shed his clothes to reveal a toned but decidedly middle-aged body, and imperiously eyed the naked women sprawled before him.

"Come and get a full measure of justice from this dirty old lawyer," he purred.
Police demolish homes by mistake - May 20, 1:19 PM (ET)

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Baghdad, Iraq, might be accustomed to seeing houses destroyed. But villagers in Baghdad, Brazil, were surprised and angry when police demolished 100 of their homes -- apparently by mistake.

Upset villagers came to Maranhao state capital Sao Luis on Wednesday claiming the police had demolished their hamlet of Vila Baghdad instead of a squatters settlement about five miles away.

A judge had ordered the demolition of illegally built houses in Formigueiro village and some 70 police with bulldozers Monday went to the area and carried out the work.

"The villagers have a plan of the properties and according to this plan the demolition occurred in the wrong place," Pedro Barreto, a Maranhao state prosecutor, told Reuters on Thursday.

Raimundo Branco, head of the Maranhao state land agency said Vila Baghdad residents were also mostly squatters, but many of them had received ownership documents for their land five years ago.

"If in fact it is proved that their homes have been destroyed we'll provide them with all legal assistance. They can sue the police or the state," he said.

Vila Baghdad residents complained of police violence during the operation. Police denied any violence and said they only followed orders from bailiffs about the location.
Errie Eyes Elicit Exacerbation in Eye Doctors.

If the movie was made in Hollywood instead of Bollywood, there would be no problem! :)
People like a good horror movie! Especially ones that seem like it maybe could happen in real life! We don't let the entertainment of horror movies rule how we live!

Sounds like a good idea for a horror movie too me! :)

Maybe if China would outlaw prostatution in the first place there would be LESS extramaratel affairs?

As long as it is leagal there it is not thought of as wrong and will keep happening!


Bow WOW to the doggies! It is great to recognise the canine actors! Paws up to all who won!

A lawyer porn star? lol

Police make mistakes sometimes but Dang!! That is a BIG one demolishing peoples homes and it was the WRONG ones!! Poor people!

Luciano, Thanks again for some great topics for Weirdenss wednesday! :)

Coppers are like smokers - none too bright. Their addiction, at least, harms only themselves - donuts! *LOL*
Ok - that's a cliché and, thus, only a joke...!
I wonder if some coppers are bloggers here as well...? Hmm... I might find out now! *lol*
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