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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Paper War: Environmentalists Take On Victoria's Secret for Mailing More Than 1 Million Catalogs a Day!

What is so funny about this is that the publication that published the article decrying such an outrageous waste of paper is none other than... Time magazine... To my knowledge, Time magazine wastes a whole lot of paper too - with a mag that is more and more obsolete as... well... as time goes by!

Subscriptions to this mag are shoved down people's throats, with "free gifts" and discounts - which are more attractive to the customer than the prospect of having the magazine itself to read every week!

A magazine, of course, whose contents can easily be found online for free!
A magazine that even lost its aura of "collectibility" - if it ever had one!
A magazine that has no distinct "voice", drive or edge of its own either...
But who needs to even thumb through Time magazine OR a Victoria's Secret catalogue nowadays - eh? It is strictly dentist waiting room reading material, if you ask me!

As Veronica Electronica aka Esther aka "Ma-donna" sings rather redundantly - "time goes by... so slowly"... But that is another story...
Hmm... the story of my life? (Time-Life... get it? Of course you do!)

I waste more toilet paper than Time or Victoria Secrets Magazine combined...should I go to hell too? *LOL*

No is a shame that trees are getting killed for our liesure, when like you said...we can spend our time looking it up on the internet...that would waste so much more less.

Is there a death penalty for killing trees too? is best to reuse and reduce and recycle your paper waste as much as possible. If you're gonna buy paper materials...try to buy stuff that has been recycled...even toilet paper! That's a good reminder not only for me but for all of us!

Damn Time...Damn Victoria's Secrets...Damn toilet paper wasting creatures...even those Damn gas guzzling S.U.V.'s, Trucks and Minivans...(sorry no offense to those who drive 'em)-can go to hell...can go to hell anyday!-*LOL*

I'm just being silly now...but...I've got to go to Hell too...where it's warm-or next to a woodstove-*LOL*!

Have a nice day!

Hell Hath No Fury... as the secretive paper-wasting lingerie-wearing woman (preferably named Victoria?) *LOL*

'Nuff said...!
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