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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Curse of S.I. Today - Not CSI - S.I.

The nasty rumors that merely gracing the cover of this particular magazine is a major jinx that forebodes all manners of bad luck heading your way shortly thereafter are... well... to put it mildly... rather silly!

It is true that, as we have seen in previous posts, some individuals and sports franchises have gone through hard times shortly after getting spotlighted on the cover of Sports Illustrated... However, it is a small percentage of those spotlighted that actually went through a really rough time afterwards. It is nothing like The Madden Curse, which has been unrelenting affecting each and every athlete who ever graced the jacket of a new edition of the Madden NFL game! Or that athlete's team...! Now THAT is consistency! For a curse or jinx, that is...

Sports Illustrated, in sharp contrast, has featured many a blissful athlete who remained untouched by any bad karma his whole career through... Plus, they have had the laaaadies... on all of those swimsuit issues covers! I have never heard of any of these lamenting about their getting the nod (and honor - and privilege) to grace the cover of that landmark annual "event" of an issue...! It was no bad luck to their careers at all - it was supposed to be a stepping stone or a crowning achievement, even!

Hmm... then again... I have never heard of pretty much any of them - after their heralded brief moment in the spotlight, frozen in time on a glossy cover forevermore... Even Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley have gone by the way side... whatever they are up to these days...! Carol Alt... hmm... did she ever grace the cover? Heidi Klum's aura of nymph-like interest (otherwise referred to as "the buzz around her") was ephemereal at best... Need I go on?

Having said all that... even those athletes who have seemed not to be affected by their passage on the cover of S.I. (such as Muhammad Ali and Bobby Orr, seen here) have eventually gone from "the Greatest" to "the former star" faster than it takes the average adolescent to thumb through the models section of those special swimsuit issues...!

OK You sound like a man who is more into the swimsuit issue that the sports issues LOL, just remember like everyone else bobby Orr and other just plain got to old to keep up with the younger players.

No way!
You are young!
And no way too - about the issues there! *lol*

I don't read these magazines anymore - and when I did, I read them for the articles!

LOL I think I have heard that about reading them for the articles. :)
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