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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Birthday of a Curse...

Do you believe in curses? Today is the birthday of the once (and future?) curse of the Bambino, which allegedly originated on this day in 1920 after the "sale" of Red Sox pitcher Babe Ruth - who promptly transformed into super slugger Babe Ruth for his new team, the Yankees.
Since I am stuck in a rut (...) no details on that - for now...
Hence, since the rut is settling in, let's try an experiment here on TLB... The Prime Blog on the Luminous Network (!)
Let's have a survey of all the famous curses - and how to luminously counter them!
In the next 12 days, we will survey the 12 curses still active (at least twelve curses of note out there - surely - if not more! If more, we'll add them - huh?)
If that is not exactly "luminescent material" - well then... The Luminous Blog is about what's out there, in the real world (whether theoretically or factually - and, fact is, there are eerie bits of evidence to substantiate "belief" in each and every one of these curses... just check the links in the coming days; starting with today's, of course!)
And... carry on... ah, cusping? You didn't expect me to condone cussing or cursing - did you?

Please tell me you don't believe in curses !! They are only fiction and you can only believe in them if you believe in a higher power and there is only one higher power I believe in and he doesn't use curses that I know of.
Many (((hugs)))
I would entertain you about the "Curse of My Luminous Life" - or the bane (s) of my existence... but that would not be good reading material for TLB... Nor fall within THIS blogger's ah... "company policy" shall we say? I think I've said too much already on this blog about my personal plights...!

I'll keep to examining the evidence of OTHER PEOPLE'S CURSES instead... and this one is a doozy!

"As the legend goes, a curse was placed on the Boston Red Sox after Babe Ruth, the "Bambino," was sold to the New York Yankees on this day in 1920. Before the sale, the Red Sox had won five World Series, and the Yankees had not even attended one; after the sale, the Red Sox did not win the series for 85 years, until 2005, while the Yankees won 26 times.
Red Sox fans have attempted various methods over the years to exorcise their famous curse. These have included placing a Boston cap atop Mt. Everest and burning a Yankees cap at base camp, hiring professional exorcists to 'purify' Fenway Park, and finding a piano owned by Ruth that he had supposedly pushed into a pond near his Sudbury, Massachusetts, winter home. Some declared the curse broken when, in July 2004, a foul ball hit by Manny Ramirez flew into Section 9, Box 95, Row AA and struck a boy's face, knocking two of his teeth out. The boy (16-year-old Lee Gavin, a Boston fan whose favorite player was and remains Ramirez) lives in the Sudbury farm house once owned by Ruth. That same day, the Yankees suffered their worst loss in team history, a 22-0 clobbering at home against the Cleveland Indians.

However, most agree that the curse was not truly broken until the 2004 postseason."

And there's more to it... much more!

Blessed Be - Abundantly, my dear - and thanks for both the hugs as for merely commenting

Interesting and a good story ,but I still think a curse is just an over active imagination. Yep I am a downer today , hope you have a good night .
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