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Friday, February 17, 2006

inbox indiscretions # 2...

Another bit of forwardable gemology 101 today - then we will pause for a while before we do it again - okay?
Today, we are urged to remember Terri Schiavo...
I want to, absolutely. However, I would urge all to drop the name Schiavo already.
Remember Terri SCHINDLER instead - that's right, her maiden name and the name of the people who truly loved her; her family.
The name Schiavo is that of her wretched husband, he who came along one dark day into her life - and that was really the beginning of the end for Terri.
Michael Schiavo came, saw, conquered her heart... and now, in his wake, Terri is simply no more.
There is not even a trace of her left any longer - since she was reduced to ashes, at the insistence of Mikey there...
He who claimed to be privy to her wishes in regards to illness, death... and funeral arrangements. Sure. Those are the topics of choice between two lovebirds. I am so sure that every set of those had a ball discussing those things this past February 14th... when love is in the air... both are healthy and subject to the rampant effects of these pheromones floating about in the air... death and sickness come to mind immediately, yeah... rrrrrright.
I am digressing again - aren't I.
Onwards with another one of them Forwards then...

Don't Let Terri Schiavo's Name Be Exploited: Click below to Help Re-elect Legislators That Tried To Save Her Life!
Donate Now!
This CONSERVATIVE ALERT is a special message for Luminous Luciano from the PAC:
Dear Luciano,
This is a very difficult letter for me to write. But I'm asking you to PLEASE, read it all the way through.
I'm sure you remember last year, when judicial activists and liberal politicians worked together and starved an innocent young disabled woman to death -- Terri Schindler Schiavo.
I remember it all too well. I was there in Florida, trying to save Terri's life.
Contrary to anything you may have heard, Terri was NOT brain dead; Terri was NOT in a coma; she was NOT in a "persistent vegetative state;" nor was she on ANY life-support system.
Terri laughed, Terri cried, she moved, and she made child-like attempts at speech with her family. Sometimes she would say "Mom" or "Dad" or "yeah" when they asked her a question. When her mother or father kissed her hello or goodbye, she would look at them and "pucker up" her lips.
This may not seem like much to you, but it meant everything to Terri's family. It told them she was still there, she still knew them, and with therapy and time she could have had some level of recovery.
I know that there are some hard-hearted people who believe that due to Terri Shiavo's condition, she is better off dead. Words cannot describe the pain and anger such sentiments cause me. This was a human being -- her parents' daughter, their little girl -- and even in her disabled condition, she still had the right to life and the right to be loved and cared for by her family.
After they killed her, I vowed to do everything in my power to make sure nothing so horrible could ever happen again in America. And I thanked the statesmen and activists who did everything in their power to try and save her from starvation. I was especially thankful to the tens of thousands of activists across the nation, who called, wrote, and even travelled to Florida to join us in speaking with legislators and participating in vigils and protests on behalf of Terri.
Now Michael Schiavo, Terri's estranged husband who denied her any therapy for over a decade and then collaborated with those activist judges and legislators to starve her to death, has stepped into the media spotlight once again. He's started a PAC (political action committee) to exploit Terri's name and raise money to defeat the Congressmen and Senators who tried to save her life.
He even has the nerve to call it "TerriPAC". He should be ashamed of himself, but instead he paints himself as a victim and a hero, who "loved his wife". (Never mind the he lived with his "fiancee" the whole time Terri was being starved, had two children by her, and spent the money that was supposed to be for Terri's rehabilitation on lawyers in order to have her killed.) Now, once again, Michael Schiavo is hitting the news shows and the talk show circuit to tell the world that Terri "wanted to die" -- in fact, he was just on Keith Olbermann's liberal "news" show on MSNBC spouting the same old rhetoric.
And the liberal media eats it up -- because they believe it means more conservatives will be voted out of office.
I believe we need to fight back -- NOW. Last year, countless thousands of members of were there for Terri when she and her family needed them the most. Many were there beside me, in the halls and offices of the Florida legislature, trying to convince hard-hearted politicians to stop her court-ordered starvation. Many of you were there, when we went in for meetings with state senators and Governor Bush's aides, alongside others like Randall Terry, Alan Keyes, and even Jesse Jackson, trying to convince the governor to intervene and save Terri's life.
And so many were there, helping us to raise money to pay for the tens of thousands of dollars in expenses that Terri's family incurred, trying to save her life. I was so very grateful for everything that members did to help the Schindler family in their time of greatest need.
Now, utilizing the PAC, we have decided to FIGHT BACK against Michael Schiavo's blatant exploitation of Terri, and to counter everything he does -- dollar for dollar, ad for ad -- so we can support the legislators that supported Terri... and defeat the ones that contributed to her death.
We've started a new PAC project, called "Terri's List," which will focus on supporting the list of legislators that Michael Schiavo is targeting for defeat. This project name was chosen because anyone that Michael Schiavo decides to put on HIS list was, obviously, a FRIEND of Terri. But we need YOUR help to ensure this project's success. Please click through to contribute to the PAC's special project, "Terri's List":

