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Sunday, January 15, 2006

From Boxers To Rebels We Go...

Off to Tinseltown we head today - and the classic "Rebel Without A Cause" - which is believed to be cursed too! Look at the staggering evidence... James Dean - dead. Natalie Wood - dead. Sal Mineo - dead. Nick Adams - dead. In fact, "the movie had a total cast of thirty-nine actors, of whom ONLY four were still living in 2004, fifty-one years after the movie was finished." (!)

We all know that movie stars are forever, teen idols especially, and that these thirty-nine stepping stone seekers should have lived happily ever after... If they did not, IT HAS TO BE BECAUSE A CURSE IS INVOLVED HERE... rrrright?

Forget the fact that, with the exception of Dean himself (who died on the very year of the film's release) everybody else croaked several years if not decades after the film's release... and not all tragically either. Mineo was stabbed to death and Wood did drown in very mysterious circumstances (seen again, almost, in the deaths by drowning of Mrs. William Shatner and a few others in Hollywood... Robert Blake and O.J. were a tad too "original" for their own good... but those are other stories... grisly stories too, more appropriate for The Lugubrious Blog than the Luminous one...) while stress ultimately killed, by association, Nick Adams, an ominous thirteen years after the film's release... Thirteen stress-filled anxious years that saw Adams forced to even co-star with a giant lizard in Japan! No wonder he was feeling the pressure, in his career and also in his personal life - but, again, another story...
(Hmm... there's that number again... 13! I'll never forget this past Friday The 13th - that is for sure! Rest In Peace... my poor Hitachi TV set!)
However, the other thirty-one actors who may have died since died natural deaths... I'm sure...? (Hmm... although 31 is 13 in reverse... and the four survivors should be warned that the number 4 is symbolic of death in Asian culture...)

Several other movies and television series have been hailed as being cursed over the years, of course... "One of them, "The Conqueror", starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward, has a stronger claim than most others for a "curse". Shot in St.George, Utah, the movie location was downwind of Nevada open-air nuclear testing. The movie's producer, Howard Hughes, had a considerable amount of dirt from the location shooting trucked back to Hollywood for reshooting some scenes. Several cast members, including Wayne, eventually died of cancer. Radiation exposure, however, while extremely unhealthy, is not a "curse" per say."
It is more likely then to speak of "the curse of the inept movie producers who pick lousy locations to shoot their films" - in the case of "The Conqueror"... which, greatly because of the presence of Wayne and Hayward, was a much better film than, say... "The Aviator"...! But I digress...

Saving the best for last here - the real doozy of cursed cinematographical productions awaits thee tomorrow... right here on The Luminous Blog!
Be there... or be as square as Mr. Hughes! *lol*

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