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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Luminous scoop time again ~~ an IMDB review preview by yours truly...!

What better than children's fare during the holiday season... hmm? Here is one bit of it that time and audiences forgot... which I happened to stumble across online the other day and felt like I had to mount a defense case for! (Why do I always do that though? It only gets me in trouble more than half the time! But that is another story...) First off, two short and succinct summaries of what was reviewed - not a movie, not a TV series... but a cartoon! Not just any cartoon, mind you - a funny cartoon show! One that spoofed the perennial cat and dog dynamic... Batman... and Clint Eastwood, indirectly! You might say that this one had it all indeed! My actual review (or as IMDB calls it, "comment") addresses previous "reviews" that really shouldn't have been bothered with...! *lol* As usual, I am the final word on the topic... *LOL*

The Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show is a television cartoon show about a cat named Shnookums and a dog named Meat who don't get along very well. From this simple basic premise a number of wacky scenarios unfolded - trust me on that! This series also included segments a trifle more creative, in some sense: The Adventures of Pith Possum which features a super hero named Pith Possum and his sidekick Obediah the Wonder Raccoon - and Tex Tinstar - a Cowboy who always gets into trouble! This show was created by The Walt Disney Company in 1995 as a spin off of the show Raw Toonage . A canned 'Schnookums and Meat' pasta in tomato sauce was sold in grocery stores. Somewhat ironically, a disclaimer on the can's label read, 'This product does not contain meat.'' Well - it's a good thing, I think!

This animated series is actually about three different cartoon set-ups. The first, "Schnookums and Meat!" involves a dumb pair of animals, Schnookums the cat and Meat the dog. This was infinitely superior to Ren & Stimpy! Next, "Pith Possum: Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow" is a spoof of the 1966 Batman TV series, with Pith Possum and Obediah fighting crime in Possum City. Finally, "Tex Tinstar: The Best in the West" is a parody of Western serials, involving the title character, a cowboy, and his, ah, entourage. The end of each episode ends in a cliffhanger for next week, not unlike the serials did or the same way "Rocky and Bullwinkle" imitated as well!

My Own Luminous Take On It Now...
A toon that was irreverent - as it SHOULD BE!

I don't recall much anymore from the few episodes that I caught - and I know there were only 13 or so - but this is MUCH better than the "Garfield And Friends" show (...) that the so-called "coolguy" here was eagerly awaiting way back then!

It is, if memory serves me right, also less crude than the Ren & Stimpys or Beavis & Buttheads of the day... and a whole lot more intelligent fare than the Itchy & Scratchy portions of the Simpsons! As for any "connection" to Tom & Jerry... sheesh... T&J were BORING - this was not!

None of you guys noted that Shnookums & Meat = S&M! The show is RIFE with hidden meaning! NO OTHER TOON made recently compares to it - not Cowardly Dog, CatDog, Grim Adventures of (I forget their names!) and the rest! The cat & dog duo was priceless. The super-hero parody was priceless (I mostly remember the "Superwaterbuffalo-oooooh" baritone voice... *lol*) The Western serial send-up was priceless too!

And another thing none of you guys underlined... this was directed by SETH McFARLANE! It led to FAMILY GUY! It was, in effect, his stepping stone! Personally, I can't stand Family Guy (or King of the Hill... or The Simpsons themselves!). But if THIS SHOW was resurrected - I would want to WRITE FOR IT!

Shnookums and Meat... Action League Now!... Futurama... those are the few toons I have liked - ever! All short runs... all under-appreciated... and all innovative! (And all three with more potential for longer runs than The Tick or Earthworm Jim - IMHO!) "S&M" (*lol*) may have been shunned by both Disney fans and the opposite breed of fans (...) but it found the audience it was worthy of in Canada - as it was the main piece, week after week, of a Saturday morning line-up on the CTV network... Goes to show that someone"s "trash" is someone else's treasure... hmm?

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That is interesting. I don't remember seeing that cartoon. Maybe it only aired in Canada.

I'm sure that if you got a chance to write for that cartoon (or any, really) you would make it 10 times better with your luminous humor.

God Bless You Luce!

Oh - this was broadcast on NBC, I am sure... just like Bonkers! and Darkwing Duck... it was churned out by the same company! Disney! But it lasted only 13 episodes... so... if you sneezed, you would have missed it! *lol*

It lasting such a short time makes me seriously doubt that we will EVER see these wacky characters march alongside Goofy, Pluto and the Jungle Book critters on the Christmas parades they have down at Disneyworld... *lol*

Too bad - cause I just know that Pith Possum would loooooooove Minnie!

Is that her name - Minnie? *lol*
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