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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Lights... Camera... Action!

Ever had the impression that you are in a dream... or in a movie... and that reality is not reality at all? For reality can often - very often - be found to be in fact stranger than fiction... even the form of fiction our brains weave up when we are asleep. Like the song says it so well... Row Row Row The Boat... Life Is But A Dream! And we are but actors in the Film of Life - the Director Will set up the scenes to be played out... all in due time! We need not worry about that...! We have to act our parts well - that should be our only concern! Accomplish what we were placed upon this Earth to do - the grandest stage or screen of all verily, this Earth... Deliver our lines... and take a bow! That's about all we're good for anyhow...
Alas, there are some who get delusions of grandeur into their tiny heads... yes... Actors who rebel and think that they are as good at directing as anybody else (no, I am not targeting Kevin Costner, Sean Penn or Clint Eastwood here...)
It may be true in the movie business... it certainly is true in sports entertainment, where a wrestler is the "actor, director and producer" of the spectacle that goes on inside the squared circle... but in the "Film of Life" - despite some degree of manoeuverability... some leverage... some tiny bit of control that we have... ONLY GOD IS IN CONTROL! He Is The Grand Director (to put Oliver Stone and Cecil B. De Mille to shame - yes!) and NO ONE MEASURES UP TO HIS WILL!
The expression "take control of one's life" is really about surrendering control to GOD - not to go nuts in the process of being a "control freak"! Because, if one was really "in control" - one would crumble under the pressure! Let GOD be in control - and "take control of your life" by maintaining yourself on the RIGHT PATH - that is all we need to do! STAY ON THE RIGHT PATH - and God Will Take Care of the rest!
Now... as far as "delusions of grandeur" go... DON'T! Just don't succumb to them! Don't be a Dubya... or rather - forget about Dubya... the FIRST MAN IN AFGHANISTAN was a whole lot crazier than even him (believe it or not!)
Check out the link... and you'll see...
"The First Foreigner In Afghanistan (...) Josiah Harlan, a Pennsylvania Quaker who some 150 years ago began a 20-year trip through Central Asia. After riding into Afghanistan on an elephant, Harlan declared himself to be royalty -- and the heir to Alexander the Great. His adventures are widely believed to have inspired Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King."
Hmm... Josiah... Dubya... it even rhymes! *lol*
Blessings! ;)

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