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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Of Goats, Scapegoats And Goatees...!

Today's curse (!) - the curse of the Billy Goat! That one is really a doozy too...
That poor goat just wanted to watch the game (a game it cannot comprehend, but still - let it go) and it was denied that privilege - back in the day when tickets were affordable, of course! Nowadays, you want to see the Cubs lose, you do so from the comfort of your own home! ;)
The Billy Goat is the scapegoat for all of the Chicago Cubs' years of misery... Not a very credible scapegoat mind you (not half as much as the Bambino was to the Red Sox) but still... it's all they've got to explain such a mind-boggling long stretch of dismal results...

From one scapegoat to another; for such is the Luminous Blog's tradition - of making luminous connections... remember? And, right now, one has to think of lobbyist Jack Abramoff and one thinks of a scapegoat. In an effort to save his own hide, he is telling prosecutors and the FBI about "alleged bribes to lawmakers and their aides on issues ranging from Internet gambling to wireless phone service in the House." He was the one only who got nabbed - scapegoats have that in common with scorned women and paybacks in general... they hit you when you least expect it (that boomerang effect, eh) and they hit you HARD too.

"The full extent of the investigation is not yet known, but Justice Department officials said Tuesday they intended to make use of the trove of e-mails and other material in Abramoff's possession as part of a probe that is believed to be focusing on as many as 20 members of Congress and aides." Happy new year congressmen and congresswomen! It is starting off so well for you - at least for some of you it is... I sympathize though.

Assistant Attorney General Alice Fisher, head of the Justice Department's criminal division has been quoted saying that "the corruption scheme with Mr. Abramoff is very extensive and we will continue to follow it wherever it leads."
Promises, promises... Alice knows full well she will have to stop following up on that if it reaches too far, too high and into too many forms of corruption... Nice try though! Fisher... hmm... any relation to Eddie, Joely and Carrie? *lol*
Jack Abramoff ratted out on his buddies in a hell of a hurry though - I wish all dirty rats were like Jack Abramoff (instead of like, say... James Cagney? But I digress...).

And, in a totally different registry, new year often means new gear... new look... and new year's resolutions too! "On the razor’s edge, there were a few resolutions about shaving — like it should be done at least every other day unless one is attempting to grow a beard. Some folks also said they would like to see more handlebar mustaches, 1970s sideburns and really weird goatees (or at least that’s what I’d like to see)."
And, as a matter of fact, I am working on that...!
But it might just be a side-effect of being stuck on a rut, so... I'll see and keep you posted on that as it develops... and as I find out what it truly is symptomatic of! *lol*

The fact remains that, as always, I prefer to coin a name for it rather than make usage of the accepted colloquialism for it - "goatee" was never to my liking. The goat is an animal that, along with the serpent, has represented quite effectively the devil on more than one occasion. I do not want the characteristics of that clod... NEVER!
Hence, I am not growing a goatee - I am growing a "Musketeer's Beard"! Yep!
And Seventies Sideburns to match! *LOL*
Blessings! (NOT cursings!)

Interesting Link I enjoyed reading your blog today and yesterday. Well I always enjoy it lol I just meant this curse blogs have been good reading and the links that you have put up with them.
This curse blogs phase I'm going through, you mean...?

Hmm... and I thought you would have commented on the "musketeer's beard" with matching seventies sideburns...!!! *lol*

Glad you enjoy my topics!

and many blessings!
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