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Friday, January 20, 2006


Hmm... anybody up for some Secret?
No, not the anti-perspirant stuff...! Although, since we're suddenly in that aisle of household products for personal hygiene, I would be remiss if I didn't mention here -at last- that this luminous blogger has finally found a toothpaste tailor-made for him: The Luminous toothpaste! ~ brought to you by the kind people from Colgate!
It had to be Colgate, I guess... Crest is fine but, somehow, it has always been Colgate for me - since my earliest toothbrushing days! How fitting that they would name their newest, brightest product now... after me! *blush*
But that is another story...
The Secret this post is all about is of an entirely different order ~ of course. Only a few have been privy to it - and those that were, immediately thrived on and on and on... This Secret has been banned by the Church since (always the way it goes, eh? Whatever slightly mysterious bit of knowledge there is, it gets to be entrusted into the hands of the Church and, shortly thereafter, it gets sealed off and taken away from "public consumption" forevermore... It's always the Church that is the culprit... never the State? Hmm...)
This Secret has nothing to do with the the inane made-up "secrets" that are shared with the public from time to time by selected guests on "Conan O'Brien"...
This Secret might have a whole lot to do or in common with the Third Secret of Fatima...!
This Secret empowers though... allegedly. Thus, whatever it is, it probably is something else entirely...
This Secret will be revealed to the masses on February 15th ~ yes, on national television!
Wow - lucky us... check your local listings for, as we all know knowledge is power...!
In a totally unrelated side-note of sorts here... I invite you "l.o.v.s" to stop by The Taste-Testing Blog also - and vote for the LEAST depressive video of the selection found on the "L.B." playlist - which is itself to be found on this umpteenth blog of mine (hoping that the playlist to be found there plays all the tracks too - so that you can make a most educated choice! The playlist currently playing HERE, on TLB Prime, is faulty, of course... what else is new... Has anyone heard the Genesis classic "Land of Confusion" yet? It hasn't played yet, since I "installed" this playlist here... Likewise for the SECOND Benedictine Monks track there... which is really a send-up... a spoof... Maybe it is best that it DOESN'T play after all... *lol*). Note that an "L.B." is a "least bizarre" one... The winner will be included on the next playlist... here... on TLB Prime! Blessings!

Very interesting I have maked in on my calander and will be watching to see just what it is.
Have a good weekend
What - not a word on the luminous toothpaste?


We shall all see what this "Great Big Secret" is all about... on Feb 15th... probably on NBC...

Have a good week-end too
Mine... will be so-so

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