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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie is no more

Stanley "Tookie" Williams has been executed. He was 51. He died at 12:35 a.m. at the San Quentin State Prison, just north of San Francisco, the proverbial officials said, when they issued a press release.

The legions of supporters did not suffice to convince the Governator of not reverting into... Terminator mode. Not even international (and surprising) support... such a the Pope and... a Swiss legislator? For, "during Williams' twenty-four years on death row, a Swiss legislator, college professors and others nominated him for the Nobel Prizes in peace and literature."

None of that impressed the Governator though (does he even read...?).

Tookie's tale only proves, again, that what I say about earthly flawed justice is true...

Only GOD can Judge EFFECTIVELY... most times! Because, in most cases, the evidence is not as clear-cut as the prosecution will present it... and we truly never know the TRUTH...

GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH - as in the expression "Only God Knows"... hmm?

Tookie maintained his INNOCENCE until THE END - even when pleading guilty could have spared his life!
I myself did not know that!
Now the explanation for that can be a few things too - he was tired of life behind bars and wanted out... maintaining his innocence when denied clemency sure was a way out... or... HE TRULY WAS INNOCENT?


And only God's Judgment will matter in the end.

Congratulations Governator - you have proven to be a true Terminator after all - in real life! And now, you've lit a fire you may not even be able to put out in the process...

Pull out the ammo, Ah-nold - for "Cah-li-for-neea" is going to look like the future timeline of the "Reign of the Machines" in your T-movies there... You have made Tookie a martyr - and martyrs stir emotions in the masses that in turn trigger revolt, rebellion... and yes, that other "R" word they dread down there - RIOTING!

"Even a criminal is worthy of respect because he is a human being. The death penalty is a negation of human dignity."
That's what I got from the news post you linked to your blog. That's what sums it up! Killing criminals doesn't solve anything. Not one iota! It just proves, if anything, that us "innocent" are just as vile and murderous as the people who actually went out and performed the crime!

Criminals are just as worthy of change...even behind bars...and that is what Tookie proved, that no matter what, we can still change our ways, to become peace sponsers.

Nobody goes to jail for eating meat or killing animals for food or squashing bugs in our paths...for all of the lives that we have taken...if we were judged for those crimes-WE'D ALL BE MURDERERS DESERVING THE DEATH PENALTY! No life is more prescious than another-except in the eyes of human megalomania! Hardy har har! -Yeah right!

Jail, if anything, is okay-because it keeps the person off the streets, protects the general public and gives time for the person who committed the crime to really reflect, if they so choose so, on their wrong doing. But there should be other options out there for criminals who want to change, too. Such as name it. For the ones that don't want to change or just aren't evolved enough as humans to change, then-it's not our place to interfere with their lack of growth.

And yes-it's up to the divine powers that be-(and I'm just wording it that way for ALL spiritual beliefs)-to judge a person's actions or "karma"!

Maybe I'm sounding a tad bit idealistic-but dang it all-that's how I feel!

And now that I said my piece...I will go on my merry way! *LOL*

Peace out-

It is up to God now to judge him on wether his good deeds were enough. God is always the ultimate judge.

Excellent assessment, dear raskinner!

I couldn't agree more with you!

Many Blessings!
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