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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hernandez And Morrissey - together again for the first time

The intertwining of the cursing continues today with "the curse of Keith Hernandez" - infielder and cocaine user extraordinaire! Just like Rocky and the Bambino, he was ousted from the team and the city that he had grown to be so attached to... and he went cussing, apparently. Just like the Bambino, he wound up in New York - the Mets rather than the Yankees though. The similarities end there, for Hernandez was already addicted to cocaine while with the St-Louis Cardinals - his coming to New York simply gave him a wider array of suppliers... The Bambino became addicted to booze while in New York ; in Boston, he was just fine... but it is another story we've covered already...

Of course, the cursed team here is the St-Louis Cards, who have seen bizarre and revolting turn ot events rob them from many a championship since Hernandez's departure... Their loss to the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 World Series completed the breaking of the Curse of the Bambino. First instance of curses meeting and getting tangled up... In the 2005 National League Championship Series, "the Cardinals lost to the Houston Astros, who had never won a pennant in their previous 43 seasons of play, and whom they had beaten in the previous year's NLCS. But the Astros went on to lose the World Series to the Chicago White Sox, both breaking the Curse of the Black Sox and extending the Curse of Judge Hofheinz."
All curses were seen together, after the game, sharing a brewski...

Keith Hernandez though lacks the larger-than-life quality of a Bambino, a Judge or even a bunch of Black Sox...! Just my opinion - but I have little respect for cocaine users, crack-er jacks, sniffers, pushers, junkies, druggies, shooters, smokers and everyone associated with their sorry lot! Hernandez was a part of the most disgusting line-up EVER in the history of major league baseball - the New York Mets of 1986 (who, incidentally, prolonged the Curse of the Bambino by a few more years when they snatched victory from the Red Sox that year - the Sox may have had adulterer Wade Boggs batting for them, but they had a line-up of players with CLASS in comparison with the thugs of New Amsterdam...! Jim Rice, Spike Owen, Don Baylor, Dwight Evans, Marty Barrett, Rich Gedman, Calvin Schiraldi, Dave Henderson... even Bob Stanley and Bill Buckner! These guys deserved to win... NOT the jerks that surrounded Hernandez at all... Baseball records do not tell of the lows that some of these players would reach, off the field for the most part.)

Keith Hernandez, of course, insists that he never cursed the team that he was so proud of being a part of in the early days of his career - which is, to me, akin to the Curse of Morrissey! Morrissey's "praise and support to young bands during the 1980s and '90s" - which translated into short-lived success, if any... Just check out the list of bands that Morrissey praised so passionately - none are even vaguely familiar...!

Another curse I just noticed... the curse of the non-compliant PCs! Static builds up on the damn modem... nothing's working... the PC looks like a useless piece of junk... and then, a mere thirty seconds of unplugging the black cord of the modem and everything is back to normal. Hmm... Tis would be the curse of technology in my vicinity - even when things have no apparent reason to malfunction, they still do!
Okay - I am better now!

Yes Cocaine and drugs the down fall of so many people , who I cannot feel sorry for since you know what the effects are before you take it so no excuse is acceptable to me. I know the curse of the PC all to well LOL .

Yeah - down with coke!
And down with pepsi too!

Aye... I too have battled the devastating effects of the curse of the "non-compliant" PC...
More on that in the next post too...

(((Hugs))) & [[[Blessings]]]
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