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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

two *murderers* for *this* tuesday...

Why? Because... I may be in a killing mood myself here... Yes, I just very well might be... Beware the wrath of the righteous! (Not the self-righteous... not the shaheed -aka a muslim martyr- or the mullah... and not any other type of grandiloquent justifier... nope... ok?).
Not to say that the killer sometimes known as "the supergrass killer" and, other times known as "Captain Cash" - or his partner in crime - are in any way, shape or form to be perceived as "righteous" - for THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT... AT ALL. Read the lurid details of what led to their lifetime convictions recently and you'll see why... it is not even debatable, really...
I merely hope that GOD Will find me, myself and I to be a tiny bit worthy of the label of "righteous" - come the Day of Reckoning. As for Captain Cash & Pennyworth here - they will most likely have the Book thrown at them then - as they just got the book thrown at them now! And... rightly so!

Family murder men jailed for life

The adults' bodies were found at sea, the boys were never found
Two men who murdered a millionaire and three generations of his family have been jailed for life.
Kenneth Regan, 55, of Wiltshire, and William Horncy, 52, of Dorset, were convicted at the Old Bailey on Friday.

Peter Rees, 39, of Hants, who was found guilty of murdering Amarjit Chohan, of west London, but cleared of killing four others, was also jailed for life.

The judge told Regan and Horncy they should never be released and Rees will have to serve at least 23 years.

The family disappeared from their home in Hounslow, in February 2003.

"Your characters are as despicable as your crimes... each of you is a practised, resourceful and manipulative liar"
- Judge Sir Stephen Mitchell

The men wanted to take over Mr Chohan's freight business and use it to import drugs to the UK.

Judge Sir Stephen Mitchell, passing sentence, told Horncy, of Adeline Road, Bournemouth, and Regan, of Forge Close, Wilton, near Salisbury, they were "highly dangerous men".

He said: "Your crimes are uniquely terrible.

"The cold-blooded murders of an eight-week-old baby and an 18-month-old toddler, not to mention the murders of their mother, father and grandmother, provide a chilling insight into the utterly perverted standards by which you have lived your lives.

"Your characters are as despicable as your crimes. Each of you is a practised, resourceful and manipulative liar."

The judge said the men were 'highly dangerous'

Rees, of Kings Close, Rowlands Castle, near Portsmouth, was also convicted of assisting an offender.

The bodies of Amarjit and Nancy Chohan and Mrs Chohan's mother Charanjit Kaur, 51, were found washed up off Bournemouth and the Isle of Wight on various dates in the months after they went missing.

Their two young sons Devinder and Ravinder have never been found.

When Mr Chohan's body was discovered a note was found in his sock pointed to convicted drug dealer Horncy as being his killer.

Police said they believed Mr Chohan had been held captive for several days before his death and when he realised he was going to be murdered he concealed the letter which was addressed to Horncy's father.

Det Ch Insp David Little said the crime was the worst he had ever dealt with, saying the family died purely because of "financial greed".

He told BBC News: "All of the officers involved in the case did a fantastic job, it spanned two and a half years and the conclusion proves the amount of work they put into it."

The murder trial, thought to be the longest involving the Met, cost more than £10m.
Duped by 'Captain Cash'
by Chris Summers
BBC News

Two people have been convicted of murdering a family of five, and another of the murder of one of the family members, in a crime motivated by greed. The bodies were initially buried on land owned by "Chelsea girl" Belinda Brewin, who was duped by the gang's leader.

Belinda Brewin supported Paula Yates at the funeral of Michael Hutchence
Belinda Brewin is no stranger to the media spotlight.

She was a close confidante of TV presenter Paula Yates and comforted her in the aftermath of the suicide of singer Michael Hutchence in 1997.

Ms Brewin was one of the last people to see Yates alive when the star died of a drugs overdose in September 2000, and she comforted the star's children at her funeral.

She first met Kenneth Regan in 1997 at a London nightclub.

