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Monday, December 05, 2005

RAW material...

Reality is stranger than fiction.
It is also more compelling, more harrowing at times and a hell of a lot more involving too - that goes without saying!

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fliehr are undergoing some nasty divorce procedures (ironically just as those annoying commercials for the would-be entertaining piece of you-know-what on celluloid titled *Mr. And Mrs. Smith* keep coming on...!) and the judge presiding in this case - Judge Jane - is a thousand times more interesting than Judge Judy... or the insufferable Vince McMahon dressed up as a judge on this night's episode of RAW... but that is another sad story, indeed...

Richard Fliehr is, of course, really well known as The Nature Boy, Ric Flair...

On top of a nasty divorce, Flair owes the IRS and has been involved in an incident of road rage - in which he victimized some poor unsuspecting driver nearly half his age... allegedly!

All of this stuff was alluded to, *of course*, in the latest episode of Monday Night RAW (though it completely shatters the "image" Triple H wanted of a "career killer" after his Survivor Series staged show with Ric Flair ... but McMahon's Circus relishes these real-life scandals; as long as he is not endangered by it and stands to make some money out of it!).

On a new segment called The Cutting Edge, smooth slacker Adam Copeland (aka "Edge" the "Rated R Superstar"... sheesh!) and his own real-life scandal - the girlfriend he stole from a fellow wrestler, Amy Dumas (not dumbass *lol* - even though she quite evidently is - she is also known as Lita) sort of had their usual anti-establishment ranting session... briefly focusing on Flair's case.

All they said of importance though was that Flair went from "limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing son of a gun" to "mugshot-posing, IRS-owing, dejected divorcing..." he might have said "son of a bitch", but off to the top of my head, I don't quite recall right now...

Lita (who, ironically enough, does the same job for her precious Edge as Woman, Baby Doll, Elizabeth, Sherri and Debra all did, at one time or another, FOR FLAIR...) added that it was a disgrace that Flair was reduced to beating up people on the street - when he couldn't get the job done in the ring anymore...

No Arn Anderson to come speak up for Flair (as was the case on WCW) - so, instead, it was old NWA Flair opponents (and sometimes tag-team partners too) MICHAEL P.S. HAYES (of Fabulous Freebirds fame) and SGT. SLAUGHTER himself who came to shut Edge and Lita up...

Then it actually got REALLY INTERESTING...

Hayes said that he didn't know what it was with kids today - NO RESPECT. For it is thanks to guys like FLAIR, Hayes and Slaughter that punks like Edge have their job with all the benefits that they enjoy...

And besides - the real questions to ask were about Edge himself... does he measure up to Flair's accomplishments? Hayes asked "how many times did you pack up an arena and turned them away? How many times did you make the main event? How many times have you been world champion?".

Hayes supplied the answer too: "let me do the math for you, real quick... oh yeah... zero!"

An incensed Edge got the microphone Hayes was using to be cut (his segment; he can make the calls) and replied that he wouldn't shut up - he feared not a beating from the Freebirds... because Hayes had no back-up - not his usual back-up anyway... The Fabulous Freebirds are no longer, see? They were sort of like the Four Horsemen (and were immortalized in the opening moments of the movie Highlander - the original Christophe Lambert vehicle, yes... but that is another story) and used to hand out punishment as a tightly-knit fighting unit... in other words, like a street gang!

Two low blows followed, in rapid succession: first, Edge mentioned who he had in mind, and why he wasn't there...

"Terry - where's Terry? Terry Gordy is not here... cause Terry is DEAD" he said... Hayes turned in pain and disgust (it simply could NOT be acting - not this time) before replying with a low blow of his own; "You son of a bitch - the only reason why you have this (segment here) is because you are banging Matt Hardy's former girlfriend!".

Violence ensued - as is to be expected with these "segments"... a good thing Ric Flair did not show up as the guest, as had been originally scheduled and planned - he does not need to deal with a one-two punk & bitch punch as Edge and Lita at this time - and they made surprisingly short work of Sgt. Slaughter (G.I. Joe would NOT be proud - and to think that an Army representative was in attendance - because the WWE will dispatch some live entertainment again for the troops stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq or some damn place the US troops do not BELONG - very shortly... Flair will not make the trip this year, I don't think... send Edge and Lita instead, on penance, please WWE!). And so, the poor sarge was sent down with a kick to the privates. Then, after Hayes delivered some good shots (well-deserved too), the duo did their usual routine two-fold attack (she hops on their backs and scratches their eyes and he finishes them off with a halliburton briefcase shot to the head - always does the trick. Horsemen Mongo and Double J - and Flair himself - used to do exactly the same thing all the time... with the assistance of ditzy Debra, who just handed them the briefcase.)

And so ended the sickening segment...

Edge, Lita, Triple H - all of them will be getting theirs... one of these days!
Ditto for Vincent Kennedy McMahon... of course...

Speaking of Triple H... funny that only NOW (as Flair is undergoing some rather nasty divorce procedures befitting of the self-proclaimed "dirtiest player in the game") "The Game" (Triple H's preferred nickname) is acknowledging his real-life WIFE... Stephanie McMahon... that's right - the boss' daughter! The same little bitch whom I recall seeing telling Classy Freddie Blassie "the WWE is dead... just like you soon will be!" (I paraphrase - and if that doesn't make sense now, it is because, at the time, it was said as part of a storyline that had Steph and her brother leading an ECW/WCW alliance meant to destroy their father's company... What a farce it was too. They really only had 50% of ECW and about 25% of WCW to "lead" - and it was going to be the WWE prevailing all along, in the script... but I digress). The point is - shortly after she said these heinous words to a wheelchair-ridden Mr.Blassie (even though all an act, of course) - he did die.

Hmm... Flair should target HER to get to Triple H! That is something that the "dirtiest player in the game" would do... All in the spirit of a "good storyline" - of course! ;)

However, we have already seen here that REAL LIFE is much more intriguing, compelling and fascinating than the scripted sleaze can possibly be... especially in this kind of fare - but ultimately in any form of entertainment.


I sure did miss a lot last night didn't I!! I watched the premier of a mini-series on Sci-Fi instead. Then I fell ended up falling asleep during that

Thanks so much for telling all that happened since I totally missed it! I had planed on flipping back and forth between the show and WWE, but I fell asleep. lol

Real life sure is a lot more dramatic and interesting sometimes. Especially when it is a celebrity that it is happening to.

I hope the Edge, Lita, and Triple H all get what is coming to them X 3! They deserve a severe beating!!

I hate that I missed WWE last night. I'm glad you wrote about it here so I could still know what happened. :D Thanks Luce.

God Bless You (\ô/) Luce!
Well not really sure whom most of these people are other than being in the bad acting class of fighting. Sorry this one is out of my league today but I hope your over the anger and having a much better day.

Many (((hugs)))
No problem.

I keep telling myself I will boycott that show - I do, but then real-life events pull me back in!

Watching WCW, WWE and so on has been, admittedly, a bad habit of mine - but it sure is better than other habits around...!

And I can quit watching it whenever I want! *lol*

No, really.
It's true!
It's true!


I watched WCW for the saga unfolding - to study the techniques of story writing for that sort of media. Not for any other reason than THAT...!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

No *kayfabe* here!
(A wrestling term for make-believe within their industry!)

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