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Monday, January 23, 2006

Gag order on the election results in Canada?!?

And no, the Bloc Québécois has nothing to do with it!
This near-totalitarian tactic is just a delay of transmission of informations that could affect the vote turnout in parts of the country where polls are still open.
We know the human mind - everyone has a "jump on the bandwagon leprechaun" in their cranium, somewhere, that lures them to hop on something deemed to be "a winner"... Even if said "winner" is not representative of one's best interests or even deep convictions!
The reverse could happen too - with advance notice that their camp is losing, who knows what someone desperate enough to win "at all costs" - "by any means available" - "by hook or by crook"- could do?
Okay - canadian politics may not be as cutthroat or outright savage and untamed as depicted here... tongue firmly in cheek, may I precise!
Ultimately, we all know that it really doesn't matter who wins... NOTHING will fundamentally change!
Whether it is the Liberals or the Conservatives... Canada will remain in the USA's backpocket! As they've always been!
Of course, there are always different degrees of burning, to everything... And the rumors about the Conservatives' leader Stephen Harper lead one to believe that he might be make Canada *TRULY* the USA's 51st State (#s 51 through 60 - right?) as Stephie here appears to be the puppet of some American interests who funded both his campaign and rise to power...
But those are just rumors... right.

Well, I hope that whoever wins will be a good representative for your country and no fraud will go on with the voting whastsoever.

It's too bad the elected officials are not always there to reflect our best interests, but I believe it is in an individual's highest morals represented in their everyday actions-that will make the difference, and that's why when one votes, it's important to really know whos running and what they are running for and use your best judgement all the way. Then who knows if the work will be done. That's why it's up to the people of the country to really get together to really make the changes happen, I feel.

Blessed Be, Sundown
Canadians... getting together and making changes?

Canadians don't do that.

No two Canadians trust one another enough to do anything of the sort!

Partly due to the fact that many so-called Canadians are in fact... Greeks, Armenians, Italians, Lebanese, Turks, Irishmen, Chinese, Haitians, Afghanis, Egyptians, Portuguese and many other races... all intermingled together in what some call a "mosaic"... (coming undone at the seams)... ot a "melting pot"... (at boiling point and about to spill over)... or, as I call it... just another Tower of Babel (and not all that towering on the international scene either... but that is another story!).

Having said all that - Canadians born and bred here, even with ancestral roots here, are not trusting of each other either...

So - no getting together to do much of anything... except bickering!
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