We weren't able to stop the pro-death activists from forcibly starving Terri Schiavo to death. But we CAN stop her estranged husband from exploiting her memory, and her name, in his shameful quest for vengeance against the honorable men and women who tried to stop him from killing her against her will.
Allow me to be very direct with you: if we believe Terri should not have been killed by starvation, then we have a duty before God to do something now in her name. Please, help the PAC to counter Michael Schiavo's shameful attempt to exploit Terri Schiavo's good name -- help support the legislators on "Terri's List" that tried so hard to save her life.
Friend, though we may have never met, I'm asking you for your help. I am asking you to help the PAC with the best gift you can give for this battle. Virtually every person reading this can give $5 or $10 dollars. Many can give $50 or $100. Some can give $500 or $1000 or even $2000 or more. An effort like this takes extensive resources, and we need much help. Every gift matters at this time! I thank you with all my heart. (Gifts are not tax-deductible.) Please give ASAP; the need is urgent now, and time is critical as the 2006 election season now starts to heat up:
Please, make your best donation now. Thank you.

William Greene, President PAC

P.S. Just before the New Year, Michael Schiavo's "TerriPAC" placed ads on several popular political websites and discussion groups to drum up support for his new project of exploitation.
Now he's BRAGGING about their early success; here's an excerpt from one of his recent e-mails: "Already, our ads have been seen by more than three quarters of a million people and countless political and opinion leaders. And as a result, our website has recorded tens of thousands of individual 'hits' from people all over the world and people are signing-up every day... In just a few weeks, TerriPAC will be announcing our first endorsed candidates for public office..."
With that, Michael Schiavo announced the TerriPAC "30 Challenge" to raise $30,000 and rank the first 3 legislators he intends to target.
We need to raise MORE money than Michael Schiavo. We need to COUNTER whoever he targets and SUPPORT them, and we need to strongly OPPOSE whoever he endorses. We need to RESCUE the memory of Terri Schindler Schiavo from the clutches of this man who betrayed her.
PLEASE, make your best donation to the PAC right away, and forward this e-mail to any friends or family that you have who you think might be interested in saving Terri's good name -- even though we were unsuccessful in our attempts to save her life. This is an important battle in the war for the lives of our weak, vulnerable, and disabled brothers and sisters.


If you prefer to contribute by check, please send to: PAC
Dept. Code 7
PO Box 20277
Washington DC 20041-2277

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4850 Golden Pkwy., Ste. B #325, Buford GA 30518-1712

Please be so kind -to yourselves as to me but mostly to Terri's memory- and copy and paste into your browser any URL address found above ~ so that you can visit the websites and act in Terri's memory.


I like this idea of yours to post some of the chain-mail e-mails. I get quite a few of those myself. This one was really good one you posted here.

I will be back again soon. :)

God Bless You Dear Luce (\ô/)
Countess Demetria aka Deme
As good as it is - it ranks number two!

Yesterday's was what it's all about!

I am sure Terri SCHINDLER is in a good place now - a cozy spot of the universe, where kind souls only are allowed to set foot.

As for the people mentioned in yesterday's gem of a Forward... well, only God Knows for sure!

