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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jerry Garcia Had It All Figured Out


What have they got NOT to be grateful about? They have moved on... passed on... gone on to the Great Big Waiting Room in the Sky ~ to await Judgment Day!
They have not a worry in the world anymore ~ no more peer pressure, social pressure, mortgages, debts piling up, relationships to nurture, daggers aiming at their backs... NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH!
No more of that crazy -and quite frankly silly- stuff! EVER AGAIN!
They have gone to a better place ~ where no one will hurt them EVER AGAIN.
They have ascended (okay - some have "descended") and they are NOT looking back!
Unless they are told to that is... such is the theory supporting belief in the intercession of saints. These are souls in the Light, near-angels who can help those of us who remain behind...
Always good to have heavenly support, wouldn't you say...
That support is purported to come also in the form of spiritual guides... and, of course, in the traditional form of heavenly attendants... in other words ~ Angels!
After so many curses here on TLB Prime... I feel like invoking the good stuff now ~ mayhaps that will turn the tide on my fortunes (or lack thereof...)
Starting tomorrow ~ a series on Saints And Angels... here, on TLB Prime!
Oh... and if I was to die "before I wake"... or blog... may The Lord take my soul ~ evidently... but also, as Evita sang... "don't cry for me" ~ ah... blogger-o-rama fandom... I will be better off... MUCH BETTER OFF...
I will be grateful... like Jerry is!

I always wished I was a much more heavier fan of the greatful dead-minus the drugs of course! But they had such a colorful following and merchandise, that it's sad that Jerry had to struggle the way he did with the drugs. I should listen to their music more. Thanks for posting this. It will be nice to learn more about saints and stuff like that. Can't wait!
Nice picture by the way!

Blessed Be,

Somehow, I knew you'd like that picture!

Jerry did drugs, Jerry sang... Jerry did much in his life. And, when he died, he was revered as a Santa Claus of Music of sorts...!

I eventually got to appreciate the choice made by the creative minds behind that short-lived cartoon series (what was it called... "God, The Devil & Bob" was it?) when they chose Jerry Garcia's likeness to act as "GOD"... much better choice than having Alanis Morissette play the part, as Kevin Smith decided to do -just to be "cute"- on Dogma...

My point is...
(and, to borrow a line from Ellen, "I do have one"...)
Jerry is dead and he is in a better place.
All of the dead are in a better place.
I am not entirely sure where the souls of evil ones go... but just the fact that they are out of their miserable routine of hurting others makes it, de facto, "a better place" for them too!

And the good guys - we die, we get closer to God.

That's my story
And I'm sticking to it.

& [[[Blessings]]]
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