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Monday, April 24, 2006

Meatless Monday - a meaningless motivation?

Celebrate a "Meatless Monday!" and try a new vegetarian meal from Engine 2 in Austin, TX...

Why? Recently, National Public Radio's All Things Considered reported an interesting story. Two years ago, Texas firefighter James Rae's cholesterol hit a whopping 344. In response, he and his fellow firefighters at Station 2 in Austin started eating vegetarian, and their "Engine 2" has spearheaded family-style vegetarian eating at their firehouse. Rae's cholesterol is now 196 and dropping. So join the firefighters on Engine 2 and try a vegetarian meal today!

A new study has found that individuals whose diets are heavy in meat, refined starches, and sodium are nearly one and a half times more likely to suffer from persistent coughs with phlegm than those who consume a diet high in vegetables, fruit, and soy.

According a study published in American Journal of Respiratory, researchers analyzed data to assess the usual dietary intake of over 50,000 participants. “We were able to identify two distinct food patterns in our population. What we refer to as the ‘meat-dim sum pattern’ and the ‘vegetable-fruit-soy pattern’,” said lead researcher said Dr. Stephanie London.

The meat-based pattern contained predominantly pork, chicken, fish, noodles, and preserved foods, while the opposing diet consisted mainly of vegetables, fruit, and soy. The meat-based diet was positively associated with onset cough with phlegm after adjusting for age, gender, smoking, and other factors.

To read the full article, click here!

Coughs with phlegm, eh? That's nothing! Think of the "joys" of mad cow disease, bird flu epidemic and contaminated fish (not to mention pork - isn't the pig an "unclean animal" to begin with?)

The "Fantastic Four" from Engine 2 (I wonder which one's the Human Torch - isn't that like, a major conflict of interests or something?!?) may make every other Monday a veggie monday - and it goes for today as well, April 24th! However, AUGUST 24TH of last year was really... GRILL-CHEESE MONDAY! Here is the evidence corroborating that too:

"Monday is Grilled Cheese Day on Slashfood
Posted Aug 24th 2005 11:41PM by Karina Longworth
Filed under: Site Announcements, Grains, Cheese, Grilled Cheese Day

Grilled Cheese sandwiches aren't just about Kraft slices and Wonder Bread anymore, and this coming Monday, Slashfood is going to devote the entire day to proving it. Monday, August 29 is Grilled Cheese Day on Slashfood. Nothing but grilled cheese posts, all day long. We'll talk to special guests, share recipes and preparation tips for non-traditional and international interpretations, look into grilled cheese gadgetry, and even report from the scene of a competitive grilled cheese eating event. Can't wait until Monday? Put your grilled cheese photos where we can see 'em – tag them with "grilledcheese" and "slashfood" on Flickr, and we'll link to our favorites in a special installment of Food Porn. We want to do a theme day every Monday, so if you have ideas for next week's installment, let us know in the comments on this post.

I guess that the moral of this post today is - whether it is veggies and soy or good ol' grilled-cheese sandwiches, we can eat to our heart's content without incorporating any meats whatsoever into our menus! And our meals as our health in general will be that much better off for it!
Let the animals eat each other - and let's eat healthier ourselves.

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