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Saturday, January 14, 2006

After Friday The 13th... A Full Moon! And Moore... Much More...! ;)

Bizarre things happen sometimes...

Such as the untimely demise of my venerable TV set... smack dab on Friday The 13th... when I had commented the day before and all Friday itself that I did not believe in any bad luck associated with "Friday The 13th" - except when it comes to moviemaking and if you're a film director inheriting a "chapter of the saga"... better go with "Alan Smithee" then, after all is said and done and you have to "sign" the piece of "art" that comes out at the other end... of the creative process!

Saturday The 14th gives us a FULL MOON... how peculiar, in an interesting way of course!

And, all along, I had planned to spotlight today a most peculiar tragic coincidence - one that cost two lives, decades apart.

What were the odds indeed that two boxers separated by twenty years but bearing THE SAME NAME would both die in their prime...? Tis strange coincidences like these that give birth to talks of "curses" and "jinxes" - and here, we have the "curse of Davey Moore". The first Davey Moore died from a pounding he took in the ring, in 1963, during a televised bout to boot... and then there was the second Davey Moore (foolhardy and overzealous as he was - what was he thinking choosing to become a boxer under the name "Davey Moore"?!? Had he not seen what happened to the original - while he was boxing too? Obviously, the second Davey had not a bone of superstition in his body...)
The second Davey would see his bones crushed though - underneath his own car, in a bizarre accident. This reinforces the belief of there being a "curse" here, much more so than if the second Davey had also died in the ring (Benny The Kid had died in the ring and on TV in 1962 - the original Davey Moore had been one too many televised brutal deaths in too short a time span and boxing would not be televised as much as it had been after that tragedy. By the 1980s though, when the second Davey Moore was around, he could have always died LIVE... and only on pay-per-view.)

I am actually surprised no other boxers have tried to garner "instant notoriety" by taking the name... I am even more surprised to not have seen any WRESTLERS take the name to new... ah, better not go there. Surely it came to Vince McMahon's attention - but he chose not to do it. Maybe out of respect for the two young men who died so young. Maybe because he has some decency and even a superstitious streak to him, after all... wow... who knew. Most probably though it is simply because the name is far from being in the "public domain" yet - and he cannot copyright it exclusively to his "WWE" circus... the shame, eh, Vinnie Mac? *

Things like this though, ultimately, make you believe... Not in curses, hexes or jinxes - no. It makes us believe that there are such things as fate... destiny... kismet... and a greater meaning to all of the tiny events, tragic or trivial, that chain together to form... our history!

Well done Luciano dear ,I have to agree with ou on this one . Call it destiny,fate or kismit. I am not big on curses hexes or jinxes,how nice to see not everything is thought of as a curse.
Reality Bites - sometimes, as they say (and it was the title of a movie too!)
Destiny Bites too - sometimes!
Ditto with fate... kismet... the whole enchilada!

Which is also why we all want to be the masters of our own destiny - no one would make one's own destiny bite! However, it is a tad presumptuous on our part to think that we could cook up something better for ourselves... than ALL-MIGHTY GOD HIMSELF!

We do well to leave it all up -destiny, fate, kismet - aaaaaall up to GOD!

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