Regan, who was convicted on Friday of the murder of five members of the Chohan family, revelled in the nickname "Captain Cash" and was making his living smuggling hard drugs into Britain, something which he kept from Ms Brewin.

Anthony Arlidge, QC, defending Regan's co-defendant Bill Horncy, told the Old Bailey trial: "She is smart, slim, drove a powerful sports car and frequented the top-floor bar at Harvey Nichols.

"She was friends with the son of a well-known comedian. She had a seven-bedroomed, 15th century house, horses and children at private school."

"She is smart, slim, drove a powerful sports car and frequented the top-floor bar at Harvey Nichols" - Anthony Arlidge QC

Mr Arlidge said Ms Brewin was a "Chelsea girl" who enjoyed partying in London nightclubs.

Regan had befriended her and offered to take her to Monte Carlo for the grand prix and buy her a £4,000 Cartier watch. She refused both.

In 1998 Regan was caught by police in possession of 30kg of heroin. He turned supergrass and was jailed for eight years, the minimum possible sentence.

Ms Brewin's taste for the high life soured after Yates' death and she decided to move away from the capital.

She bought a farmhouse near Tiverton in Devon and it was this that unwittingly bought Regan back into her life.

When Regan came out of prison in 2002 - having served half of his sentence - he renewed his acquaintance with Ms Brewin.

In early 2003 he was planning to kill Amarjit Chohan and his family to take over the freight business and use it as a front for a drugs smuggling business.

Belinda Brewin met Regan at the bar in Harvey Nichols

His ears must have pricked up when Ms Brewin told him about her lonely farmhouse, surrounded by fields, in leafy Devon.

Regan had already sounded out a friend in Wales about the possibility of finding some land and when he heard about Ms Brewin's farm he decided it would be the perfect place for a mass grave.

Regan completely duped Ms Brewin, who he also installed as managing director at Mr Chohan's firm, Ciba Freight, after the businessman vanished.

'Acceptable front'

Michael Gledhill QC, defending Peter Rees, said Regan exaggerated the depth of their relationship while using her as the "acceptable front" for his scheme.

Mr Gledhill said: 'He told people he was in a deep sexual relationship with her, a complete lie."

Unfortunately Regan chose exactly the right moment to target Ms Brewin, who was highly vulnerable.

Mr Gledhill said: "She and her partner had moved down to Devon, selling up in London. Then her partner left her with the whole of the mortgage and school fees to pay.

"She was certainly vulnerable. A suggestion to earn money was a quick fix. The phrase she used was 'needs must'..."
- Michael Gledhill QC

"She was certainly vulnerable. A suggestion to earn money was a quick fix. The phrase she used was 'needs must'.

"He was someone she should not have touched with a barge pole. But she was sufficiently vulnerable that needs must."

She was offered a job as managing director of Ciba Freight - working two days a week for £6,000 a month.

The money came from Ciba's accounts, not Regan's own pocket, and Ms Brewin was as unsuspecting as the company's other employees.

Regan told her the Chohans had sold up and left Britain because they were receiving threats as a result of Mr Chohan's involvement in the smuggling of khat, a narcotic shrub, to the US.

Drainage ditch

Mr Arlidge said: "Regan was using her and repaid that use by burying at least one body on her land."

Ms Brewin told the court she was astonished when she arrived back at the farm in Devon one day in February 2003 and found Regan, Horncy and Rees working on a drainage ditch in her field.

She had mentioned the drainage problem but had not asked Regan to fix it.

Ms Brewin said she had noticed charred remains near one end of the hole, and also noticed a "ferocious fire" had taken place nearby.

She said: "I was furious. I could not tell what had been burnt."

Two months later she discovered the truth when police arrived to excavate the ditch.

The bodies were buried in a field on Ms Brewin's land

By then the bodies had already been dug up and thrown in the sea, but police found scraps of clothing and DNA belonging to at least one of the victims.

The court heard she wrote in her diary: "Really, really shocked. Very sad, could not stop crying."

