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Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day, eh? Anybody Up For An Update On What Is Going On In Luminousland... Anybody Up For Actual Fisticuffs and Knuckles Sandwiches As Well?!?

It's Boxing Day...

There's No Need To Be A Cheapskate

On Boxing Day

They Have Rebates Upon Rebates

And 20% Off On Top Of That!

In A World Of Consumerism

With Half The Globe DYING

Of Hunger And Other Plights

I Guess What I Really Need To Do

Is Buy More Crap - On Boxing Day!!!

So... I have succumbed to my old temptations of trying to write send-up songs... but not for The Temptations, no! *lol* That was to the tune of "Do They Know It's Christmas Time", by the way... in case you weren't able to tell, folks!
Nothing new to report on my one-man war on the triple "d" effect (dweebs, druggies and dumba$$es... one could amalgamate it into the acronym "duds", hmm?) - FOR NOW that is! I stand in full readiness to do some heavy-duty clobbering - yeah! :)
I did not feel, quite obviously as understandably, like partaking of the Boxing Day offerings today - as clearly demonstrated by the lyrics posted here, I am simply not in the mood. Some who did are regretting it already - and not just because they got a killer deal... on a crappy product! The Russian equivalent of "attention K-mart shoppers" in St. Petersburg got a nasty surprise when a strange "garlic scented" gas invaded their respiratory system... a whopping 95% of the people who breathed in the gas stayed hospitalized (95% - the kind of percentage you will NEVER see advertised off any regular prices - not even on Boxing Day!). The incident is NOT a terrorist attack though (shoot) but merely "malicious competition" between two retail giants in Russia! Sheesh! How pathetic is THAT? Couldn't they have tried a more "aggressive" publicity campaign first - before resorting to this sort of aggressiveness, huh?!?
Although, to tell the truth, I have expected to see something like that happen between Zellers and Wal-Mart for a loooooooong time now... No amounts of publicity will overturn the public's perception that they "will pay less" at Wally's place... Hence, I was so sure that Zeddy was gonna go medieval on that over-rated smiley! (Sort of like he did on Marty... the K-mart Kat? When Zeddy was through with him , he was no longer Marty but the Martyr...! *LOL*)
Maybe one day... before Zeddy goes belly up... at least some water balloons thrown at the tall grey wall of any Wal-Mart outlet... hmm?

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