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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Judge Not Or Thou Shall Be Judged...!

Oops... another Baseball-related curse! Spoke too soon yesterday, when I clamored for more "seasonal curses" (and the moment I did, temperatures dipped from "mere cold" to "bitter cold" levels... hmm... curse of the thermostat? Hey - stat! Statistics Sundays creeping its head into today's post... Yay).

The Curse of Judge Hofheinz is suspicious though... "Because the team's first owner, Judge and former Houston Mayor Roy Hofheinz, was the first baseball team owner to put his team in a domed stadium (the Astrodome) and the first to use artificial turf, it has been suggested that "the baseball gods" placed a curse on the team."
HA! Was it Pan then? I figure that Pan, who hangs out in the woods so much, would supply the materials to make all of those baseball bats...! And the paperwork to place all those illegal bets on the outcome of post-season play... for the likes of Paste Pot Pete there... *lol* But that is another story...

I suspect these so-called "baseball gods" of course to be something *else* entirely, quite evidently... No Pans, no deadpans, no seytans and no teflons here... but rather the ghosts of old-tyme players! No one any more purist than those guys! Thus, you see where I am getting at here... I see the Bambino creeping his head into this one too! And DiMaggio... And Mantle... And Gehrig... All those Damn Yankees, basically... Yogi Berra too (wait - Yogi isn't dead yet - is he? No; dead men don't sue *Sex And The City* for defamation of character... I think!) But no - not the Chicago "Black Sox" - no!
These alleged "baseball gods" don't always hang out in Costner's Field of Dreams (dreams and extra innings - right?) - they will roam all the ballparks of the world too! Okay - maybe not the entire world; but since a Boston paper coined the term "World Series", the impression of worldliness has remained... And the fact that players from the Dominican Republic and other South American countries are in the major leagues help in giving that impression greater credence... But really now; with all teams (except one lousy one - used to be two lousy ones) based in the United States - I see not much worldly flavor other than some latino names up and down the batting order! But I digress...
Hence, the ghosts of these reputed-to-be "baseball gods" scoffed at the sacrilege perpetrated in Houston! They gasped in horror as they saw "astroturf" replace natural grass; they who always played the game on grass (not meaning that they were high or anything like that though - heck, there weren't even steroids around back in the day!) and they were enraged not to see an open sky anymore (to properly ascend again - lest I am assuming too much in thinking that these ghosts are heavenly bound in any way... but I am digressing again!)
And now Houston has to pay the price - for they have sinned, see? They shall be cast out from the Field of Dreams... when they all croak that is!? They shall never get over the hump... or is that over the pitcher's mound? Whatever... Houston - we have a problem! The "baseball gods" don't like you - and you will never win it all now... never! The 2005 post-season is quite telling; they finally got past the League Championship Series... only to lose the World Series in a SWEEP... losing to a team that had not won it all in 88 years (the Chicago White Sox - not the Red Sox! Boston had not won in 85 years when THEY swept the St-Louis Cardinals in 2004. The same Cardinals Houston got by in 2005... only to lose again but for the first time in the World Series! Ow - the wrath of the gods is as cruel as ever... even when these are the deities of America's favorite pasttime and not a bonafide pantheon of old myth here). Of course, you will note my sarcastic tone here and generally disbelieving tone; for there are no "gods" - there is only One God!
And the Astros just have lousy timing; that's all there really is to it!

No one would ever guess that you love baseball and that your team is Boston , you hide that fact so well. LOL keep on writing so I can keep on reading it is quite good to read this and learn so many new facts .

Call me Mr Information then!

I used to call myself "Mister Coincidence" - underlining every little bit of synchronicity that I would find...!
That was years before Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ was born!

(((hugs))) & blessings
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