Many Blessings!
I don't understand why people think her husband wouldn't have known her wishes. Sure, people healthy and happy aren't going to be thinking about death all the time, but it does come up, ESPECIALLY among married couples. My husband and I had The Talk even before we got married. Our married friends have also, along with our parents, siblings, etc.
I love my parents and respect them, but they do not know what's in my heart. Sure, my mother carried me for nine months, but she does not know how I feel about many things, even the type of jewelry I prefer! It's not that I don't share with her, in fact, I do. It's just that there are some things I can't explain to her. In the event of my death or in the event I am brain dead, I have specific instructions laid out for my husband to follow. They are a bit contrary to what my mom wants of me (she wants to see me buried whole, I want to donate my organs to those who need them and my body to medical research). It wasn't until we were married that my husband and I put anything on paper, but had something happened to me before then, I am sure my mother would try to have her way against my wishes. My (then) fiance would have had to fight tooth and nail to have my wishes followed.
I'm not saying Terri's family didn't love her and vice versa. I'm just saying that there's a reason people marry (and I'm not including sham or trophy marriages of course) and I can't see why people think Terri's husband WOULDN'T have been privy to her wishes in that matter. There are things I tell my husband that I tell no one else. If someone ever tells me my parents know better than my husband what I want, or my parents (or children) dare to represent what I want and brush off what my husband tells them, well, I'll do my best to haunt them! LOL.
I can only think that people who think Terri's husband didn't know what she wanted (even an inkling) must never have been in a loving, trusting relationship. Because in those kind of relationships, the two parties TELL each other these things BECAUSE they are important.
Yes - things like that are very important indeed. A couple that has true UNCONDITIONAL LOVE binding them can and will talk about ANYTHING - even and maybe even especially that.

However, did you notice the two key words there? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There are all kinds of reasons to believe that Michael Schiavo and Terri Schindler did not have exactly that. He liked her fine - he may have even loved her, his way... But was it unconditional love?

If it was unconditional love, then why wwould did Terri feel that she had to starve herself in order to please him? In order to "keep her man" in fact. If he had unconditional love in his heart for her, she would have felt at ease putting on some pounds, maybe shedding them eventually, regaining them and so on... but she would have not gone to such extremes to keep his interest alive.

This alone indicates that she loved him more than he loved her.

And then there are the post-illness facts... Facts they are too, not mere speculation at all.

Fact: Michael Schiavo had insurance money to collect in the event of Terri's death.

Fact: a nurse heard him voice his displeasure that Terri still lived - and in a most unpleasant way to boot.

Is this a loving spouse?
Or is this a jerk?

About the nurse - one can doubt her words and even suppose that she's lying.

Then I ask you to think about who stands to gain something from all this.

What can the nurse gain by saying these things?

As much as Michael Schiavo stood to gain with Terri's death?

In fact, it reminds me of a situation I was in myself.
I was accused of being a liar.
This other person was the liar - and stood to lose the trust and maybe even the love of a dear one if exposed as such.
I had nothing to gain or lose in the whole sordid situation!

Likewise for the nurse here.

She spoke the truth, in all likelihood. Because she had not a thing to gain by lying!

And that makes Michael Schiavo something worse than a jerk.

If Schiavo loved Terri so much, he would have been happy to see her live on with those who truly loved her indeed - her family.

The whole point of "if brain dead, put me out of my misery" is bunk.

Because Terri was not brain dead.

She was lucid enough to look around her and be aware of the presence of people.

Of course, it cannot be proven either way now - and it is pointless now too.

But the fact is that there were docs on her wretched husband's side on this subject - and there were on the Schindler family's side.

Is medical science such an inexact science that both parties have the same chance of being right?

Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that LIFE should prevail. Death does come soon enough anyways. HER FAMILY LOVED HER MORE THAN HE EVER DID.

There are couples who love each other equally and share all... and do have that most magical thing of all; unconditional love.

Michael Schiavo and Terri Schindler did not appear to be that way.

Otherwise, he would have at least waited that she was really gone to start his life over with another woman.
Michael Schiavo reminds me of guys like Dennis Quaid.

Quaid was married to P.J. Soles.
Then to Meg Ryan.
Then some new gal...

The three of them could be TRIPLETS.

He only changed from one to the next when things got boring... or the lady was no longer enough of a novelty in his book? He changed for a SIMILAR MODEL - only brand new.

