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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aside from an obvious faux-pas or two there (squid do not appreciate getting eaten... not "ate". Plus... language, please - watch it with the language! I know, I know... lately, I haven't been exactly listening to my own advice myself...) - the above mock wanted ad expresses my current mood quite effectively.
With notable changes to be made though - to the reward price (*lol*), the individual(s) wanted dead... or dead (!) and a few other minor details, of course...

Certain individuals indeed (some neighbours as well a man I will reference to as "ELL" - exclusively! Though I already have named him once or twice before - most notably on my acclaimed Luminous Cartoon Strips - *lol* He sure is headlining my liste noire. Oh yeah...)
So... Yes - I am pissed off, I have had it and I have all the attitude needed to piss anybody off in return - a hundred-fold, really!

So, in the immortal words of *Weird Al Yankovic* himself... "Back off me, man - back off!"


The ELL is a stupid fool if he thinks he can keep pushing you like that!! Ok he is a stupid fool anyway! Are all ELL's so stupid?

He has got to be the stupidest fool of all the ELL's out there!

Watch out ELL! Your time WILL COME, just like Triple H's time will come! They are both A$$'s!! In the end they WILL get what they deserve!
God will see to that!

I bet nobody else will even know who the ELL is & what all I am talking about unless they have been paying attention all along! LOL That's ok, at least you know. :D

God Bless You (\ô/) Luce!
Good way to help vent some of your anger,I hope all is starting to look better for you and you are soon back to your happy self.

Many (((hugs)))
My happy self is back - for a while? I can smile - for a while!
Paraphrasing a Roy Orbison classic here - pay no attention!

Anyone who is a true friend of mine knows who the "ELL" is (hint: it is an acronym... and no, E.L.L. is not about hades, gehenna, sheol, tartarus, HELL - although I am sure enough he is headed to that hot place, whatever name you have for it! But it isn't my call to make... of course).

I always try to vent my lesser feelings through creative ventures - of course!

As it is, some of it sure does go away - the memory lingers though! :(

Not bearing any grudges here - just not forgetting what these guys' true colors are... and they are NOT beautiful!
A Cyndi Lauper song now...

Does it show that I am stuck in the Eighties some days, music-wise anyhow...?

Just wondering...
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