She told the jury: "I was upset about what had happened - not for myself but for Amarjit."

Ms Brewin, who broke down in tears under cross-examination when asked about Paula Yates, told the court she had signed a deal with publishers to write her autobiography, which would feature the Chohan case and her friendship with the TV presenter.

She is also understood to have signed an exclusive deal for her story with a daily newspaper.
Callous killings stunned police
By Chris Summers
BBC News Website

Even hardened detectives found it difficult to comprehend the greed and callousness behind the killing of Amarjit Chohan and his family.

Peter Rees guarded Mr Chohan while the other two went off and killed his family
Kenneth Regan thought nothing of killing two small children, the youngest of them eight weeks old, to get his hands on what he wanted.

Regan planned to seize control of Mr Chohan's haulage firm, Ciba Freight, and use it to smuggle drugs into Britain from Spain.

So in February 2003 he decided to kill not just 46-year-old Mr Chohan - known to friends and colleagues as Anil - but also his wife, Nancy, 25, their infant sons Devinder and Ravinder, and Mrs Chohan's mother Charanjit Kaur, a school teacher from the Punjab who was on a prolonged visit.

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said it was the worst case he had seen in 30 years of policing: "You have got a situation where, out of complete greed, criminals infiltrated a legitimate business, and having done that for no other purpose than to get money for themselves they actually then go and kill a whole family."

Regan's carefully thought-out plan began to come unstuck when canoeist David Chapman and his son Carl discovered Mr Chohan's body in the sea off Bournemouth Pier on 22 April.

The game was almost up but Regan, his close friend Bill Horncy and Horncy's pal Peter Rees tried to bluff it out for more than a week.

Regan encouraged Horncy to tell police he had been threatened by gangsters who, by inference, were responsible for Mr Chohan's death.

Chohan case facts -
Detectives travelled to India, France, Belgium and the United States as part of their inquiries
The inquiry involved 4,000 documents and 2,000 police actions
The eight-month trial was the longest murder trial in the history of the Metropolitan Police
The judge spent a record five weeks summing up the case for the jury
The trial cost £10m, not including the cost of the police investigation.

Regan wanted police to believe that a man called Nav, who was involved in smuggling khat (a narcotic shrub) to the US using Ciba Freight, was behind Mr Chohan's disappearance.

Regan and Horncy finally realised their charade was over on 29 April when they learned detectives were preparing to excavate a field at a Devon farmhouse.

After murdering Mr Chohan and his family Regan had needed somewhere to dispose of the bodies.

He dug a trench in a field on land belonging to a friend, Belinda Brewin, and buried all five bodies in it, telling her he was laying pipes to sort out a drainage problem.

Ms Brewin later mentioned this incident to detectives - without thinking anything of it - and police made the link.

Buried at sea

As police starting closing in on them, Regan, Horncy and Rees dug up the bodies and dumped them in the sea off the Dorset coast.

Mrs Chohan's body was found in a fisherman's nets off Poole in July and her mother's body washed up on the Isle of Wight in November.

As for Devinder and Ravinder, prosecutor Richard Horwell told the jury: "The bodies of such tiny children must be lost forever to the sea."

It became clear that, on Thursday, 13 February, 2003, Regan and Horncy had lured Mr Chohan to a meeting near Stonehenge.

Rees, posing as a third party interested in buying Ciba Freight, turned up at the rendezvous and helped Regan and Horncy abduct Mr Chohan and take him to the home of Regan's elderly, senile father.

He was held there for several days while being made to sign several documents and blank pieces of paper which were used to back up Regan's story that Mr Chohan had sold up and disappeared in a hurry.

He was also forced to leave voice messages aimed at reassuring his wife and Ciba Freight colleagues.

On Saturday, 15 February, while Rees guarded Mr Chohan, Regan and Horncy drove to the family home in Hounslow where they tricked Mrs Chohan into letting them in.

They killed her, her sons and her mother before driving the bodies to Salisbury.

