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Thursday, February 02, 2006

to be found worthy ~ you have to be a warrior!


Former child actor and rather troubled young man Eddie Furlong - of T2, Pet Sematary 2, 3 Blind Mice and American History X fame - was recently labeled as a "warrior"... simply for reviving his career after some years spent being too much of a raucous rebel without any kind of a cause.
As great as it is to see someone who picks himself up, hits the brakes on the self-destruct road they were on, and gets back on the road to recovery... this is not exactly what being a true "warrior" is all about.
I am not telling you all to go check with Jim Hellwig now - better known as "Warrior" these days (he even legally changed his name to be forever known as such! But that is another... very odd... story!) for even he, despite the name he bears, could not guide you properly down the proper path here...
The best guidance to be found on this matter ~~~ is the following!

Every warrior of the light has been afraid to enter a combat.
Every warrior of the light has betrayed and lied in the past.
Every warrior of the light has lost faith in the future.
Every warrior of the light has trodden a path which was not his own.
Every warrior of the light has suffered because of unimportant things.
Every warrior of the light has doubted that he is a warrior of the light.
Every warrior of the light has failed in his spiritual obligations.
Every warrior of the light has said yes when he meant no.
Every warrior of the light has hurt someone he loved.

That is why he is a warrior of the light: He has endured all this, and not lost the hope to improve.
-Paulo Coelho, "The Manual of the Warrior of Light"
Copyright notice -as required by the author- Warrior of the Light, a publication

Luminous Paulo ~ Luminous Luciano salutes thee!
For thee art worthy too - indubitably!
Just as yesterday's luminaries ~ and tomorrow's as well! Here - on TLB Prime! ;)

I like that quote very much! I have seen Warriors Of The Light act HIGHLY SELF RIGHTEOUS in the face of darkness and fight it, not wanting to admit, they themselves have had troubled times in the past and snub people who have trouble with the darkness, instead of giving them a helping hand and bring them towards the light. These people are still of the darkness, as far as I'm concerned. But then you have the people whom you're mentioning that remember their past and are unconditional towards those whom are troubled and willing to help them out if the person wants it.

Blessed Be,
Everyone is faillible.
Anyone can succumb.

Paulo Coelho (Jack Rabbit to his detractors - Luminoso Paulo to his fans) knows that well.
And so do I.

I knew a priest once who used to say "do as I tell you to do and not as I do!"

And no - he wasn't a pedophile!

He was simply...
very HUMBLE.

So should we all be.

As we strive to be the best that we can be.

Like you, Sundown!
As I do too.

And not the opposite - such as Kae... Brandon... and the rest of you who may be around!

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