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Monday, December 19, 2005

In a reflective mood... still...!

Sol's passing this week-end makes *this* luminous blogger think back to the early seventies... when *this* picture was taken! I am one of the littlest ones on the pic - in the august presence of one Patof... my all-time favorite clown! Too young to appreciate Sol & Gobelet's refinement (!) I took to Patof and his puppet acolyte, Mr. Tranquille instead... It was all in the normal way of things I suppose...!
Patof was like a Don Quixote without much of a cause (or a budget for that matter!) and Mr. Tranquille was his Sancho Panza with an attitude... Much more preferable, in my estimation, than the "Don Coyote & Sancho Panda" substitutes... and, in fact, the original duo itself... if you ask me! Embarking on a misguided quest for absolutely nothing is simply NOT an uplifting message in my book - nope! And Cervantes' sequel to the Man of La Mancha's "adventures" was even more of a downer... Don Quixote could have been better than Baron Munchausen - instead the latter's absurdism is made more real! And Quixote is ridiculed... when the truth is, child-like mentalities (especially ones that genuinely want to do some GOOD on this Earth) are the most pleasing to GOD... His confusing a windmill for a dragon is comical, of course - but it is his intent that should be underlined - and rewarded, not mocked by his own author!
What prompted this spontaneous review of Don Quixote - you ask? Check out the link... and make strategic use of the Babel Fish tool found right here on The Luminous Blog! It is the rather odd decision from the Biblioteca de Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores of hosting an exposition about "D. Quixote, herói criado pelo escritor espanhol Miguel Cervantes"... What is wrong with this picture? The "espanhol" part, I say... On the momentous occasion of the HOLIDAY SEASON, they should honor either CHRIST or a national hero... and the Açores belong to PORTUGAL... not SPAIN! (Sorry, Spaniards!) If it absolutely had to be a spaniard "icon" - let it be a saint then... or El Cid! Don Quixote, being as fictional as the Scarlet Pimpernel or the Saint are, is simply an odd choice for too many reasons...

Oi Luciano!
Amei seu blog. Parabéns.
Allow me, TLB faithful, to preserve for posterity the Portuguese promo for that "event"... herein!

Biblioteca de Ponta Delgada expõe "Os ilustradores de D. Quixote"
2005-12-16 16:42:33

Uma exposição intitulada "Os ilustradores de D. Quixote" está patente ao público, a partir de hoje e até 31 de Janeiro, na Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional de Ponta Delgada, numa iniciativa da Presidência do Governo Regional.

A mostra, instalada no rés-do-chão da biblioteca, pode ser visitada, nos dias úteis, entre as nove e as 19 horas e, aos sábados, das 14 às 19 horas.

D. Quixote, herói criado pelo escritor espanhol Miguel Cervantes, constitui, ao longo de séculos, motivo de inspiração para numerosos artistas, designadamente, ilustradores com trabalhos reunidos na exposição na Biblioteca de Ponta Delgada.

A organização da mostra tem o apoio da Biblioteca Nacional.

That's right - they speak of the Biblioteca Nacional there... makes little sense to me! Unless they are planning to retro into being a part of Lusitania again...


they are taking the "European Union Commonwealth" thing too much to heart there... *lol*
I know nothing about Don Quixote-spell? Maybe you could tell me more! And I am not too familiar with Sol either, but he must've been as bright as the sun-and an intersting character, too! Anyone who plays with words is fantastic in my book, indeed!

I like your picture, though! I can imagine you had much fun that day! A Clown can make anyone smile!;)

Blessed Be,
So...naive me!-lol Don Quioxte was a character in a book and the term "quixotic"-meaning idealistic and impractical- is derived from his name...way too cool. It surely wasn't a book that was introduced to my childhood by any of my teachers...which it sounds like it would be a fun story to read! I feel I could relate to Don Quixote to a certain degree because I see a lot of things with a fantasy mind...what a lot of people would call "crazy".

I knew a man who had psychosis who lived in a fantasy world of 60's and early 70's cartoons like the Jetson's and the Hanna Barbara series. He wasn't fact, he was an internally complex individual with a vivid imagination, who was extremely lost in a dream world! Everything that he would say to you would be channeled through the story line of those cartoons that he was familiar with. Some would call him crazy, but he was so sweet, kind and loving!

Well, I just learned something new today!-lol...It's too bad a lot of grownups don't have vivid imaginations like Don Quixote, maybe the world would be a more colorful place! I feel more grownups should get in touch with their childselves more often!

Blesssed Be,

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