After forcing him to make one final phone call, they then killed Mr Chohan, hired a digger and buried the bodies.

So instead of making millions from their drug-smuggling scheme, Regan and Horncy face life behind bars.

1 Amarjit Chohan was lured to a meeting at Stonehenge on 13 February 2003. He was abducted and held at Regan's home near Salisbury where he was later killed.
2 Nancy Chohan, her mother Charanjit Kaur and her two young sons were killed at their home in Hounslow on 15 February
3 The five bodies were buried in a field near Tiverton on 19 February
4 On Easter Sunday the bodies were dug up and then dumped in the sea off Poole, Dorset
Two days later Mr Chohan's body (5) is found near Bournemouth Pier. Mrs Chohan's body (6) was discovered in July and her mother's body (7) washed up on the Isle of Wight in September
A comment freshly arrived at my inbox - straight from the keyboard of my theological counsellor and dear friend...

"I want to encourage you to trust in God to resolve whatever problems you are facing in His time in His way. You worrying about things or getting angry does no good (remember what Jesus said in Matthew 6 about not worrying, and verse 33 in particular which encourages us just to seek Him and His righteousness. He'll look after the rest). If you're concerned about the lack of justice in the world (as you seem to be), take heart - God is still in control, and He will bring justice when He chooses. Be careful also in your striving after righteousness - your blog today said "I merely hope that GOD Will find me, myself and I to be a tiny bit worthy of the label of "righteous" - come the Day of Reckoning" - I hate to disappoint you, but God will never find you, personally, or me, personally, righteous. Isaiah 64:6 tells us that all our righteousness is as filthy rags. The only reason that we are ever able to stand in God's presence is because He has counted the righteousness of Christ as ours (I Corinthians 1:30: "...Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption" - you'll also find this idea a lot in the book of Romans). The Christian life is not about us struggling to be righteous, it's about surrendering to Christ, who is our life and our righteousness, and letting Him live for us, in us and through us. We must always keep in mind as well that while our "pet sins" (lying, gossip, lust, worry, rage, etc) might not be as big from a human perspective as murder, abuse, and other such things, in God's eyes sin is sin - it is all a violation of His standards (James 2:10 tells us that anyone who violates any of God's laws is guilty of breaking them all, the point being that none of us can ever consider ourselves righteous, or even "more righteous" than another, since we all sin)."

Eeowtch - I stand corrected... although, I was saying "a tiny bit worth of "righteous"..." back there - signifying that it was not meant to be taken literally and that I really only want to be cleansed and admitted into the redeemed group of lucky ones... Gee, Isaiah is tough on us though... "filthy rags"... eeowtch!
Question period at the luminous blog...

Anonymous asks:

"The tone of your blogs of late has been very angry and I've been wondering what's been going on with you that you have so much anger in you - what is it directed at?"

Oh - a Christian would reply... "at the devil!" - and that would be right! A scribe would answer... "at writer's block!" - and that would be right too! An exhausted and underappreciated good son would retort... "at life!!! Life Sux!!!" - and surely that is most correct as well!!! *lol*

And since I am all these things - and more - I would have to say to you - to you all that may be reading - that... yes, I do have anger in me and I know just who the deserving parties are to direct it all at them... thus... any innocent parties can feel safe and "protected"... (as disclaimers go - "to protect the innocent" - *lol*).

Thanks for asking! :)

Come again! :)


Thatis horriable. Murdering a whole family!! Doing it for a place to smuggle drugs from!

They will defenately burn in the deepest pits of hell for that!

How can people so coldly kill like that? I just don't understand it.

What ever happened to loving thy neighbor as thyself?

They just spit in Gods face.
They will pay for their sins for eternity.

Like you have said before Earthly justice is not real justice at all.
Gods Rath is Forever!

Yes... God's Righteous Anger is forever.

My anger is fleeting - but terrible for the few short seconds it can peak... oh yeah... I can bend spoons and forks... *lol*
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