Some guys do assimilate women to cars a whole lot.

I never understood why.
Personally, a car is a hassle.
Practical, sure, but also a major hassle. All those trips to the garage... With a lady, there is no garage to visit! They usually hate them anyway...

Michael Schiavo replaced Terri Schindler with another perky gem of a girl he is unworthy of. The only thing is, he did so way too soon. And looked like a heartless monster in the process.

His new ladylove surely knows what she can expect if she were ever to fall ill herself...
I'm sorry, but I just don't believe that she was starving herself for him. People who are anorexic are ill. I've worked with a few, and it doesn't matter how beautiful they are, how loved they are, or how accepted they are by the people around them, they will still feel inferior and will try to starve themselves. It's a debilitating illness, for which there is no cure. Anorexics have to struggle all their life in order to keep from hurting themselves. They may find a large support network and be unconditionally loved by their mates, but still feel inadequate.

As for the nurse, I really can't say what her motivations are. She could have overheard Terri's husband actually say that. Maybe he meant it in a negative way, or maybe he was just heartsick of all the media hubbub and wanted his wife to be at peace, not intending his words to be taken that way. I've seen the loved ones of hospital patients say things that sound horrible like "Why doesn't my son just die?" but they don't mean it to be harmful; the woman who said that just wanted her son to finally be at peace, for the battle to be over. There was no chance he was going to get any better and she was heartsick to see him suffer so.

I think there is a possibility that the nurse lied. Again, in my experience, despite someone being in a job to help people, sometimes agendas get pushed. I work with emergency room patients and people suffering from terminal illness. I work a lot with the family members and have myself watched a beloved family member slowly die in a coma, as a result of an accident. So I know firsthand what happens to these people. I have come across more than my share of doctors and (especially) nurses and orderlies who have strong convictions about life, death, and religion. Many of them have (albeit subconsciously) pushed their own views on a patient, even if it was against a patient's beliefs. I have seen too much duplicity and outright maliciousness from people who are supposed to "do no harm" that it makes me question whether or not there is goodness in the human race.

I'd like to belive that Terri's husband isn't a jerk. I'd like to believe this is nothing more than a hyped-up media buffet at the expense of a family going through a difficult time. And I'd like to believe that other people going through worse trauma weren't overshadowed by this story, but it's hard to believe all that in this world.

Either way, I just don't know. I'm not willing to say Terri's husband was in it for the money (so many people have insurance that we can't blame everyone for wanting the insurance money) but I'm also not willing to say her family was in the wrong. I can't say anymore. No one can.

And also, coma patients DO move; open their eyes, move limbs and such. Even the brain-dead ones. It's merely a reaction in the nervous system, similar to pulling off a lizard's tail and watching it flop around.

God bless.
Yes, of course the nervous system produces jerking movements of the body that seem to indicate something else, often giving false hope...

I am glad to see that you are in the know and even in the field of work that we are discussing here.

About that nurse though: she had nothing to gain and no agenda to push by coming out and revealing what she allegedly heard Michael Schiavo say upon entering Terri's room... And that was something along the lines of "how long will it take for this bitch to die"

Hardly the words of a loving husband, hmm?

In what you wrote, this stood out for me: "I have seen too much duplicity and outright maliciousness from people who are supposed to "do no harm" that it makes me question whether or not there is goodness in the human race."

I know where you're coming from!

Of course, it is not "malicious" in my book to try to convince a dying patient to accept Christ before he or she departs - I would call it noble instead.
It is up to the patient to accept Christ evidently - we cannot force anyone to believe. It wouldn't wash with St. Peter! Much less so with God Himself...
Jesus let go of those that even He could not "convince" - so who are we to insist?

There is much duplicity and maliciousness out there still - I wish people had more imagination and try and see it where it hides so very well... not in religious environments but in the midst of an ever secular society...

Not to say that it isn't present basically everywhere...

Still, there is genuine goodness in the human race - I am sure of it.

There is still some evidence of that - less than yesteryear, but there is still enough "out there" for there to be... hope!

All we need is discernment to tell the "sheep" from the "goats" - as some preachers repeat often...

God Bless You Too!
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