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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And Now For A Truly "Seasonal Curse"...

From baseball to... hockey! Finally! And the Curse of 1940... a curse that was but no longer is, much like the Curse of the Bambino...
And, much like the latter one too, it seems to have great chances of being "on" again! Yikes... Some ailments we can only obtain temporary relief from, sadly enough.

The New York Rangers were unable to win the Stanley Cup ; and, unlike Babe Ruth, the prime suspect -Mervyn "Red" Dutton- has never hidden the fact that he did curse the Rangers! He was quoted saying that they would never win the Cup as long as he would live! And it came to pass all right - for he passed away in 1987, and the last Cup win for the Rangers at that time had been in 1940 indeed. They would finally get over the hump in 1994 - but it proved to be extremely difficult (much like Raymond Bourque's quest for a Cup was - getting close twice with Boston, then again with Colorado... he finally won it with the Avalanche, but everyone agreed that it had been one of the hardest Cups to clinch EVER! Bourque was jinxed too - no doubt about that! Hey - he had to be ; he grew up practically where I GREW UP! We all get jinxed around these unhospitable parts... but that is another story!)

Ironically, one harrowing bit of "evidence" that seems to prove that the Rangers were indeed cursed happened to Brian Leetch - the defenseman who is, for all intents and purposes replacing the jinxed Ray Bourque in the Boston Bruins line-up... "In 1993, with hopes high, the Rangers finished last, largely because of an injury to defenseman Brian Leetch. In the kind of incident many fans ascribe to curses, Leetch arrived at the Garden in a taxi, stepped out, and broke his ankle when he slipped on a patch of ice, a most ironic injury for a hockey player."

Hmm... 1993... the year that the Bourque and Neely Boston Bruins proved (to me anyway) that they too were affected by the curse of the Bambino - somehow! As I always say, the uncrowned Stanley Cup champions of 1993 are the Boston Bruins team that comprised Dave Poulin, Andy Moog, Brian Smolinski, Adam Oates, Cam Neely and Bourque - among others! Poulin has been quoted saying "this team had it all" and it would have gone all the way if they had not somehow trampled all over themselves and shot themselves in the... ah... skates? Losing three of four games in overtime in the very first round of the playoffs... Three games they would have easily won under normal circumstances! Shocking AND revolting... But I digress...

Another amazing bit of synchronicity for you, in regards to the once (and current again?) "curse of 1940" - in 1994, "(New York State rival) Devils fans had picked up the "1940" chant and the curse myth from (other State rival) Islander fans, and it was noted that the hockey seating capacity of the Brendan Byrne Arena (later renamed the Continental Airlines Arena) was 19,040. The series went the full seven games, and the Rangers led 1-0 when Valeri Zelepukin scored with 7.7 seconds remaining in regulation. Many Ranger fans were sure that the Curse of 1940 had struck again. But in the second overtime, Stephane Matteau scored to give the Rangers the game and the series."
Numbers don't lie - but that was a sign that this curse would be reversed - temporarily at least! Much like the curse of the Bambino indeed, in 2004... exactly ten years later... hmm... Nope - numbers don't lie!
Count Your Blessings!

A jump from baseball to hockey lol, I love all these curses you have been able to come across while doing this blog . I find them both well written and the links do make it so much better than just an ordinary short story. Thank you for all the info I love it all .

I am a seeker - I crave knowledge! And once obtained, I feel it to be my duty, honor and privilege to share it with as many as possible!

I particularly want to share with those who are worthy of it - and close to my heart!

(((Hugs))) & [[[Blesssings]]]
Ah, yes... I forgot to say more about the infamous "curse of the non-compliant PCs"!


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