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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Explosive 450th Luminous Blog Post!

"There have been 78 murders in Toronto this year, including a record 52 by gunfire."
"The rash of gun violence has politicians at all levels of government expressing their outrage."
Hmm... isn't it the same all across the land though? (Here, "the land" would describe North America... maybe all of Western civilization as well!)
What are we downgraded to nowadays - some sort of hybrid world, half-techie, half-Far West? Bret Hart will NEVER be able to mouth off again about the USA being the "toilet of the world" and Canada being the one country where no one gets shot on the streets... FIFTY-TWO have been shot DEAD in Toronto alone! FOUR RCMP officers were shot full of holes on a single excursion into marijuana land... back in the Hitman's home province of Alberta! Maybe calling himself the "Hitman" was a bad omen for his own country, eh Bret? And that greasy-haired self-executioner has the gall to own his own minor league hockey team... Spreading thy bad influence, eh Bret? Yes - at least the kids are shooting pucks, not guns - for now that is! Of course the problems of the entire blamed civilized world are not to be blamed on a fictional hitman here - but maybe, just maybe, I am singling out Bret here because he is the guy whose brother DIED while employed by Titan Sports... and now, he has affliated himself with Titan Sports - AGAIN. He forgot the death of his own brother and all that they did to him personally - forgot all pride and dignity - just to get a better deal on the release of a DVD based upon him, his career and his wishful thinking (to be "the best that is... was... ever will be" - rrrrright.)
How very "Hitman-like" of you, mercenary pink-Harted one! You make me sick Bret!
Since there are so many shootings in downtown Toronto these days, maybe there could be one the next time you're in town - on the promotional tour for the DVD, eh? Sign away copies of the DVD - why don't you. Your brother Owen sure can't do it for you...
But enough about Hart... in this rapidly becoming more and more savage world (some perplexing de-evolution process going on here...) we cannot show too much heart - we have to be stone-faced and stoic most of the time it seems!
One never knows when ANY ONE OF US can wind up with a bullet in our heads... and that can happen at anytime, and virtually any place too. You don't want to catch a bullet - and thus be caught dead - with a dopey smile on your face... do you? You want to go stern-faced, impassive... looking "cool" - looking "tough".
The world may be de-evolving back to its most primitive ways (but with high-tech weaponry now) - but the one modern concept remains; and that is "image is everything". Just ask Bret about THAT... he knows aaaaall about it!

Your so very right on this subject I will add there are a few people who were shot here in Toronto that were not mentioned by this wonderful city. You see these people really don't matter they happen to be poor and live in city housing, I know this from a friend who let me know how much is covered up. Great work Luciano !!

Cover ups too... sheesh!
This is hallucinating!
What's next - Soylent Green will become a reality?!?

George Orwell's illness affected his authoring of the classic 1984 - he had a very pessimistic vision of the future also tainted by World War II (1984 really being 1948 - when he wrote it!)

Still... an Orwellian-type of society seems where we're headed to!

With what Bush is doing...
Crime and anarchy on the rise...
Injustice everywhere...

There is hope for the Faithful and the Beloved... GOD's Kindred!

Hmm... think I should have saved all this for statistics sundays - it fits the bill stats wise... and could pass for a sermon as well!

Wow... today's "nature quote" seems appropriate here...

"To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely."
- Edmund Burke

Well... our country isn't lovely anymore... was it ever?
I once thought it was lovely but I grew up and opened my eyes and it isn't all that I once thought it was.

Many (((hugs)))
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