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Friday, January 13, 2006

Curse Of Luminous Friday Night Videos! (And Not Only...)

Tis that time again - time for a new playlist to adorn The Luminous Blog... aka TLB Prime! And that alone is overshadowing today both the fact that we are not quite through yet here with our sub-series "spotlighting curses"... as well as the fact that today is Friday The 13th! (Yikes.)

Around here, there seems to be a curse presiding as it is, EVERY TWO FRIDAYS indeed... the curse of LFNV! Seems like each and every new playlist that comes on here has to have one or two tracks that simply will never play! Sometimes half the playlist won't play! It is unbearably frustrating! If these tunes are not available for playback - why allow me to choose them and add them to my playlist then?!? No one at Video Code Zone will ever answer me on that one! Another reason mayhaps for "Luminous Friday Night Videos" to be cursed... would be that the name vaguely reminds one of a cheap flick titled Friday Night Lights - which does not star a Luciano (thank God) but does star a Lucas! Lucas Black... if I am not mistaken, an actor who was an important part of the short-lived series American Gothic... but that is another story! The main two reasons why Friday Night Lights is such a sorry excuse for wasting celluloid are: actor Billy Bob Thornton (good old Billy Bob - and I can't like nor trust a Thornton since choker Joe, so...) AND director Peter Berg... Having some sort of kinship to their joint effort must be a curse all unto itself...

As for today's spotlighted curse - it also lacks credibility seeing as it dates back no further than 1997 and was allegedly so stylistically and dramatically worded by a frustrated Houston football fan... When Houston redneck sports fans are that loquacious and well-spoken, in the spur of the moment, I'll be ready to sign up for kamikaze operations or something! NO ONE down south (or up north for that matter - past the 49th parallel) can come up with the following "just like that"...

"They have cursed us with this, and all of the heartbreak and misery of losing for so many years. Our city's name will be attached to this disgrace forever. For that, I curse them, the Tennessee team will not win a Super Bowl until Houston gets a new team, and the new team wins two of them!"

The "disgrace" in question was having lost what was to be one of the Houston Oilers' last few playoff appearances EVER... and to lose it to the BUFFALO BILLS (who would garner the dishonor of losing four straight Super Bowls!) in what was deemed "the NFL's Greatest Comeback" ever in post-season history... is quite disgraceful indeed. Especially since the franchise folded afterwards - and was moved to true redneck country - in Tennessee!

"Friday Night Lights", by the way, looks like it was filmed in some southern area of the United States indeed... No Super Bowls there since it is college or high school football... Every college football player dreams of being in The Big Game one day though - and to enjoy its ancillary festivities from within! Ancillary festivities which constitute Super Bowl Sunday (sometimes "Super Sunday"), and has made it become, over the years, pretty much a de facto American national holiday!
Truth is, "football" is the name given to a number of different team sports - and Americans only ripped it off! The most popular of these world wide is Association football, which is called soccer in several countries. However the term is also applied to Rugby football (Rugby union and Rugby league), Australian rules football, Gaelic football... as well as American and Canadian football.

Did you know that Tennessee was also named by a very lost Spanish explorer? The earliest variant of the name that became Tennessee was recorded by Captain Juan Pardo, the famed Spanish explorer, when he and his men passed through a Native American village named "Tanasqui" in 1567 while travelling inland from South Carolina. Those Spaniards... they are STILL looking for that Fountain of Youth and El Dorado... eh? Maybe a séance tonight is in order - just to ask Ponce de Léon directions to these places or something...!

Speaking of superstitious/paranormal beliefs... just steer clear from ladders and black cats today - just in case!

And now... 13 for 13! The thirteen songs for a Friday the 13th... forget the fact that they will stick around here for two entire weeks (that is, if the playlist doesn't screw up completely - and I lose it and scrap it and make up a new one over at "freefreevideos" or something...!)

So - take a breather - yeah, BREATHE! Once again, the playlist's randomly picked tunes (one artist led to another near the end there) have a little something for every taste... just about!


LOL Ok you went all over with todays story but you somehow make it all fit together like a puzzle . No one else could do such a great job at it like you do. Who is coldplay ? LOL

Aww... thank you!
It is what I call (and am practically trying to commercialize as...) "luminous connections" *lol*

Everything is interconnected - we are all connected in this life, on this planet, in this universe! Good old Al (Einstein) used to say it differently - he simply stated that "everything is relative".
Another way to say it would then be "everything is related"...!
However, having said that, I must make clear that I don't want to be related to certain rather pugnacious, pungent and pestiferous evil individuals! *lol*

Their pugnacity is actually their charm and the least bothersome of their "qualities"...!

By the way - thanks for adorning this blog with the (another "LP word" coming right up...!) pulchritude of thy commentary...! :)

Ah - and to answer thy interrogative bit there - Coldplay is a British band (four guys - just like the Beatles! Sort of!).
They are immensely popular and critically-hailed right now... I have featured many of their songs all over my "network of luminous blogs" here...!
The lead singer - forget his first name, Copeland (hopefully no relation to the wrestler named Copeland too... they sort of look alike... the wrestler goes by the abstract name of "Edge" and hails originally from... Toronto!) - the lead singer, hence, is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gracious Gwyneth... she is, yes, but I still think Blythe Danner, her mother, is classier! ;)

Mom never had the chance to get the parts that her daughter got though...

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